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The tiny terror
      Log: 1694
      Oribital Satillite Commander:
      Violet Eskimos.

          The infestation has taken every continent. There are only submersed
      sea colonies and orbital satillite bases remaining. The insect populations
      have developed an immunity to insecticides. Their numbers have
      overwhelmed all the nations of the world. If the infestation is allowed to
      continue unchecked; all vegetation and animal life will be devoured.
          The use of low bursts of radiation has had expected adverse effect on
      animal life: blindness, first, and second, third degree burns. Insect migration
      and synergy to forage diminished. Ozone and micro-organism at sea
      level dropped to unexceptable levels. Alternative genetically engineered
      parasites appear to have little effect on the rapid adaption of the insect.
          Lunar green houses are providing new hope for our future as a race.
      Soil most be transplanted from the home world and sterilized. Water is
      not replenishable and most be shipped from polar regions. Some theorize
      this aggressive behavior in the insect population is cylical. There is no
      evidence of this.

      Request more oxygen in 72 hours.


      File request under Eskimo.

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