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by alex
Rated: 18+ · Non-fiction · Other · #1469371
Each time an event triggers some of my memories; I create a story as if it is real..
I pushed two steal thick and curved rods into two holes in big cubical shaped stone.
I wanted to stick a seat and sit above the waving surface of the lake and look
Beyond the horizon, the sky and the movement of the blue.

Two caps came training their bikes

One said,

Can you come over
It is illegal
To sit at that level of the lake.

Or we will pull from where you are
If it is necessary!

I do not like caps
Any way;

I do not resist.

The two caps called for another colleague
Or reinforcement,
Because they can not take me to the cook county police station

With their bikes,
It makes a hell of sense.

The next day
After long night
At the jail,

I have to face the
And the claimed charges

The Suicidal relaxation.

One of the caps
Already took
A digital picture of me
While Sitting
And relaxed on
My ideal seat.

At the court, I asked to defend myself.

I told the judge:

Sir, I know your are a judge,
You know the law
Well enough

And you have been through a hell of cases.

Do I look
A gay

Who wants to die?

Do I look

Or it is about two caps

Who are specialized in

And they never took a class
In Criminology.
And want to prove that they can do something
Like saving lives,
Protect lives,
My life
Before I know.

Or may be they know
Way better
Than me

About how to relax.

Look at the picture
Do I look

In my seat

Or ready for a suicide?
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