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A woman, her past, present and her piano.
The young beautiful woman-
all dressed in black.
Sits and drinks her tea.
She thinks of past memories.

She married a man older then her.
He was wealthy.
Her father's best friend.
Her family was wealthy, too.

A marriage of convience.
Not one of love.
The woman remained faithful.
Married at seventeen.

The husband never made love to her.
He wasn't able.
He was seventy four.
The woman was content with this.

They had maids to clean house.
She was bored but she took care-
of her ailing husband.
She knew life would be better someday.

Beautiful red hair
and perfect skin-
with innocent green eyes.
Her husband liked her beauty.

He was stern and greedy.
He never paid much attention-
to his beautiful young wife.
That was fine with her.

She married him-
to make her father happy.
Her father had died.
She grieved for him so.

She played the piano all the time.
This gave her comfort.
This was her escape and promise-
of a brighter tomorrow.

The husband died five years later.
He left her his money and estate.
She met another three years later.
Someone closer to her age.

She has a baby now-
with her young handsome-
husband that she loves.
He loves her, too.

She dresses in black on the-
anniversary of his death
and also on his birthday.
She plays the piano.

The first husband hated when
she played the piano.
She drinks her tea
and loves her life now.

The baby loves to hear her-
play the piano.
Her young husband does, too.
Playing the piano is like music from Heaven.

The woman and her family are happy.
She drinks her tea, cuddles her baby
and plays the piano.
Memories are always with her.

The Music Room.
Beautiful music and memories.
A happy family is now in this room.
The Music Room is happy, too.

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