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by alex
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be open as you want to be. be graceful to yourself, nature, and other and you will be.
I put a job add on Craig list. It is a job add, but because added lately a fee for job adds, i avoided that by putting my add in the “man looking for woman” and “man seeking man” section. After all nothing is free, spam remains Spam.
I wrote:
If you are dying soon, hire me, I will tell you my story and then ask you to do what I want. You will completely see your life from a forty five degree angle and you may start a new life.
I received many responses. I went with the with the first one. We agreed to meet at a cafe shop.
She is a woman, in the beginning of her thirties, beautiful although the chock of death is still taking her face away. She is pale, smoke constantly, and she looks to her right side and way down below.
I comforted her with my silence and I kept my eye on the side where she still looking at.
Then I put my finger with a softly pressure on her right hand little finger as ask her

I told her:
Say what you need to say.
No body will stop you.

She said:
What kills me is not that I have a disease that will kill me probably soon.
What kills is I do not have any good memories and I do not remember
I did something to remember it or to be remembered with.

I feel nothingness.

And that kills me.

She asked me if there is a way to escape this death, this death of memories.

I said:
Be as if you never existed
Or be as if you have been resurrected from death.
What would you do knowing that is the case?
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