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An Erotic encounter....
                                                                I Want....
                                                          by Sedona Raye

I want to feel your work roughened hands as they caress their way up my stomach to hold my breasts.
I feel you lightly pinch my nipples and they harden in to nubs of pleasure.

I catch my breath as you press me back against you. I can feel the steel of your desire pressing into my back.
I feel the moisture gather between my legs as your hand slides downward to my dark curls. When your finger
parts my lips and gently touches my clit, I sigh, then you move your finger farther down, sliding it deep inside
me to the very place that makes my knees go weak and makes me forget to breath. I can't supress a
deeper moan.

My pleasure builds as you gently stroke me, a finger deep inside me and another gently tugging and
playing with my nipple, I feel you move my hair aside and begin to kiss along my jaw, then down my neck.
You lift your head and our eyes meet, you're driving me wild with desire and need. You lower your head,
our lips meet, and I kiss you with a deep hunger. You turn me and I begin to unbutton your shirt, as it
slides open I rub my nipples against the hair on your chest, reveling in the feel of it.

I see the fire and hunger burning in your eyes...and something more...something almost predatory. I catch
my breath and can't look away as you lower your lips to mine. You kiss me and make me feel as if I am the
most important part of your life, as if you treasure me above all others, as we finish undressing each other.

You take my hand and lead me to your bed. Again I feel your wonderful hands, stroking my body and raising
the desire that I feel to a whole new level. You gently lay me down, and bring your body close to mine. Your
hands stroking and caressing me from my shoulder to my waist, hip and thighs. Teasingly you stroke me,
watching the play of emotions as they come across my face. You begin to kiss me once more, gently at first,
then with a moan, you deepen the kiss, your hand still moving lazily over my body. I feel your finger circle
my nipple, not quite touching, just teasing, when, finally, you roll it between your fingers, I moan with
pleasure. Your lips trail kisses down my neck to the valley between my breasts, I feel your tongue lick
down the valley.

You lift your head, our blue eyes meet, you smile then drop your head. I watch as your tongue circles my
nipple, making it ache, almost burn, I want you to take it into your mouth, but you continue to tease me. I feel
the wet between my legs and your hard shaft against my leg. Finally...finally, you take my nipple in your
mouth, pressing it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue, then sucking on it, working an erotic
magic with your mouth. Your finger finds my hot wet pussy, I moan as your finger slides between my lips,
stroking back and forth, then you bury your finger deep inside me. I catch my breath as you slide it out
and up to touch my throbbing clit.

You slide your way down my body, kissing, licking and gently nipping. When you position yourself between
my legs I feel my heart beat faster. 'Oh god...yes!" I whisper...your eyes meet mine. You see the desire, the
wild passion that I'm feeling. I feel your fingers part my lips, "Is this what you want?" you whisper
"Oh yes....please..." I beg. I watch as you lower your head then grab hold of the  sheets as I feel your tongue
slide up and down my slick wet pussy, and when I feel you flick my clit with your tongue, I buck up off the
bed, you hold my hips as you tongue my clit, rapidly flicking your tongue over it, the pleasure is so intense
I scream, then I feel your tongue inside me, licking at my juices, then back to my clit, i'm so close, you
feel my body tensing, you don't want me to cum yet, so you slow things down. As you take my clit into your
mouth and gently suck on it I turn my head and catch a glimpse of us in the mirror. Seeing your head
between my legs, my body spread out, is too much and I feel my self falling over the edge into the most
intense orgasm of my life.

As I slowly come down, you shift positions, and I feel that wonderful big cock enter my dripping pussy, filling
me completely. You lower your head and kiss me, sharing the mingled taste of you and me, that almost
makes me cum again, the taste of me on your lips. I moan and you feel me tilt my hips to take more of you in.

I love the way you feel inside me, I can feel every inch of that big steel rod buried in me, the friction as
you move in and out is driving me crazy. I meet you thrust for thrust, the passion building, you thrust
into me with long, slow thrusts. Then I feel you hit that magic spot deep inside me, and I go weak, God
that feels so good! It sends me into a sexual frenzy, wanting you to pound into me...hard....and....fast..don't

You feel the tension building in me and pound harder, long deep thrusts. Once again I find the mirror, watch
you loving me, drawing that big cock out then thrusting in hard and the sight of you fucking me takes me
over the edge once more. You kiss me deeply, adding to the sensations I am feeling. Then as my muscles
contract around you and you feel my hot wet cum flooding over you. I feel you tense, and with a final thrust
empty your seed deep inside me, your cock pulsing, me feeling your hot cum shooting into me.

We lay, still joined for a moment as we try to catch our breath, waiting for our heartbeats to slow. You roll to
the side, pulling me to you and holding me close, gently raining kisses over my face. We sleep.

A little while later I feel you stir beside me, you raise your hand to my breast and begin to lazily play with my
nipple, your hard cock pressing against my ass.....

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