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Rated: 18+ · Thesis · Detective · #1469924
Innocent untill proven guilty is a lie!
Innocent until proven guilty is a lie. How can suck a concept be true when this country has people being detained in country jail, for upwards of a year on charges of crimes that they have only allegedly committed? At any given time, in this country, someone is in jail waiting over a year, If not more for the chance to prove their innocence. That is a year, sometimes more, of their life that they can't get back. Time spent lumped in with repeat offenders, really criminals, and occasionally others in the same situation. That is the time spent being treated like a criminal, when they're supposed to be "Innocent until proven guilty”. How is locking someone up before they're convicted due process? What happens when someone spends 2 or 3 years in a county jail only to be found "Not guilty" at trail? Do they get an apology? "Oh, you really didn't do it? Our bad! Sorry about that."How is that good enough? A lot of the times people stay years in county jail, is because they can't post bond. judges purposely set outrageous bond and bails that they know someone can never post, just to insure that that person doesn’t get released. How is that "innocent until proven Guilty"? When you're arrested, thrown in a cell, underfed, under clothed, deprived of recreation and stimulation, and mistreated by criminals who DO belong behind bars, you're not "Innocent until proven Guilty". NO, it's the other way around. You’re GUILTY until you prove you're INNOCENT. In the state of Illinois more specifically in, Madison County, Illinois. That is the unwritten law of the land. Madison County has 95% Average Conviction Rate. Some years it's as high as 99%. But never lower than 90%. The reason being is the conditions in the county jail. They freeze you in the summer months; you see no daylight until you actually go to court. You are underfed by far. And you have one television for 16 people to share. Everyday people plead guilty to outrageous amounts of time just to get out of the jail. I have personally seen a man plead guilty to a charge of driving on a revoked license in exchange for a 2 1/2 year sentence. Just because he wanted to get out of this county jail. Granted, he did get caught behind the wheel when he should have been walking, but 2 1/2 years? How is that right? I've seen a man plead guilty to robbery charge that he didn't commit, and had DNA and eye witness evidence to prove his innocence. he spent 18 months in here but could not take it any longer. Granted he pleads guilty to a reduced charge and received only 3 years with credit for time served. But he should have been released when the man who was robbed said "That’s not the Guy! I've known him since he was a child! HE DID NOT ROB ME." He spent over a year and a half in county on that, and still broke in the end. How is any of this "Innocent until proven Guilty"? You tell me. Because, I don't know. Write a congressman or something. This can't go on. DO SOMETHING
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1469924