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by Grey
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Dark · #1469984
The Apocalypse has come to pass on Earth only five adults stand to claim it back.
This is the novel I am currently working on , I will be posting only the Prologue and  Chapter 1 in this post and will try to get all chapters posted as I finish editing them(there are nearly sixty chapters to post); anyway thanks for reading.    Sorry if the format is crappy the site kinda messed it up.                                                         

      In recent planetary history, humans have become the most dominant species and destructive force the planet Earth has ever seen. Humans have easily sent all forms of harmful predatory animals to extinction while assuming that because they can speak, write, or create that they deserve to rule the world and that anything threatening or unknown should be eliminated quickly.
      Over the past century the world has swayed with the ever expansive human society and their destructive emotional grip on the petty things such as land and money while there are forces at work to keep such misguided treatment of the Earth continuing. Since the beginning of human existence prophecies have been told of when all things shall end and the force of darkness shall consume the realm of humans for eternity leading it to be called many things but, all meaning the end of life and the beginning of darkness’s reign on Earth.
        Perhaps humans are on the brink of such darkness, of such an apocalypse and it is only a matter of time until such events begin to spell the end of humans for they shall truly see what they have done to their world and what awaits them. There  is a force hidden for centuries from the darkness waiting to repel this dark force for the humans but only after such destruction ravages the planet that this force shall lend its assistance and bring the light back to Earth.
        This epic struggle for survival is not fought on the fields or mountains in some distant area away from the humans but, fought amongst the ruins of the humans greatest cities. If true darkness is to reign over the Earth it must consume and conquer the staging area of modern human destruction; light and darkness are staged to clash once again and the bustling city of New York shall be ground zero for this epic battle for Earth.
         “Ben?!” Pete screams at his friend grinding his serrated swords against Pete’s katana. “Why have you become a Horseman for the Beast?”
         “My Master wants you all gone for I shall be king of the dead if my Master triumphs.” Ben sadistically says with glowing red eyes and a gritty grinding smile on his face. Pete pushes Ben back away from his blade allowing him to skid backwards kicking up dust and ash in his wake.
         “Look at this city.” Ben says with a snarling smiling across his face but, moving out his right arm with short sword pointing outward into the horrid decimated world that is New York City. The skies tortured by fiery clouds that blot out all light from piercing upon the Earth’s surface. In the nightly hours only torched buildings and cars illuminate the destructive path for the legions of undead.
         “Ben, we were best friends yet I can see that you will not let me take down your Master without first releasing your soul from the Beast’s grasps.” Pete states staring at Ben from under the bandaged lifeless face received by his lost friend three days ago. The blood from that sorrowful day bleeds out onto the once white bandage wrap now only revealing the cold determined eyes of Pete.
         Ben growls violently turning his attention back at Pete, “Ben was human, I am Vengeance, General of the undead army, and I shall be king of this land when you all have fallen!” Vengeance screams as he dashes like a bullet at Pete crashing ferociously into Pete who manages to block each thrust of Vengeance’s blades leaving them to stare back into each others eyes.
         “I shall have my kingdom and all fear the name of power which is Vengeance!” Vengeance yells attempting to finish off Pete but, in his reckless rage his guard is exposed. Pete seizes the opportunity to thrust his katana through the heart of his former friend.
         Vengeance slowly falls back off the blade of Pete, his swords clanging upon the concrete floor on the top of the skyscraper they have chosen to settle this final dispute. “Wwe wwere brottherrss.” Vengeance states as he wipes the blood from his chest showing it to Pete startled by how innocent Vengeance, Ben looks even after what he has done to him.
         “Ben.” Pete says moving slowly to his friend who trips over the ledge falling into the dark abyss of the city. Pete races over to see if he could find his fallen friend some place within the city streets but, Pete looks down to see only complete and utter darkness still grasping hold of the city. Pete can only see through the swirling ash and dust the legions of undead falling lifeless upon the city streets.
         The undead finally find peace as their source of dark chaotic energy has been slain by Pete but, as the corpses lose life they begin to dissolve into black bubbling ooze and nothing more for even the skeletal structure has turned to this blackened puddle. Pete slowly backs up realizing he had killed his best friend with his katana still dripping with the blood.
         “Ben, why did you fight me?” Pete whispers to himself as he stares up into the sky staring at the starless sky with only rolling fiery clouds along with crimson lightning leaping from cloud to cloud. Pete can sense the world is in pain and merely wants to heal with refreshing rain but, until the Beast is gone can Pete and his four friends earned the right to restore everything back.
         Pete’s thoughts race to that revolting day three days ago where the seemingly normal day but, something had gone horribly wrong. “Nice job buddy.” A voice says behind Pete for this man sitting on the ledge smiles with a big grin and is responsible for all of things that the five of them are charged with fighting.
         “Grey.” Pete whispers to himself with disgust now fully thinking of that first day of the Apocalypse on Earth.

         In the outskirts of the magnificent metropolis of the modern human New York City two young adult males are riding the subway train from their jobs at one of the city’s shipyards; they are sitting on the rather disgusting seats of the train with several other passengers riding along. The other passengers are a mixture of children with their moms, elderly, drug addicts, and those in suits trying to get home themselves; the two guys feel exhausted after a long stinky day of work and are quite anxious to get home to sleep and relax.
      “I’m sick of this fighting this bullshit, I’m sick of these fake fucking lies I fight for my rights I deserve this I won’t live my life through your lies…” The skinnier and seemingly more relaxed one of the two is whispers to himself as he listens to his Mp3 player and he does not care for the other passengers around him as he continues to sing but, his friend slowly notices that the lyrics are not appropriate for this type of crowd and he nudges his friend. The now annoyed skinnier man sits up and pulls the earpieces out to stare at his friend who just elbowed him in the side but, with the volume still blasting as the earpieces scrap across the floor of the train.
      “What the fuck Joe?” He says to his larger more muscular friend named Joe who is wearing a black wife beater, urban camouflage shorts and several tattoos across his arms and back.
      “Look around TJ.” Joe says to TJ who looks around the cabin of the train to see several people wearily looking at the two of them with disgust. “Besides what are you listening to, I never heard of that song before.”
      “You remember James Tripaldi from high school?” Joe nods to TJ in acknowledgement but, not truly knowing who he is talking about. “Well he plays bass guitar in his band Shoot’em up and that was their song Better off Dead. He sent me over a few songs as they are just taking off back east and their stuff ain’t half bad either defiantly the shit I would listen to.” TJ says to Joe who just sighs and slinks down in his seat awaiting the end to this ride; TJ does the same as Joe as he puts away his Mp3 player into the pocket of his black thin sweatshirt with some band logo on the chest of it.   
        “Hey how much longer till we get there man, this effin’ ride sucks.” Joe says watching his language around the children in the train.
“Soon man, soon.” TJ chuckles as he pulls out a cigarette and begins to take deep breaths to relax himself but, he then looks down at his buddy and the strange new tattoos he has.
      “Hey, did those tatts hurt when u got them in the joint?” asks TJ.
      “Um . . . not compared to being in prison itself; kinda sucks that you put me there dude.” Joe says sarcastically at TJ knowing that it wasn’t even his fault but Joe’s fault.
      “Ah, c’mon Judge don’t be like that.” TJ says laughing at Joe and his tattoos.
      “What’s with the Judge name all of a sudden dude?” Joe asks with a dumbfounded expression.
      “Oh because of that tatt on your shoulders that says Judgment, just kinda a nickname I guess.” TJ says finishing off his cigarette and putting out the end on the seat and tossing it onto the floor of the train with the passengers watching with disgust.
      “Okay whatever, I don’t care I guess I’ll keep the name.” Joe says with a smile accepting the name that in his mind sounds badass in a way.
      “So how’s that religious experience crap going for ya?” TJ asks with no real intention of caring for what Judge is about to say to him.   
      “Well after three years of prison I found God and the bible, I live my life the way the good book tells me to.” Judge states to TJ with a sense of pride in his voice for how he has changed his life for the better.
      “Last stop till the end of the line” A crackled voice states over the speakers of the subway train; several of the passengers begin to stand up so that they could leave the disease infested train.
      “Finally!” Judge says as he stands up and stretches his arms and neck so that he could be prepared to leave so that they could get back to their apartment.
      “I swear to Christ, this ride gets longer and longer everyday.” TJ chuckles as he walks next to Judge who stands in front of the doors waiting for them to open.
Judge turns toward TJ “Hey don’t take the Lord’s name in vain man.” Judge says to TJ who nods in acknowledgement for he knows that there would be no point in arguing with him over the matter; the train begins to slowly make its decrease in speed as it pulls into the station.
      “Now the train will be down a few minutes’ folks the next operator is a little late.” comes over the station’s speakers but, as they both inch closer to the door they can see dozens of people wearing medical masks desperate to get onto the train as quickly as possible. The two guys attempt to make their way through the sea of people that have rushed into the train and have shoved them in all directions but off eventually they escape the flood of people; as they struggle out someone catches TJ’s eye through the crowd of people in the distance at the very edge of the crowd.
      “Hey I think that’s Cyrus over there” TJ says to Judge who looks but can only see a mass of people obstructing his view; as the crowd dissipates they are able to find their friend and notice he is wearing a new grayish suit and holding a newspaper and briefcase and constantly looking at his wristwatch with an irritated look on his face.
      “Hey Cyrus!” TJ yells to Cyrus who looks around for whoever yelled his name and as he notices that the person who said are the two people he truly does not want to speak to right this second; Cyrus then bobs his head down in regret for being seen by them.
      “What up Andy, been awhile huh?” Judge asks Cyrus.
      “Hey look at these two dumb asses but, seriously, hey guys.” Cyrus says to them hoping they will just leave him alone.
      “So what’s with the suit anyway dude?” TJ asks Cyrus as he stares at the fabric of such a great looking set of attire that Cyrus is wearing.
      “Yeah I got an interview downtown for an accountant job.” Cyrus says to them with a sense of superiority to what these two have done or not done by the way Cyrus sees them.
      “Sounds awesome man good luck in the interview though bro.” Judge says to Cyrus not picking up the obvious resentment Cyrus feels for the two of them but, TJ has slowly realized what Cyrus is doing and decides to see how much longer he could annoy him.
      “Yeah it would be better if all these sickly morons decided to die or stay home away from me.” Cyrus states aloud as both TJ and Judge look around and notice a fairly large number of women and young children are looking quite ill, for they heard over the news that a new disease is solely targeting women and children under the age of five or so and the disease weakens and kills quickly without remorse from what the report says.
      TJ and Judge look at each other and then to Cyrus and know he only cares for himself and anyone that is not of the same caliber of intelligence in his eyes deserves little to no respect.
      “Yeah so my new job will be paying quite well I might add guys.” Cyrus says with another attempt to displease the two of them so that he may be left alone.
      “Nice how much they project to give per year?” Judge asks innocently but, he has also caught onto what Cyrus is trying to do. 
      “Um . . . they said like around eighty . . .” Cyrus is interrupted suddenly from behind from two people attempting to get onto the train but, the girl is horrible sick and her boyfriend is desperate in trying to help her.
      “Sorry sir, my girlfriend is very ill she needs to get to the hospital now.” The stranger says to Cyrus who only gets more irate by this couple.
      “Does it look like I give a shit about you or her, seriously?!” Cyrus yells at the two of them with great fury in his voice.
      “Hey whoa calm down bro I think that’s … it is hey Rich and Christina.” TJ says as he notices that it is there old buddy from high school and his girlfriend.
      “Hey guys good to see you all, I would like to chat but she needs to make it to that hospital downtown that apparently has the cure for this horrible disease.” Rich says in a very distressed tone as Christina moans in pain but is too weak to make much noise beyond what Rich can hear. Rich quickly moves onto the train with Christina slowly losing consciousness from the disease and as the train doors close Rich waves back to the three of them and all but, Cyrus wave back at him as the train moves into the dark tunnel and then out of sight.
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