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by Grey
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Dark · #1469996
Chapters 2 and 3
As the train leaves their sight they notice a guy who looks quite muscular, very pissed off, and out of breath at missing the train that just left; they then realize that the man looks familiar to them for it is an old friend from high school.
“Hey Matt, Matt Striker; it’s me TJ, Andy Cyrus and Joe.” TJ barely says aloud in the crowd but, it grabs the attention of Striker who makes his way over to the three guys.~1~
“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Striker says to them but, seems distance as he frantically tries to find the train schedule on the walls.~2~
“What you doing here man?” Judge asks Striker noticing that he seems to be rather stressed about something.~3~
“My family became sick with that disease that’s going around and since this hospital stated they had a cure but, through a very experimental procedure my father brought my mother and sister here early last night while I finished a match in the recent mixed martial arts tournament that was broadcast across the nation.” Striker says to them with a more relaxed tone as though for now he must wait for the next train to just arrive. ~4~
“I just really need to get to them guys and taking this subway is the best possible way cuz the traffic is ridiculous.” Striker says to the guys~5~
“Yeah hey, just sit here and wait with us till the next one then you and Cyrus can go together then, Judge and I can go home; so we can talk about shit while we wait.” TJ says to Striker that seems to calm Striker down a bit more. ~6~
“Yeah sounds good.” Striker says so, they begin to talk about what they have been up to from Judge’s imprisonment, Cyrus’s hasty run through college, TJ’s inability to hold a job due to issue with authority that he has, and finally Striker’s intense training to be one of the worlds top mixed martial arts competitor.~7~
“GUYS! What’s up!?” A familiar voice says behind them in the direction of the stairwell for the station platform; they all slowly turn to see another familiar face from their pasts emerging from the metropolis above. Their friend has short brown hair but, it is quite messy as though he had just gotten out of bed. He is wearing a black hooded sweatshirt even though for March it was oddly warm; the sweatshirt displays skull and crossbones in the center of the chest. He is also wearing black baggy sweatpants to complete the look of comfort but, expressing how much he doesn’t care for how he looks.~8~
“Hey Pete, what the fuck you doing here?” TJ asks with a sense of curiosity for seeing all there friends at this one place in time. They all greet each other but, running through their minds is a strange twinge in the back of their heads as something or someone had set them all to meet here and now. The hairs on the back of their necks stand on end as these thoughts race through minds for something intensely powerful is approaching them hastily.~9~
“Kinda strange what’s been going on over the past few months huh guys?” Pete asks aloud trying to see what they think about it the recent events and to break the momentary pause that has occurred.~10~
“Yeah me and Judge don’t talk about it cuz I think he may refer to the bible or some shit like that.” TJ chuckles at Judge who just doesn’t shrugs off what TJ thinks of his religious beliefs.
“Uh, who is Judge?” Cyrus asks laughing at the sound of the ridiculous name that TJ keeps blurting out as if the rest of them could even know who he is talking about.
“That would be me.” Joe laughs and points to himself and then shows the tattoo on his shoulders clearing the confusion. They all just forget about the talk about the strange events that have occurred and begin talking to one another about what they have done.
As the conversations continues Pete stops speaking suddenly for he begins to look around for someone familiar is approaching but, is vastly different than what he felt previously. His muscles tighten involuntarily and his blood begins to pump faster and faster through his heart as what ever is coming is making his body react suddenly.
“Hello Gentlemen.” A very mysterious voice says behind them from a shadowy corner of the terminal floor close to the stairwell. All of the guys swing around to find a man leaning on the wall with his arms crossed and legs relaxed under him but, his face still shadowed by darkness as they are unable to see above his chin. The mysterious man is wearing a worn tattered black trench coat, a plain gray t-shirt, and baggy light blue jeans; they can also see that this man has a fairly full goatee along with a rough but light beard on his cheeks and neck.
They all squint to try and see through the shadows that cover his face and they slowly notice the man standing in the corner is a familiar but, forgotten face that they can’t quite remember. “Hey is that you Mi…” Striker begins to say but is interrupted by this individual who quickly places his index finger and gives a rather acute yet loud blow of air from his mouth indicating to Striker to stop speaking suddenly.
“My name is Grey.” Grey says to them but, they all turn to each other in a dumbstruck and smiling faces at the rather ridiculous name that Grey has and the seriousness in his voice.
“Yeah Grey or whatever your name is, what are you doing here?” Cyrus asks Grey who slowly kicks himself off the wall with his left foot and he slowly begins to circle the group of them with his headed pointed down shielding his eyes away from them.
“Seems kind of strange doesn’t boys that this world is slowly falling apart.” Grey says to them in sly tone as he keeps circling them. “I mean for this strange new disease that kills women from the uterus, rotting that organ to waste that slowly consumes the body and yet another disease that kills children at the age of five or less. Not to mention the rising water level seems to have consumed most coastline cities except for this one which is kind of odd is it not?” Grey says to them as they soon begin to think about all the things he is saying as he continues to encircle them. “The constant famine and drought occurring throughout the world, the mass deaths of all types of livestock, and any type of water that is still left has now become contaminated with sewage and chemicals adding possibly more deaths to the alarming problems that have occurred up till now. The sun emitting off such massive solar flares that several electrical systems have had to be repaired and replaced extensively but, yet many still don’t have power to see at night with the rolling blackouts. Now the sun has now gone into the strangest eclipse ever seen by scientist that is being caused by some unknown object or by what the officials have said is a massive sunspot that has eclipsed the Earth from the rays of the sun. And lastly the natural disasters that have occurred are the most powerful and destructive in recorded history adding to the every increasing death toll that has taken place this past year.” Grey states to them all as he stops suddenly at the front of them we he first appeared.
“What’s your point Grey?” Pete asks Grey with distrust to why someone like Grey that has been nearly forgotten by them has appeared here and now to give them all his apocalyptic view of the world’s current misfortunes.
“Yeah it seems a little weird but these people that run this world believe the Earth is just going through a rough patch and we will get back on track after sometime has passed and us that believe something maybe truly be wrong are told we still know nothing of the world today.” Grey states as he walks away from them toward the tunnel platform with his back turned toward them.

“If you all had the chance to save this world would you?” Grey says to them as he turns around quickly and stares at them but, they look at each other in confusion by what Grey is saying to them. “I take it by your silence you all are confused by such a question?” Turning around toward the group and giving a rather quick sigh, Grey picks his head up with displaying a large grin on his face as if pleased by something. “I guess since most people wouldn’t give an answer right away for such an absurd question you must be tested in order to answer it.” Grey says chuckling to himself as the others become more and more confused by what Grey is talking about.
“What the fuck you mean man?” TJ pleads with Grey to explain what he talking about
“Hey wouldn’t it be kinda strange if let’s say, a mass of people from the streets above us came rushing down into the subway screaming and crying about something truly horrific is about to happen.” Grey says with the same stupid grin on his face and he begins to chuckle lightly to himself as he stares at them all.
They look at each other as Grey just walks over to the shadowy corner and slams his back against the side of the wall still staring at them with his grinning face. Suddenly they hear Tires screeching from the right the stairwell and then the smashing of what sounds like two cars slamming into each other. As they all try to peak up the stairwell they hear a thunderous flood of feet and screaming as hundreds upon hundreds flood down into the subway station trying to escape what ever is on the surface.
“Grey… what’s going on?” Pete screams as this is what Grey had stated could possibly happen a little while ago.
“Listen to them.” Grey says to them but, for some reason Grey looks directly at Pete’s eyes with a very stern look in Grey’s eyes yet mysterious as though he was trying to understand Pete more by looking straight into his eyes. Pete stares directly back at Grey almost doing the same thing to him as if both of them were staring at each other’s souls.
“Oh my God, we are all going to fucking die!” One man yells as he passes by them but, Striker grab hold of the man’s arm so they can try to get some answers about what is possibly going on.
“Calm down sir, what is happening up there? We heard a car accident is that what you all are running from.” Striker asks the man who is dripping sweat and his shirt has been torn as he pulls his arm away from Striker and seems as though he is about to hit Striker but, the others stand beside Striker halting the man’s attempt to hit Striker.
“The eclipse of the sun was no anomaly it was an asteroid hiding in the sun’s rays till it got to close till it got too late! Now it’s on a direct path to Earth and there is no way to stop it now as they said on the T.V. news reports a few minutes ago up there.” The man yells in distress as he frantically pulls himself away from trying to frantically search for a way further down away from the destruction.
“No!” Cyrus yells as he drops to his knees realizing he will soon die for if an asteroid can blot out the sun it can surely kill most if not all life on this planet.
“I need to get going now guys!” Striker yells as he franticly tries to find a way to get to his family so that he could spend his last moments with his family.
“Well ...” TJ says as he lights up a cigarette and takes a puff and says “This just fucking blows hard.” Judge drops to one knee opens his personnel bible from his back pocket of his shorts to a certain pray and begins to pray to himself in the last moment of his life. Pete continues to stare at the eyes of Grey and Grey does the same back at Pete as all this chaos is occurring and their friends have seemingly given up hope but, Pete can sense that Grey is somehow able to help the five of them in some way.
“So gentlemen would you like to survive this atrocity that will destroy these pathetic humans or would you like to live and fight for what you believe in, which is the life of everyone and everything of this world and the Earth itself?” Grey asks them as they all stand and stare at Grey with a sense of hope and urgency; it seems that Grey would not say any of this without a way of helping them survive. Grey turns to his left and begins walking down several steps in the direction of what appears to be a door with no handle just a key hole and a sign that says “Janitor’s closet” The group follows closely and notice that the door is impossible to open without the key; their sense of hope is quickly replaced by dread by the notion that Grey has lead them to a dead end and there is no way to open the door.
“Great, how the fuck we going to get to safety now Grey?” Cyrus asks in distress, yet in that very second the door swings open and the janitor barrels out perhaps hearing the screams and racing to help whoever is in the station. The janitor runs past the six of them as though he could care less about them.
Grey grabs the door as it slowly starts to swing back and as the group starts to move into the doorway Grey blocks their way by placing his left hand on the top of the door and staring back at them. “Do you guys really want to live and fight or would you like to die like the rest of these pathetic humans?” They all look at each other and nod their heads at Grey in acknowledgement and Grey then lets them inside the room. They enter the closet to see a very small room with a table with three chairs a radio on the table several racks with brooms and mops, a rack with several cleaning supplies and trash bags; finally down in the bottom right corner of the wall opposite the door there is a small steel grill vent for the room. The light bulb hangs from the center of the concrete square room illuminating the entire space with the single hanging wire and bulb.
“What we going to do in here? If what that guy said is true that asteroid is going to obliterate anything not contained under seventy five feet of solid earth in a sealed chamber for the next six months. And assuming that in six months the world isn’t in complete fucking shit the radiation and excess chemicals shall make the any remaining water a toxic waste cocktail. We are so fucking screwed by the way!” Cyrus yells at the back of Grey as Grey stands staring at the door. The others begin to frantically figure out what if anything they can possibly do to survive this cataclysmic event from killing them.
“Sit down and shut up!” Grey yells as he raises his hands to his shoulders and opening his palms toward the ceiling. The room begins to suddenly rumble and shake lightly at first but, slowly intensifying with each passing second. The light bulb bounces back and forth from the hanging wire shadowing half the room in darkness and the other in light as it shifts around violently.
“Oh my God! The asteroid missed us but, it’s raining fire outside; everyone is being crushed or burned to death.” A woman yells as she is pushed close to the doorway of the closet they guys are in. “The asteroid hasn’t missed us; it wrapped around the Earth’s gravity and will impact on the back end of the planet!” Another person screams on the other side of the door.
The quakes have continue to worsen as the asteroid nears the surface of Earth and all of the guys except for Grey fall to the ground as they are unable to keep balance from the intensifying shifting of the ground. Grey stands a couple of feet from the door with arms still raised up to his shoulders he stands unflinching as the quakes throw the others to the floor but, Grey remains standing unflinching at the doorway. Suddenly a tearing sound reverberates through the closet; they all look to the walls and the ceiling to see the concrete blocks cracking under the stress from the quakes. The screams outside of the door are loud and irritating all but, Grey stands firm and chants to himself as all this occurs; Pete attempts to crawl over to Grey so that he may understand what he is doing and why they are not allowing more into this room.
“GREY!!” Pete yells as the bulb begins to flicker off and on as it continues to sway from the ceiling violently darkening the room more and more but, a few of them notice shadow like blobs moving from the edge of the darkness and the fringe of light in the direction of Grey. The shadows seem to be absorbed into the body of Grey as they move across the walls and floor into his feet and body; Pete gets closer and closer to Grey and he is able to see under the threshold of the door a blazing orange light engulfing the outside. As Pete looks closely at the bottom of the doorway he can see the flames from outside the door break through the crack of the door but, he can see shadows push the fire back under the door as if the shadows were keeping them all from being roasted by the fires outside.
It continues to worsen as Pete reaches out to Grey there is a sudden halt to the quakes and deafening sounds that have been occurring for nearly three minutes; TJ getting to his feet brushes himself off while the others watch Grey from the ground who is still chanting to himself. Pete places his hand on Grey’s right shoulder to see if Grey is alright; as Pete touches Grey he is suddenly struck by flashing images in his mind of swords and armor clashing on a desert battlefield. Pete takes only a couple seconds of such images and he collapses to the floor with a splitting headache to which he grasps his skull and rolls along the floor from such pain.
“Well that was a blast but I gotta get…” TJ says as he motions to the door but, suddenly the quakes and sounds come thundering back sending TJ back to the ground quickly and the others slamming into the walls as it seems that this time the quakes are nearly fifty times stronger than before. The concrete blocks break faster and faster as it sprinkles dust into the room; all but Grey are scrambling to steady themselves on the ground for the quakes seem to be nothing to Grey when suddenly the bulb shatters against the ceiling sending the room into darkness.
After nearly three more minutes of intense forces the disturbances begin to slowly subside to a nothing more than a dull roar and then to nothing. The dead silence that has replaced the deafening sounds and quakes is more disturbing to the five of them than the actual quakes; they all get up slowly unsure that it is over. After thirty seconds of waiting Striker makes his way to the door pushing Pete and the others out of his way; TJ gets his lighter going to see what has happened to the room and give everyone a sense of direction but, Striker can see light through the doorway and focuses on getting out.
As Striker goes to push Grey out of the way, Grey spins around and grabs Striker by the throat and lifts him up a foot and slams him against the wall “Fool!, You have no idea what has just occurred do you human?” Grey yells at him but realizes the others are gazing at him and lets Striker down.
“O.K. Grey, what happened?” Pete asks sternly at Grey, Grey then motions to the door and begins to turn the handle
“Welcome boys, to your world.” Grey says chuckling to himself as he opens the door to reveal the horrid world of theirs.

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