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         Once upon a time there lived kings,queens, dragons and fairies.  There also lived a little girl who was none of these, but so desperately longed to be.  Of course every little girl wants to be a princess, but this little girl wanted to be a Fairy Princess.  She would have had a much easier time becoming a normal princess as she just needed a prince, but no this young child knew that her destiny was to be a real fairy princess.  It did not matter that she was not of fairy decent or that she was quite tall in stature, these were just minor setbacks for our determined dreamer.
         "I want to be a fairy princess and I'M GOING TO BE A FAIRY PRINCESS!" she frequently ranted in her mothers home,(which was really more of a hubble).
         "Calm down dear one," her mother would say ever so calmly,"if you are meant to be a fairy princess then you will be a fairy princess,but the way you rant and rave is not very becoming of a fairy princess or any princess for that matter. Oh I do love you how you are I wish you were happy as yourself."
         "but myself is not a fairy princess and I WANT TO BE A FAIRY PRINCESS!!!" the little girl stomped out of the hubble and into the wood where she was sure she would find a way to make her dream come true.
         As soon as she was far enough from her home that her mother could no longer hear her the little girl let out a great sob of what she felt to be despair.
         "Won't any of you fairies help me? I know you're there I see you dancing at night among your fairy rings and through the gardens.  All night I see you there flittering about without a care in the world with flowers and trees to live in instead of a stupid hubble that drips cold rain water on me when I sleep.  Oh, please fairies help me to be one of you please."
         "I will help you," said a shy sweet voice with no appearance from the owner.
         "where are you fairy?  Show yourself if you will help me"demanded the child with a touch of fear in her voice,
         "Look above and not below and you will see what I shall show,"
         So, the little girl looked above herself  and saw the most beautiful tree sprite she could have imagined fluttering on a large evergreen branch almost blending in completely.  She was a deep dark green with beautiful black hair and her wings were such a gossamer they seemed to mimic the branches around her.
         "You will help me become a fairy princess?" asked the girl eagerly.
         "Oh yes, you see I myself am a fairy princess and I despise my place so,  I would give anything to be human like you.  There is just so much responsibility as a fairy princess and everyone always doting on you saying how fare a princess you are, and all the others serving you never letting you do a thing for yourself I can't take it a moment longer;  so what do you say, would you like to trade beings with me and become a REAL fairy princess?"
         "More than anything ,but how?"
         "What I see let me be and let it's light become me!"
         With that and a swirl of sparkling light the little girl became the fairy princess and the fairy princess became the little girl.
         "OH LOOK AT ME! I'm really a REAL fairy princess, Wait until mother sees!" the girl tried to fly from the forest to show her mother how her dream came true, but as she approached the tree line she was stopped by an invisible force.
         "Hey what's going on here I want to go home," she said in a panic
         "You are home," called the real fairy as she headed for the little girls house,"you must always remain with the trees, you are a wood sprite after all.  Your mother must never see you again she will think I am you from now on."
         "but I thought fairy princess' got to do what  ever they want, so why can't I see my mother?" she desperately yelled to her.  The fairy stopped in her tracks turned on her heels and shouted back to the frightened young girl,
         "You mean MY mother, and fairy princess' do not get to do what ever they want they must obey the queen she is the one that gets what she wants, why do you think I would be so willing to give up my position for the part of a peasant girl,  naive fool." and with that the fairy let out a hardy laugh and ran to take the girls place.
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