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by Grey
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Chapters 4 and 5
         The door creaks open blinding them all with a flash of bluish white light sparking just off to the left of the door as their eyes begin to slowly focus they are suddenly struck down by the horror that unfolds before their eyes will forever be burned into the back of their minds. Many of florescent lights have shattered or been blown out but, a few remain illuminated in the station allowing them to see into the dusted cloud.
         “No.” Striker barely whispers from his mouth for what lays in front of his eyes is the most horrifying thing he has ever witnessed.
         “Holy fuck, what happened?” TJ says as his eyes widened at such horror he has never seen in his life, Cyrus peeks over the shoulders of Pete and TJ to see the devastation that has occurred. Cyrus turns to one of the closet’s corners to puke up his lunch for having to see such revolting images should not be seen by someone of the modern age.
They can only see a few meters in front of them for a large cloud of dust and smoke is obstructing their view of the whole station but, that are still able to see several dead bodies scattered across the floor and left wall. Several bodies lay like fallen corn stalks for they all have collapsed in one direction from what appears to be from the entrance of the tunnel at the opposite end of the station from the closet. Across the wall to their left they can see smears of blood along with a pile of scorched and un-scorched bodies at the base of the wall. At the railway for the train they can see a cabin of the recently departed train through the dust but, they can see that the train has been launched back crashing into the tunnel’s edge in front of them. Through the dust the cabin is mushroomed up against the wall it appears and hanging off the floor in front of them; the front of the cabin the metal is blackened but, along the opening of the cabin there are a few hanging burnt bodies hanging out the edge of the train. The windows have smashed out by exiting bodies but, some were skewered onto the inch thick glass of the train and their blood drips down the side of the train.
As they slowly crawl from the closet and into the cloud of dust and ash they notice a sparking power line off to their right up the steps of the main platform; they all cautiously follow Grey who seems to care nothing for the hundreds dead in this station for he seems to almost skip over the bodies very subtly though as to not attract the attention of the others.
“So boys, how you like your world now?” Grey asks them but, they are speechless by the vile setting they are now surrounded by with each passing second; Cyrus uses his red tie as a mask for any possible germs swirling in the clouded dust filled subway station. Grey turns back to see them all distraught by the bodies and the unknown abyss of the station due to the cloud so Grey quickly turns away but, suddenly a gust of wind erupts from Grey blasting the dust onto the floor and sending the tail ends of his trench coat fluttering by the powerful gust that also makes the others cover their eyes.
Now that the dust and ash have settled the guys are now able to witness the entire station and the horror that was hidden; hundreds of more bodies lay strewn about the floor in the distance; close to the opening of the tunnel opposite of the ruined cabin car there appears to be a several piles of ash in the forms of a several people. They are completely baffled by what they see; so Grey starts to slowly move amongst the wreckage of the subway. Grey skips over the ash shaped bodies, burnt bodies and finally the ones crushed under the several pieces of fallen concrete from the ceiling of the station.
As the group slowly follows Grey a hand snatches the ankle of Judge and the man begins to plead to Judge “Pppleeaaaseee…. hhheeelllppp…. mmmmeee.” The man is barely able to utter as Judge falls to the ground grasping the man’s arms and head to keep the man alive by holding his head up but, soon Judge realizes the man is being crushed under a large piece of concrete that is placed upon the center of the chest just below the ribcage.
         “Help me guys, we need to save him.” Judge screams to the others who swing around to see the crushed man struggling and Judge grasping hold of him and tying to push the concrete block off. The other four go to help lift the block while Judge pulls the man out from underneath but, Grey turns and plants his back against the wall watching with curiosity at the five of them preparing to save this man. Striker and Pete attempt to lift the block being on opposite sides of the block but, they are fairly close to the man in agonizing pain; their attempt to raise is met by slight motion of the block and the excruciating screams of the man.
“Cy, TJ help them.” Judge says desperately to them, TJ walks to the left of Striker while Cyrus tosses his jacket of the suit for it will restrict his shoulders and elbows; Cyrus walks to the right of Pete and rolls up his sleeves to his once perfect white collared shirt now tainted by the ash and dust.
“Okay guys, on three lift this fucking thing and Judge pull him out fast.” Pete states to them all with authority in his voice but, the others do not defy how adamant Pete is in solving problems and trying to save this man’s life.
         “You know, that’s a bad idea boys.” Grey says with a grin on his face and staring at Judge who stares back at Grey with anger in them both.
         “If you’re not going to help then, shut up!” Judge screams to Grey with fury in his voice but, Judge looks away from Grey and back at the man and awaiting when the other four lift the block so that he Judge can feel that for the first time in his life since leaving his incarceration.
“One!” Pete yells to them as they all prepare to lift the block and their muscles begin to tighten up, “Two!” Pete yells even louder now as their minds and body are being swarmed with adrenaline, “Three!” They are all grunt and groan as the massive concrete block seems to weigh over a thousand pounds but, it inches up slowly allowing Judge to pull the man out.
Suddenly the man goes limb as Judge begins to pull the man out but, Judge is unable to notice it as he struggles to pull the man out as the others exert great strength to keep the block raised. Judge is revolted by what he has done for the man has been severed from his lower body roughly below the ribcage. The upper torso exposes to the others his upper internal organs consisting of his heart, lungs, stomach, and the shredded remains of his intestines pour buckets of blood out onto the feet of the other four and blood onto Judge’s hands.
“Fuck!” Cy says letting his hands go and walking away from the third of a man that lay before him; the rest strain themselves in trying to keep the block up but, soon they all release the block allowing it to slam back into place.
“What the fuck happened to him? How was he able to talk to us if he was so fucked up?”  TJ demands as he struggles to get a cigarette into his mouth and light it.
“The block must have been the only thing keeping him alive.” Pete says looking down at the mangled torso and the block itself.
         “Told you it was a bad idea.” Grey says chuckling to himself as he begins to move closer to the exit of the subway but, Striker rushes up behind Grey and grabs hold his left shoulder and throws him into the concrete wall. Striker then balls up his fist and strikes with ferocity into the jaw of Grey. The others close in from all angles as Striker pushes Grey up against the wall and Grey grabs hold his jaw and motions it around making sure that his mouth is still able to work.
         “Give us answers now Grey or you will get the shit kicked out of you, you will tell us what you know now!” Pete conveys to Grey yet, Grey only grins that same grin to them; Striker then proceeds to take his left knee into the gut of Grey. Suddenly the electrical line sparks violently causing the attention of the group to sway away from Grey to the bright blue light. As there attention moves back to Grey, Grey is mysteriously behind them and looking in the direction of the distant subway tunnel that appears to be blocked by concrete and perhaps more pieces of the train. They scramble to find him when they soon realize he is behind them but, it seems as if he is ready to speak to them now.
         “Okay, where to begin?” Grey says pausing briefly to look down and ponder his thoughts, “Well your whole world is well…dead, you are among the last humans still alive at this point.” Grey states to them with his back still facing them but, they are stunned by hearing that what Grey is saying may actually be true.
         “So what the fuck made this shit happen?” Cyrus demands Grey knowing that there is no possible way that the asteroid killed everyone but, them who were hiding inside a small janitor’s closet of a subway station.
         “Well as you obviously heard an asteroid struck the other side of the planet while barreling towards us but, what you don’t realize is that something started the apocalypse on Earth.” Grey states to them and the group inches closer to him so that they may listen to more of what may have occurred and perhaps the answers as to how he was able to save them.
         “Yeah there is no possible way that an asteroid could possible change direction or that something can attract a piece of rock that judging by the dead people would be nearly the size of Alaska. Yet somehow you can give us answers while you were standing in a closet with the rest of us chanting some shit to yourself.”  Cy says in defiance to what Grey has to say about what did or didn’t happen.

“That wasn’t an asteroid per say it was um… let’s say pure ancient evil; and now it has returned back to Earth after over ten thousand years or so.” Grey says turning around quickly with stern look on his face as he stares at Pete and the others.
“What the fuck are you talking about? You’re a fucking loon.” Cy states to Grey as he chuckles by the ridiculous words that Grey is saying
         “Well back in ancient times when man began to form societies the world was a paradise but, man decided that they wanted to be the ones in control of this world. Eventually humans decided that natural law of kill or be killed to survive could not be allowed in their domination of the planet so, man chose only to kill for jealousy, stealing, hate, not to mention rape, torturing and greed were among these ancient heathens. Soon man destroyed all forms of predators leaving the destruction of the planet but, man found that a God of sorts tied directly to the well being of the planet began to oppose humans.” Grey states to them but, turning away back to the tunnel in the distance; Judge scrambles for his book thinking perhaps that what has occurred may coincide with the Book of Revelations in his bible.
         “The God seemed to balance the world of life and death was corrupted by the humans’ horrid actions and slowly it became consumed by evil and began destroying everything in its wake but, three of the greatest sages of the humans began a ritual to stop the God and reawaken the good side to bring peace back.” Grey states but, suddenly hears a clattering of falling metal in the direction of the tunnel; Grey tightens his stance and balls his fists as stares down into the tunnel yet after a few seconds he loosens his stance and begins to speak once more.
         “Well they realized this being was far too powerful and decided to get rid of this ancient God but, first locking its power into three objects of which it used for destruction against the humans and sending this being from the planet so that one day their descendents can fight and bring back the virtuous God. They soon summoned all the arcane power that the world had to weaken and lock its power up but, this every century that this God spent in space it was still able to feel the world’s pain. Once the world got so bad the God made its return back to Earth; the God decided that back in 1945 humans had lost their chance to keep their planet and so you now see the destruction of this God’s return.” Grey states as he again turns around rapidly and stares at each of them at what he is telling them to see if anything is sinking into their brains at this point after a few seconds he continues the story.
         “They then forced all the locked power of the God into a center spot, wrapped it with rock to ensure its imprisonment then launched it into space; sadly after the asteroid was launched into space the sages were drained of all life force and died and with their last act they destroyed all connection the human race had with arcane power. This is the reason why you humans write fantasy stories or make games because you all can remember the arcane ley lines that once erupted with arcane energy but, that’s all it is a memory of what you had and lost foolishly; the only problem is that now you have defense against the God now.” Grey says chuckling to himself turning away from the group and staring back down the poorly lit but, slightly visible blocked part of the tunnel.
         “So your telling me that an ancient malevolent God from over ten thousand years ago has returned to Earth killed everyone except us cuz we were held up in a closet jerking each other off? And we are to do what? Hump each other in the corner till we all die?” TJ asks Grey who seems completely unaware that TJ even spoke.
         “Simple you fight to save your world from this evil God.” Grey states to them while looking down the tunnel still, the group glaring at the back of Grey as they have no possible way to defeat a God.
         “Just how the fuck we gonna do that by shooting shit out our asses or something?” TJ asks to Grey sarcastically knowing that there is no way to stop such a being.
         “Well with these weapons boys.” Grey says as he rapidly turns around and holding a bundle of assorted metallic weapons that seem to have appeared from the shadows from the front of his body. The weapons appear old, rusted, and covered with cobwebs as if they have stored in a box or some other storage device for centuries.
         “Whoa, w-t-f man.” TJ says staring at the several weapons Grey is carrying in his arms.
         “Now these weapons are quite old and rickety so watch out for now; Judge you shall receive the harvester for scythe your strength and faith will be used to harness the power this weapon holds.” Judge takes hold of this weapon with pride and acknowledges Grey’s gracious gift and Judge soon realizes the significance of this blade as has taken up the symbolic blade of the Angel of Death he has become the Grim Reaper in a sense.
         “Cy you shall receive these two whips for they are constantly in motion ever vigilante to surprise the enemy from different angles in seconds of cracking but, be careful for the added bonus is that the last foot or so spikes will bloom out when the whips are extended too far to grab hold of objects or whatever quite easily.” Cy takes hold of the weapon with a certain defiance and hatred for what Grey is saying to them all.
         “Striker you will get…” Grey is interrupted by Striker suddenly by putting up his left hand to tell Grey to stop talking.
         “I don’t need any weapons I don’t believe in them and anyways I just wanna leave and find my family.” Striker states to Grey with more anxiety than ever to leave the subway station.
         “You shall receive gauntlets and greaves to protect your hands and feet but, remember they are still metallic except they are extremely light and they seem to mold directly to your bodies structure with little discomfort as possible.” Striker takes them but it still doesn’t sway his thoughts on his family and he puts on the rusted cobwebbed feet and gloves with disgust.
         “TJ you have some very strange weapons to wield.” Grey chuckles to himself, “These are modified arm blades as you will notice a blade that seems to run the length of the foreman ending in a fine point just past your elbow the front however curves toward the body with the handle in the middle. The front part of the weapon has room for the wielder to switch from curved end to a quick jabbing pointed end and do to your lightweight movement the blades weight will not affect you.” TJ starts playing around with them jabbing around and switching around but, soon the group realizes the stare down of Grey and Pete yet again.
         “For you Pete you will receive a katana for your calm patient demeanor that the others lack, as your strikes will be truly fierce to redeem your foes of all their wrong doings and sins.” Pete grasps the sheathed sword and looks back at Grey for more answers.
         “So now that we have the weapons how would human kill this malevolent God?” Cy asks Grey who turns away to explain what we will need to be done for them.
         “Simple you all just need to……” Grey is suddenly interrupted by a very high pitched laugh is coming from the tunnel Grey was just staring at and in the distance two red eyes appears standing tall on top of the debris in the tunnel.
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