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by Grey
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Dark · #1470307
Chapters 6 and 7
“So, this is where the weaklings hide when chaos destroys everything and they are too feeble to do anything.” A dark voice bellows and laughs but, the laugh is strangely different from the first laugh heard. Grey now standing at the ready to fight the man in the darkness, the others stand behind Grey unaware who or what is staring down at them with these red piercing eyes. Then suddenly another high pitched laugh ensues but this time two more eyes appear but, this time yellow in color and this person seems to slouch in posture and stands at about the other man’s chest.
         “Yes the weak, we should slaughter them and stain their blood on our blades ‘cause they ache for death.” The yellow eyed man states with a very high pitched but raspy sounding voice like that of a snake.
         “Guys leave now!” Grey states as he pulls off his tattered black leather trench coat to reveal a magnificent sword on his back; it appears to be a black and blue flame frozen to form a blade of a sword and it seems to be three and a half feet in length and one foot in width “Get to the surface quickly I will hold them here.”. The guys realize its best to get to the surface so the motion to the steps quickly.
         “Not so fast!” The red eyed man yells as he dashes out of the darkness with lightning fast speed toward them and he pulls from his waist two short swords with seriated edges on each side of the blades. Grey dashes to the enemy before the red eyed man can reach the other but, Grey halts the red eyed villain in his tracks with both weapons clashing together. The red eyed villain violently is able to kick up all the dust and ash that Grey seemed to have settled minutes before; the red eyed comes swinging downward with both weapons but, Grey blocks the strike his sword and holds the man with great strength in the air. The villain shoves his face closer to Grey’s face to show how insane and determined this creature of darkness is but, Grey stronger tosses the villain into the wall in the background with crushing force that the concrete caves in under force and pressure.
The others only stand and watch on the steps at the magnificent power and grace that Grey possesses but, the yellow eyed man dashes at the speed as the other but slouchy and moving more like an animal. He moves not directly at the others but running next to the walls in the shape of an L; their eyes are barely able to follow the sadistic individual barrel toward them but, they can see sparks grinding to his left as he approaches them. They are able to see a monstrous blade that this man is carrying that seems to be six feet in length and three feet in width but, the man’s face is cloaked by a dirtying brown poncho or cloth and laughing maniacally as he approaches them. Grey realizes that the second man has nearly reached the others who are still dumbstruck by what is going on so, Grey dashes at the yellow eyed man and shoulder slams the man into the wall bury the man deep into the concrete with only a few feet till he had reached the others.
“RUN! Now!” Grey yells to them all of them reach the second level of the stairs and all but Pete continue for he rushes back down with his rickety old sword and sheathe in hand hoping to help the struggling Grey but, soon TJ and Judge realize that Pete has gone back.
         “Pete, no come back!” TJ yells when back down the steps.
          “PETE!”  Judge yells as both TJ and Judge run back down to help retrieve their friend.
         “Grey?!” Pete yells as more dust and ash have been kicked up in the station he can only see two bright red eyes rapidly approaching him; Pete unsheathes his rickety sword to stop this mad man and protect himself from being killed. Pete falls down as the red eyed man dashes to him and swings downward at the frightened face of Pete but, Grey appears at the last second next to the fallen Pete on the steps lying next to him as he tries to block the swords of this villain. Grey is able to stop the left sword of this dark creature with the assistance of Pete’s katana but, the right blade is not held back enough and its razor sharp point slices into the left top part of his forehead and carry all the way down across his nose and taper off the bottom of Pete’s right cheek. Pete writhes in pain as blood pours from his face and he will forever have a permanent scar across the middle of his face but, Pete realized just who that man was that attacked him. Both TJ and Judge find Pete strewn on the steps face bleeding everywhere and weak from the loss of blood.
         “Take him and go now!” Grey shouts at the both Judge and TJ who nod as he dashes back into the dust cloud to protect the escape of the others but, the constant damage of the walls begins to break down the foundation of the station and soon pieces of concrete fall from the ceiling and walls. The three guys make it out with the other two gazing at a world decimated by destruction on such a grand scale that they have never seen nor has any human experienced before. Their focus is drawn back to the ever constant clashing of swords back in the station but, they hear the crumbling of the station’s concrete give way destroying any way of escape for Grey and possibly killing him.
         “GREY!” Judge yells as does the rest of them except for Pete who has awaken to find anything in the area that can stop the constant amount of blood pouring from his face; he soon comes upon an overturned ambulance near the entrance of the station and takes the scattered supplies on the ground to bandage up his face. He wraps up his entire face and head from just below his chin to the beginning of his hairline; Pete only leaves the scornful eyes exposed and a dark blood stain across his bandaged face.
         “Hey Pete what do we do from here ya think.” TJ asks Pete as they get closer to see what Pete is doing; Pete jolts to his feet and glares down at his bloody hands and the rusted katana and sheathe on the ground next to him. He turns rapidly around to show them the lifeless yet powerful face that Pete now exposes to them; he now has a sense that this fight against this God or great evil shall be no stop him ever.
         “Pete died in that tunnel just there, my name is Scarr and we will fight and stop this evil and figure out a way to set everything the way it was before this hell.” Scarr states with determination in his voice; this sense of strength is embraced by them all and they now feel that what Grey said was true.
         “Well you boys look ready to fight.” A voice says chuckling above them; for the voice belongs to Grey who kneeling down from a ledge arms relaxed on his knees with a big grin his face.
         “Well let’s get started boys.” Grey chuckles as he jumps down to the ground with his tattered jacket mysteriously equipped and for he seems completely unscathed by what he had to do for them all but, perhaps he has something menacing planned ahead.

“As you now understand what is at stake and what you will all be fighting.” Grey says as he looks at the group who are still bewildered by what just happened but, Scarr who scornfully stares back at Grey as if demanded more answers from him.
         “Why is it that the red eyed man was my best friend Ben Sardonic?” Scarr asks as he steps closer to Grey “And why is it that this thing this evil came back to Earth anyway?” Scarr asks Grey with the others baffled by the fact that one of their friends has become corrupted by darkness.
         “Simple tactic by the enemy, use a friend to decimate and divide the opposing forces but, your friend is forever lost as he has traded his soul for power to kill you all. He hates you all and will not rest until he sees all of you begging at his feet for your lives; his only drive to live now is to kill all remaining life this city has remaining in it.” Grey states as he moves through the group and staring at the overturned ambulance and he quickly glances at the city and he turns back at the others to keep them focused from what has occurred to the city. “The wicked God has returned because the suffering that you humans have inflicted upon this Earth has grown too far and now I am your only hope to set things anew to before the evil ever affected the planet.”
         Scarr considers what Grey has said thus far, “Grey, why do you call us humans? What are you Grey?” Grey turns away from the group and gives a sly grin and points in the direction of the city streets surrounding them to show the devastation that they before them.
         “You all are not ready for such an answer but, remember this I’m on your side and you need not worry what I am.” Grey states turning back to the group “Just look at what hell is really like on this plane of existence because of what fools you humans can be with little power.”
         Their attention pulls away from Grey to see what truly has occurred to their demolished world that now lie before them; several cars have been tossed into a smoldering piles blocking several streets by their near forty foot tall walls of metal and rust. Several cars not thrown into these piles are scattered into the roads, building walls, or have ruptured into several thousand parts strewn across the fractured asphalt along with seemingly all of the pane glass windows from the surrounding buildings. The air is scattered with fiery papers and debris raining down from the sky; there is a strange crimson fog that seems quite light and seeming to rise back into the sky as the later the day draws to an end. Their eyes focus on the tortured sky above them that seems to be a pyroclastic cloud high in the atmosphere of the planet and they can see vibrant crimson lightning jumping from explosive wave of cloud to the next.
         “Because humans did not care what they did to this paradise of a world your species has suffered along with all other life on this planet.” Grey turns away from the group to watch the ever aching sky above him. “Would you all like the ability to fight this evil that no mortal could ever dream of?”
         Grey’s statement stuns them suddenly as such a question seems too good to be true but, they all agree with a nod. “Okay Grey, if we fight you promise to set every thing back to the way it was before this shit happened?”
         “You have my word that I will hold such a bargain if you manage to kill this evil which is called amongst its minions the Beast.” Grey states to them. “Now move together facing away from the building behind you and place your feet on the edge of the sidewalk and stand in a line shoulder to shoulder please.” Grey says with a grin and a gesture of his hands to get the guys together.
         “Now what I am going to do is not give you power because you are still mortal but, instead give you a curse you all with power; now you will survive all wounds that don’t pertain to piercing your heart or brain and anything that severs any limbs so any stabs to any organs you will heal almost instantly. Now the reason for the curse is that you will have an approximate ten year life span because for every one year of life your bodies shall age three to four years and at the end of ten years your bodies shall be not be able to take the power anymore. Sadly, your bodies will be like that of stars in which if at the end of ten years if you have little remaining power in your bodies you will become like that of a black hole and implode upon yourself and suck anything and everything surrounding you inward. If you have too much power at the end of the ten years you shall explode like that of a supernova destroying what ever may be around you; the reason for the ten years is just an estimation of how long it may take you to defeat the Beast and precaution that this power is not completely limitless. Your speed and your abilities to use your weapons will come with this curse along with massive levels of strength depending on your weapon you wield.” Grey states as he walks to the first one farthest to the right which reluctantly is TJ but, Grey just shows TJ a big grin before he begins what ever Grey plans to do with them.
         “Wait, is this going to hurt?” TJ asks Grey who only rears back his right hand behind him and placing it at angle at his waist, Grey with the same grin shakes his head no. TJ closes his eyes and grips the tattered leather handles of his arm blades as Grey thrusts his open right hand palm into the forehead of TJ sending TJ launching backwards into the wall behind them. As TJ’s lifeless body barrels toward the wall he kicks up a large cloud of dust and ash but, suddenly out of this cloud TJ flips his body around to plant his feet onto the vertical flat wall. TJ pushes his body off the wall sending him flipping upwards and placing a few cracks into the wall from the force of his body. TJ lands behind Grey and with both arm blades in hand and Grey turned away from him TJ begins to swing violently at Grey; TJ swings recklessly at first but, after a few missed strikes at Grey his moves and actions become more fluid as it seems to get closer and closer to striking Grey. During the whole time TJ is trying to strike Grey who has his back turned to TJ but eventually TJ turns his blades around to the pointed ends and attempts to stab Grey in the heart but, Grey suddenly spins around and lifts TJ up by the throat stopping the actions and his attempts to kill Grey.
         “Not bad boy but, don’t try and hit me just hit me and relax when you strike you will react much faster.” Grey releasing his grip of TJ’s throat and allowing TJ to fall to his knees gasping for air and rubbing the soar neck of his.
         “Now notice your weapons TJ, they are have been reborn through the power that flows through your veins.” The two large forearm blades once decrepit and dull are now sparkling and new no longer while the leather handgrips are tight and seemingly new.
         “Ho...How did that happen?” TJ asks dumbfounded by what just happened to his weapons and he looks over at the others weapons as they all remain old while his has become.
         “Like I said the power that has been forced into your body has increased your soul’s residual energy and now it is being fed directly into the blades.” Grey states as moves down to the next person in line which is Judge who holds his scythe tightly.
         “So what does our soul have to do with these weapons?” Judge asks Grey as he begins to wind-up to place the curse upon Judge.
         “Your souls are still pure in some form or another and as such are weapons against such evil that you must face, your soul has in turn revitalized the weapon you possess; and it is not your blade or strikes from your weapons that injury evil but, your pure souls surround the weapons and that is what your hurts evil.” Grey states as he suddenly strikes Judge in the forehead the same way as TJ.
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