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by Grey
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Dark · #1470310
Chapters 8 and 9
Judge soars backwards similar to TJ except as he emerges from the cloud of dust and ash he flips himself upside down allowing him to use the top of the scythe staff head to launch himself upwards before slamming into the wall and onto the roof. Judge lands on the ledge at the top of the three story building the others twist around to see Judge smiling in astonishment at how he was able to merely push himself up three stories within the time he would have flattened into the building’s side. Judge now noticing that the scythe has turned into a menacing looking weapon the blade is long and sleek, the staff of the scythe is crooked like that of a true twisted branch with black thorns at the top of the staff and at the very bottom and also what seems like one large black thorn is placed in the middle as though a handle for use for Judge.
         “I love this weapon and, I shall use it to exact God’s will on those that are damned or fallen from his grace for I shall become the very meaning of death I shall be the reaper.” Judge states as he jumps off the building thrusting his blade into the building to brace his fall but leaving a large gash into the concrete of the building; Judge then walks over to TJ by the overturned ambulance and watch as Grey continues. Grey moves down to Cy who is baffled by what has happened to the other two now standing over to their right watching Grey get the others ready to fight the Beast.
         “So wait, why is it that each time you hit us in the forehead we seem to gain exorbitant amounts of power?” Cy asks in desperation trying to hinder Grey from striking him in the skull but, Grey grins as he rears back again; Cy attempts to block Grey’s right hand’s palm from hitting him. Grey instead uses his left hand in quick jab to the gut of Cy sending him off his feet and launching head first into the wall but, suddenly Grey dashes to the right of Cy and grabs hold of Cy’s forehead with Grey’s right hand. Grey grasps hold of Cy’s skull and turns around violently with Cy in hand; Grey then launches Cy upward viciously with dust suddenly surrounding Cy’s body. Cy emerges from the cloud of ash and dust for Cy swiftly uses his whips to grab hold of a slightly melted and twisted flag pole on the roof of the three story building; Cy pulls himself back onto the roof of the building and stares down at the pristine whips dancing at his feet as they slowly come to rest. Grey whistles to Cy and motions him to come back with a gesture of his left hand; Cy uses the flag pole again to swing back to the group slamming down next to Judge and TJ but, Grey shifts down to Striker who seems in a distraught state of mind and slowly becoming more and more irritated waiting to leave.
         “Can we get this going Grey, I need to find my family.” Grey rears back once again and smashes Striker square in the forehead like the others; suddenly he is covered in an ash and dust cloud like the others but, Striker emerges from the cloud with a thunderous slam of his left arm into the concrete. Striker creates a small shoulder length crater at his feet six inches from the base of the building; Striker suddenly shifts his feet placing his left foot forward and the right foot below his right shoulder as he balls his right fist with the gauntlet’s metal clattering together. Striker releases his frustration upon striking the building’s wall with all his might sending a thunderous reverberating sound throughout the whole structure and tearing cracks spreading throughout the impact crater of his punch. As Striker walks over to the others at the ambulance his face is filled disdain for having to still wait for Grey to finish but, the building crumbles to a massive pile of concrete and dust as Striker stands next to Judge with arms folded uncaring by what he had done.
         “Damn man, you destroyed that thing.” TJ chuckles as he looks stunned at the pile and Striker unflinching as he stares at Grey.
         “Shut up TJ! I just wanna leave now.” Striker yells at TJ as Grey looks over at the four of them with a grin and begins moving down to the fifth and final one to gain the curse from Grey.
         “You ready?” Grey asks as he rears back to hit Scarr with his palm but, Scarr stops Grey for Scarr has noticed something that has occurred to the others after receiving the curse from Grey.
         “No wait, I noticed after you hit each of them that they all gained a mark on their right hand palm; a strange mark that seems to be a four pronged star seeming to be of dried blood stained under the skin though.” Scarr states to Grey but, Grey lowers his hand and relaxes his arm at his side; the others look at their right hands to notice the mark astonished that such a mysterious mark has appeared after Grey hit them in the forehead.
         “So you caught it huh? Well just give me your hand then.” Grey grabs a hold of Scarr’s right hand but, Grey grabs Scarr’s hand with both of his hands.  As Grey begins to bestow the curse upon Scarr; Grey begins to shake in a frenzy as though this way of transfer was far harsher upon Grey’s body than the other method he was utilizing. Suddenly a cloud of dust and ash encase the two as the others watch in astonishment by what is happening to Scarr in the tornado like cloud that restricts their view of him; after a mere few seconds the cloud dissipates and Scarr stands strong and tall but, Grey is on his knees in excruciating pain that has made his skin quite pale. Scarr lifts Grey to his feet but, Grey is very weak and is holding his abdomen with his left arm while being hoisted to his feet.
         “Man, I hate doing that.” Grey chuckles in pain as he slowly moves over to the right of the fallen three story building and slamming his left shoulder into the wall with the others watching and following from a distance. “Well now you guys are ready to fight for your world.”
         “So what are we supposed to do then?” Cy asks Grey because Cy seems to have no real direction to start after what has happened for his own rational thought is now in disarray for what has happened to Earth.
         “Go fight, free your world from this evil and my promise to set it anew will be upheld even if I die; just cleanse the Beast from this world.” Grey says with some increase to his color and tone in his voice as he begins to stand on his own feet with more balance as he moves along the wall.
         “Where you going to be at Grey? Just in case we need you to help us out or perhaps where we go to find the Beast?” Scarr asks Grey as Grey continues to recover from the loss of energy.
         “I need to go recover from this power drain but, I will be around if you need me just shout out my name guys I’ll be there as soon as I can. For the most part guys give a few hours till you decide to shout out my name besides I will find you if I’m good. Anyway if you guys stay together you should all be fine but, it’s going to be dark soon so you guys might wanna get going before night falls it will be far worse then than now.” Grey chuckles as he musters up the strength to jump up over the building and into the city away from the sight of the group, leaving them to begin their fight against whatever this Beast is and what ever may lie before them.
They all look at each other trying to get a plan formulated but, Striker ignores the others and begins to walk to the center of the city of where the hospital is that contains his family or perhaps something far worse.
         “Striker, get back here we need to plan what we are going to do!” Cy yells at Striker but, Striker decides to raises his right hand over his shoulder to flip off the group as he continues to walk away. Judge follows suit but, goes to the coast to make his way to a church that lies further down the coastline; Judge believes in his mind that if he can make it to a house of God he can confess his sins and be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. TJ follows Judge as he is not going to abandon his friend a second time and perhaps help Judge do what ever he may be planning to do.
         “Judge wait up man, I’m not letting you fend for yourself again like before after high school when you were arrested.” TJ says jogging over to Judge as both make their way through the tortured city together but, they leave behind Scarr and Cy standing at the ambulance staring at the three walking away from them.
         “Hmm what do we do now then?” Cy asks Scarr who starts to walk toward Striker’s direction but, he plans to go northeast by  the coast of where his brother’s apartment is supposed to be.
         “Do whatever you want I’m going to find my brother for that’s the only reason why I’m here in New York City I will find him and destroy everything and anything that gets in my way. And perhaps after my brother is safe I will finish this shit once and for all and return the world back to normal.” Scarr says starting his journey to find his brother and find a way to set things back after his safety is known.
         “Great I’ll just find my own thing to do and figure out what happened to everyone.” Cy yells at Scarr as he leaves his sight for Cy has noticed that even though there are many bodies burned, crushed, and turned to ash there seems to be far less than what would be the normal amount of people in New York City.

         “Hmm interesting judging by the number of bodies strewn across these streets there should be far more bodies lying around.” Cy says to himself thinking of what could have possible happened as he walks through the decrepit city streets. With both whips wrapped around his shoulders leaving the handles around his hands, walking in the barren streets as he thinks and talks to himself as to keep his mind together amongst this insanity.
         “Mhhmm …rhmrm” Cy hears a groaning voice down an alley to his left so, he begins to walk into the darkened alleyway with his back to the concrete wall and his right shoulder leading forward.
         “Hello? Anyone there?” Cy says as he notices down the alley that there is a fenced door twenty feet away from Cy but, before the fence a second intersecting alley shadows with a figure emerging from the right of the alleyway. Cy peers through the darkness to see a man staring in the opposite direction of him in the direction of the fence but, Cy can see that this man seems to be bobbing his head down at his hands raised at his chest.
         “Hey, are you alright sir?” Cy asks the stranger as the man turns toward Cy revealing to Cy that the stranger is far from alright and as Cy begins to slowly back out of the alley to the fiery light of the sky he can now see what this man is. Cy stares at the object in the man’s hands; for the man carries a severed head of a once blonde haired woman being devoured from the left side of the face down as it lay horizontally in his hands. The man’s skin on his face is rotted and scorched and much of the skin has fallen off the cheeks exposing his teeth and jaw flesh; his eyes have eroded away but, have left streams of bloody oozing puss streaming down his face into his mouth and onto his chest. As the man inches and closer into the dimming light of the day he drops the head onto the ground and begins to swipe at the air in the direction of Cy along with moaning and groaning as he approaches. Cy stares down at the severed head to notice that the cut along the neck and across the face seems quite similar to what Scarr received by the red eyed man. The man walks in a very distraught motion toward Cy almost in severe pain Cy notices that his intestines and other internal organs are on the concrete and asphalt dragging out of stomach eroding away as he walks closer and closer toward Cy. His skin are a bile greenish/blue hue with much of his skin decomposing as the flies swarm around him feasting on his rotting flesh and laying their eggs under the man’s clothing and exposed flesh.
         “Get back sir, sir back away now!” Cy yells as pulls the handles of both whips releasing them from his shoulder as he backs closer to the wall opposite the zombie like man approaching. The zombie’s relentless lust to get Cy begins to increase the flow of puss oozing from its eye sockets into its mouth. As more puss flows into his mouth it exposes the crooked nearly toothless mouth to Cy who sees the zombie’s black corroded tongue filled with squirming white maggots feasting on the rotting flesh.
         “You leave me no choice then sir. I just hate getting my fucking new suit even more grimy but, you don’t seem to understand me when I ah speeky you.” Cy says insultingly to the incapable zombie in torturing pain stumbling to get his most primal instinct quenched. Cy uses his right whip to shatter the left leg of the zombie and perhaps deter the zombie from continuing after Cy but, the whip snaps off the rotted flesh of the leg leaving only the yellow stained bones of his leg exposed under the torn pant legs.  The loss of flesh from the zombie’s leg has only slightly hindered the undead creature from reaching Cy so, Cy makes the decision to strangle the zombie or perhaps incapacitate it. Cy is snares his left whip around the zombie’s neck with the barbs piercing into the neck and shoulder; Cy dashes twelve feet toward the zombie in a flash and eventually ending behind the zombie. Cy tightens the grip on the zombie’s neck by raveling more of the whip around his throat; Cy also uses his right arm to increase the pressure along the zombie’s neck but, leaving his exposed arm to this zombie’s wretched nails and teeth. Cy struggles to incapacitate the zombie but, the zombie persists in scratching arm with no air to breathe; the zombie tears through his white shirt and into his flesh with its rotted teeth and nails that tear relentlessly.
Cy writhes in pain as the zombie feasts on his muscles so Cy makes the decision to snap his neck to hopefully end this struggle; Cy tightens the whip with his left hand but, suddenly the zombie’s neck snaps exposing the rotted spine to Cy. The zombie’s arms and torso go limp but, the gnawing of its teeth persists further into Cy’s arm; Cy eventually is able to pry his arm free and dash several feet back in front of the zombie. As Cy moves further away he notices that his whip tightens in his hand and he soon realizes that the whip is still attached around the neck of the zombie now planted in one spot swaying in the wind and snarling at Cy in front of him with back turned.
Cy peers over his left shoulder as he lifts the whip fastened around the neck of the zombie; Cy smirks as he stares at the helpless creature now under his mercy and will.  Cy pulls violently snapping the neck of the zombie and turning Cy’s body to face the now bouncing rotting skull of the zombie fall at the base of feet. Cy gazes down at the severed dead head but, it does not remain still for it begins to chomp and snarl wildly at Cy with its eyeless sockets seeming to be directed at Cy’s eyes as it continues its tireless lust for flesh even as only a head. Cy spits down at the head as he lifts his right foot up to crush in the skull when suddenly the head ceases motion and forming a distraught facial expression; its jaw sags to the left side of the face and the bloody puss ooze stops flowing from its face.
Cy bends down to glance upon the disgusting skull but, suddenly the head begins to melt from top of the skull to the jaw into a black bubbling ooze pool with a stench that throws Cy backwards a few feet while covering his mouth and nose with his tie. Cy stares at the small pool of black gunk in the road but, peers back at the body to see that it has fallen the same fate as the skull of the zombie. Cy glares at the two pools and runs through his head what just occurred; to come to the fact that every thing that may have been fiction throughout his life from books to movies may have been right but, Cy soon forgets those thoughts as he realizes that he needs new clothes to wear.
         “Well that’s over with, now to get some new clothes and get this arm bandaged up.” Cy says as he takes another quick peek back at his right arm to notice that under the bloody torn white shirt his arm is now completely healed except for some excess blood stains on the arm almost as if the zombie ever bit him. Cy pulls off his tie and begins to walk further down the shirt with both whips under his arms; he unbuttons the top three buttons of his shirt allowing him to breathe better when he notices several clothing stores to his right. Cy notices that several of them managed to get there security gate down except one that has its gate half closed with the right side collapsed onto the concrete sidewalk and the left side folded up into the top left corner. Cy peers into dark abyss of the interior of the store trying to adjust his eyes in the failing light of the day; he sees several clothing racks throughout the floor of the store. Cy walks in past the breezing dust threshold of the opening to find clothes better suited to fight these tortured souls; he walks along several overturned racks to find the set of clothes best suited for what Cy likes to wear. Cy quickly changes out his remaining pieces of clothing from his business suit to eventually find some clothes that are appealing to him; he grabs a plain white T-shirt, black jeans, a pair of black sneakers and, a black jean jacket and rapidly changes in an instant to make sure he does not remain vulnerable for long.
         “Much fucking better. Now time to get moving I guess.” Cy says as he stretches out testing the new clothing and to see any increase to his speed and strength if any from the change of clothing.
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