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This newsletter is about the history of English Tea.
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September, 2008
The History Of English Tea
Editor: Megan Rose Princess Morticia Megan Rose
Assistant Editor: Angel Angel

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Hello Everyone. Megan and Angel here. The summer is almost gone. Can you believe that? Angel and I had a nice summer. I went to the beach, shopped, scrap booked and wrote a few items here at Writing. Angel continues to do her beautiful art work. All the sigs used in the newsletter here were done by her. I envy her talent.

This newsletter is about the history of English Tea. I collect tea pots and saucers and love to make cards with tea pots and saucers that I rubber stamped. I am really into the blue collection old fashioned dishes. I bought a neat blue and white porcelain tea pot plus I have a Thomas Kincaid Tea Pot which my husband bought me for our Wedding Anniversary. I have a thing for tea sets. I don't drink tea but Angel and I decided to write about the history of English Tea. My reference is by: Linda Stradley and her Web Site: What's Cooking America. So, grab a cup of tea and I will grab a Diet Pepsi and we will start the newsletter.

There are three different types of tea:
Cream Tea: Tea, sconces, jam and cream

Light Tea: Tea, sconces and sweets

Full Tea: Tea, savories, sconces, sweets and dessert

Most tea rooms serve tea from three to five o'clock. Other foods served with tea are: tiny sandwiches, appetizers, cakes, cookies, shortbread and scones can be served with jam and Devonshire cream or clotted cream.

Afternoon Tea may have been started by the French. Tea first arrived in Paris in 1636, 22 years before it arrived in England. Tea can be served with lemon and milk can be used in tea.

By 1700. tea was sold in over 500 coffee houses. Queen Anne was a tea drinker.

During the second half of the Victorian Period, working families came home and drink tea after a hard day. Tea was served with a meal and no pastries.

Anna Marie Stanford, Duchess Of Bedford started the afternoon tea drinking . She felt that she needed to drink tea in between meals so she drank tea when ever she wanted She would invite friends over and she made tea time popular.

1600- Queen Elizabeth{1533-1603} granted permission for the charter of the British East India Company to establish trade routes, ports and trading relationships with the far east, Southeast Africa and India. Trade in spices was the original focus but later traded in cottons, silks, indigo and tea.

King Charles II was in exile in Portugal and he married Catherine de Braganza and they were devoted tea drinkers. They bought the tea back to England with them . Catherine's influence was admired by the English and tea became the most famous drink in English society.

Tea Etiquette:

The proper way to hold the tea cup without a handle is to place one's thumb at the six 'o clock position and one's index and middle fingers at the twelve o'clock position while gently raising one's pinkie up for balance.

Tea cups with a handle are held by placing one's fingers to the front and back of the handle with one's pinkie up allows balance. Pinkie needs to be slightly tilted. This will avoid spills. {Too bad Elizabeth on the English Comedy KEEPING UP APPEARANCES doesn't do this. This would save Hyacinth some problems!}
Never loop your fingers through the handle or grasp the cup with the palm of your hand.

Never use your fingers to squeeze lemon in your tea. Use a fork for proper etiquette. Never use creamer in tea. Use milk. Cream will mask the taste.
I am currently reading a book about famous Tea Rooms In Great Britain By: Bruce Richardson that is autographed.

That is all we have. We could write about the Boston Tea Party but I think we will pass. If you have any comments about this newsletter, let Angel or myself know. Our next newsletter will be about the history of ghosts and then Christmas. We want to thank all of you who receive our newsletter in your e-mail. Thanks for being part of the group. Until next time, Love: Megan and Angel

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