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I thought that I loved you, but
I have to admit it.
At times, its hard 2b committed.
My feelings were true, I have not a clue
as to why i went and did it?
This shit has me twisted, truely
there is nothing I can do 4 u
will forgive, but never forget it.
As i may not ever again rest.
1 40, 2 shots 2 our memories
and I'll wish you the best.
Our relationship was a quest
that I wasn't prepared for
cause when I was put to the test
I decided 2 explore.
Then you chose 2 payme back?
You filthy fucking whore!
Revenge does not even the score!
I have zero respect 4u now
my whole life is ripped, torn
and flipped upside down.
I hit rock bottom, without making a sound.
No hand 2 help me stand
nothing, nobody at all.
I try to crawl to the top,
where I was before, but
I always stop and again,
I hit the floor. Poor little me, I see,
I got what I deserve.
This was not supposed to happen, ever.
It must be all for the better, girl.
May our memories live on, forever.

W.E. = u + me. Never Again
In Love are we.
A Catastrophy Long Gone
Is your Diluted Purity Tha
One night stands strong
I used 2C So Now I choose 2B
SU, cause U r E.

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