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We can achieve togetherness if we all live with the right intentions.

And yet—

you and I live
on the same world,
as if God meant that.
And yet, you are on your side
and I on mine.
And yet, I wonder if we once
met each other.
And yet, we could be enemies,
filled with mutual hate and disgust!

And yet, I wonder if you too
have practiced tonglen?
And yet, you know
where my god dwells-
we could be each other’s
oasis, in a sandstorm in a desert.
And yet, we do not know
where we dwell.

And yet, we have
a way to learn.

And yet, I know you are there.
I can feel you.
And yet, I wonder if you
know of me.
And yet, I have to believe you do,
that somewhere you are there
looking out and wondering
about me.

And yet, I know that when
I’m ready to end my day,
and you to begin yours,
we face each other.

And yet, we still gaze upon
that same star.
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