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review of movie mirrors
I'm writing a review of the movie Mirrors with Keefer Sutherland, from the show 24.  This is one of the better horror movies that I've seen recently.  I believe that this one is the only other movie I've seen that develops the mirror ghost idea since poltergeist.  This movie seems new and exciting.  The story is about a man(sutherland) who was a detective before he was suspended due to some shooting that was eluded to in the movie.  He finds himself fighting with his estranged wife to see his kids and try to be a family again.  He gets a job as a night watchman at the abandoned Mayflower department store that burned down some years earlier.  Sutherland discovers that the watchman prior to him had quit and had an obsession with the mirrors in the department store.  The plot thickens when the mirrors seem to come to life with eerie images of the fire that took the store.  It seems that the ghost images become more and more bold with their appearances killing some people in rather original ways.  Sutherland discovers that the entity inside the mirrors wants something from him and that the only way to save his family is to find out what they want and how to give it to them before the mirrors kill anymore of his family.  I liked this movie.  When you compare this to other horror movies of this day it seems this movie stands out above the others.  Definitely a must see for any Poltergeist fan. 
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