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Chapter one, refining memories of Dreams

The Wildflowers on Glencoe Hill

You know that time in the morning you wake but you haven't opened your eyes yet....Well, you're with me then too. Then I open my eyes and you are gone. The sleeping memories hidden in my mind begin to come clear. I breathe deep and sigh
as a single tear falls from my eye again. Would you even understand? If, I were to see you on a street corner today and I would try to explain how long you have been with me in my dreams? A question I ask my self every day. Could I even
understand it myself after all these years why. I rise from the warm comfort of my bed and pull on my old hand me down chenille robe that has more memories than me I bet. Old family treasures that have become mine now. I stretch and yawn
brushing my hands through my hair telling myself, "I should get you cut some day." But not today. I greet my cat Jack waiting in the hall as he rubs against my legs I say," Good morning." bending down to scratch him behind his ears. He
follows me contently down to the kitchen knowing his breakfast will soon be served.

As I put the coffee on to brew Jack sits on the opposite counter next to the fridge patiently waiting for his can of fancy feast playfully reaching with a paw extending he meows at me. You would think I would like being a morning person because I
love coffee so much. "Not!" I say to myself. Always a night owl at heart how did I end up working days? I pour a mug coffee and sip gazing out the window at the rain falling. Thoughts of you come back. I should have been brave enough to tell you
back then but I was just a girl standing frozen in your shadow. Did you know I was even there? Actually just friends then, it really did not occur to me of dating or anything more. We chatted in class enough to get into trouble and sent to the
principles office on occasion. We crossed each others paths at football games only with a glance and a nod of hello from time to time. Even walking through the halls when our class rooms were next door to one another. Even our lockers were not that
far apart. Other than that nothing extraordinary. Just normal teens going to high school.

In May two weeks before you graduated to leave me to fend for myself my senior year. The dreams began.................

The Sun was hot and shining brightly that summer day. Butterflies and dragon flies lightly filled the air of Glencoe Hill. It was blanketed in daisies and wildflowers of spring. Brilliant colors of reds,yellows,blues and greens soft and so real. A seemingly
well traveled path leading to the top where it met the sky of soft white clouds. We started to run up to the top I was slightly ahead of you. I believe you were courteous and let me be in the lead because you wanted me there. Our laughter filled the air
as we ran. "Let me carry you we will get there faster!" you said. You lifted me up as if I were lighter than air my head falling back in laughter saying," Don't drop me I'm too heavy." You laugh with me continuing to run to the top carrying me with ease. We reach the top and you set me down. We are both breathless from laughter as we sit down next to each other and begin to settle in to take in the view. Oh my god! It's our high school floating away on a cloud in the distance. I start to stand to pull it back to us. You grab me and tell me to let it go it's supposed to happen. Pulling me back to sit beside you we watch our school disappear into the distance as the sun sets we smile at each other the wind is blowing softly now.....

I wake from that dream puzzled and say to myself, "It must be spring." I dress quickly and run out the door for bus late for school again. On my way to school I think to myself should I tell you about the dream when I see you today? I didn't have a
chance. You were absent that day. I wouldn't see you again until the next Monday. I never did have a chance to tell you. We were always at the wrong place at the wrong time from then on and then you were gone indefinitely. Or so I thought. The
dreams continued on without seeing you again.

"I should have said something to you that night at the football game." I say to myself, with a small whisper over my mug of my now cold coffee. I shrug and sigh turning from the rainy day looking at the clock "Crap!" I am going to be late for work again.
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