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Giving away my very unusual Book "Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy" FREE to first 500 requests!

My author name is D. Clark. I have been told that my series of poetry is possibly done by Automatic Writing, or channeling information from a Paranormal Source or the DEAD.

I now invite anyone who wants my book for free in PDF Format to please ask for a PDF copy for FREE by Email. I will then send you a copy of my book.

I am doing this because I want an honest response from someone who did not spend a dime to read this. I want feed back from those who either loved it and was amazed or hated it.

For those who loved my book after reading everything more then once, I want you to help me by promoting this book. By either selling a direct download PDF version of my book, just like the one you have got for free.

I also want you to help me sell the Paper Back Version which is only $6.96. PDF instant download is only $4.95.

So Please Send Me An Email with this in the Subject Line: "I Want A Free PDF Copy Of Third Cycle Poetic Prophecy."

I will send you one you have my word. I do not do anything with your email this is only for this special limited FREE promotion ONLY!

Please Send Your Email to My Personal Address of: thirdcycle9999@yahoo.com

BESURE TO PROMOTE MY BOOK FOR SALE AT: http://www.lulu.com/content/705538

View three different FLASH Presentations or Trailers here: http://www.geocities.com/thirdcycle9999

Kind Regards,

D. Clark

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