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Beware of life and where it takes you

The Ancients Knew so Well…

I have a haunting story that I’m now prepared to share.
And deep inside its contents it’s suggested to beware
of life – and where it takes you; what strange stories we can tell
within each of our cultures where we beg God come and dwell.
It happened on a star lit night,
I found a most amazing sight;
I bathed in His immortal light!
As Ancients did foretell…

Far-flung in Israel’s borders lay the place where it began.
I wanted to go searching; for I had a special plan -
to find a hidden treasure - my desire could not be quelled,
for I believed I found a map that showed where Ancients dwelled.
(My job was selling ancient maps
and in came one I thought, perhaps
was more than antique bits of scraps) -
As Ancients did foretell…

Indeed the writing, torn and faint was difficult to read;
unspoken language written in - predestined to mislead
unworthy persons – not of God with heads that only swell
for recognition of themselves, no thought to He Who Dwells.
So recognized in ancient times
Man’s passions and his human crimes
that they protected with their rhymes -
As Ancients did foretell…

A man of God I clearly was!  My eyes could plainly see
most answers that laid deep within the map so close to me.
A racing mind - a pounding heart, my God!  I saw so well
the places where I had to go – to where the old ones fell.
I bowed - I prayed – I asked He bless,
I vowed that I would not transgress;
I trusted in what I possess -
As Ancients did foretell…

So I set out to find the ones well hidden in their caves,
for with them lay a knowledge – dead; so treasured in their graves.
As I approached a certain path my heart began to swell;
so awesome was the energy that I let out a yell!
I felt a presence in that place
as I was humbled to retrace
the tracks that they did so embrace –
As Ancients did foretell…

I came upon a massive rock that laid upon the spot
where maps so clearly stated were the places time forgot.
It sat in its position as if under some strange spell.
The treasure lay there, hidden - just behind, where shadows dwell.
I pondered on what I should do,
to move the rock might be taboo;
but not to take a chance – pursue?
As Ancients did foretell…

I was a man that was possessed to understand the signs.
The boulder shrouded many pasts engulfed within its vines.
I had to figure out a way to move the rock that fell;
I bowed down to the King of Kings and asked that He might tell…
Just then a wind came streaming in.
Sensations formed upon my skin;
I felt as if I should begin -
As Ancients did foretell…

I looked upon the map once more and gazed into the rhyme.
I then allowed my mind to roam beyond our earthly time.
The words became a jumbled prayer – so quiet as it fell
upon my ears - I understood the words and what they spelled…
“To enter Gods most holy site
you must find your most inner light;
to not have virtue will incite”!

As Ancients did foretell…

So that was it!  A righteous man’s allowed into the tomb.
But who’s to say what righteous is, was I to dare presume?
Just then the earth shook - just a bit… the rock – it did impel
enough to move it from the mouth of where it long had dwelled.
As darkness fell upon the land
I looked upon a sight so grand
and stood upon His witness stand!
As Ancients did foretell…

The stars came out and danced about as I stood and dismayed -
Was I indeed as virtuous as those who once here prayed?
For virtue is a weighted word and I do not excel
in living life the perfect way – we all, at times, rebel.
It was a tease – to be so near,
to hold the map – to hold the fear;
to question if I’d persevere!
As Ancients did foretell…

I pondered what the harm might be to take a peek inside…
I had a generator light to be my faithful guide.
One final look upon the map – my mind began to swell;
anticipation crept right in and caught me in its spell.
Within their tomb lay answers - lost;
with doors that have not yet been crossed -
I wanted in – at any cost!
As Ancients did foretell…

I took a breath - I said a prayer, my light I turned on bright.
With staff in hand I walked inside into eternal night.
Each step gave way into the cave as eerie sounds befell -
A distant time – a distant place, a space they knew so well.
I crept upon the sacred room
where secrets of the cosmos loom;
with knowledge to ingest – consume!
As Ancients did foretell…

I shone my light into the space where godly secrets lie.
Rare amulets surrounded walls where Ancients came to die.
Their bones lay softly on the shawl they knew so very well;
so gently in their Tallis, wrapped - they lay just where they fell.
They came alone – alone like me,
they had the pull – the sight to see;
they had the map that was the key -
As Ancients did foretell…

Their scrolls were placed upon an ark with carvings laced in gold;
so carefully upon them lay fine silver to behold.
And jewels were inlaid on the walls of stone - they did excel
at giving God a special place in which they thought He’d dwell.
Such splendid riches found at last,
the wealth in here was unsurpassed!
I wanted just one piece of past!
As Ancients did foretell…

My greed for what I prized unleashed the horror that began.
My soul was tainted in this place that freed the pious man.
For as I took that single jewel I angered those who dwell -
as forces changed within the cave the ground began to swell.
I tried to run and get away,
I did not stop and think to pray;
my virtue ran amuck – astray!
As Ancients did foretell…

Of course the entrance now was blocked!  I felt so very trapped.
And now because of greediness God’s wealth remains untapped.
That’s why I’m writing all this down for you whom now I tell;
because if you are reading this - you’ve found where Ancients dwell…
I pray you are a righteous man,
I thought I was when I began;
but now I’m trapped within the clan!
As Ancients did foretell…

It’s here I’ll die - alone and scared because of human sin
that made me think that I could dare discard their laws within...
Since I’ve been here I’ve found the bones of those who also tell
the stories of their greediness in notes of fond farewells…
And here is mine – my closing words;
I’m dying!  This is so absurd!
I should have left things undisturbed!
As Ancients did foretell…

The ending given to my life is riddled with Man’s flaws.
The things we think we have to have are useless in His cause.
This final statement I will make – take heed and hear me well…
As some go searching to find God they lead themselves to Hell!
I know this truth – for here I am;
I’ve made myself a paschal lamb.
With none to give a tinker’s damn!
The Ancients know us well…

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