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People Called her the Wicked Witch Of the West, but she was framed, and I have PROOF! :)
    Most people think that the Wicked Witch Of The West was the evil bad person in the story "Wizard Of Oz" tale, but I have proof that she was an innocent loving person, that was framed by the Evil Dorothy, and her hooligan friends!  So let's take a look at what really happened at the Land Of Oz on that faithful day, just in case you fell for that Evil Girl that used her “Innocent” Charm to fool you!

    Our story starts off with the lovely Witch of the East as she was innocently riding her broomstick during a Tornado.  Her only crime was laughing and enjoying life, as she was flying by that terrible storm.  Suddenly, without warning, Dorothy landed her whole house on the Witch of the East, and claimed it was an accident?  Come on now please, how can you accidentally land a house on someone?  OK if you buy her story about accidentally “Landing A House” on The Witch of the East, then why did she steal her Ruby Slippers from her dead body, huh?  Those fake tears of hers didn't last long when she saw how pretty they looked on her feet! 

    Now when we get to the story of the Wicked Witch Of The West, People might say that she was stalking Dorothy, but all she wanted from her, was the slippers she stole from her dead sister’s body!  I don't think that was too much to ask for.  Dorothy claimed to want to get back to Kansas as fast as she could, but we all know why:  To avoid prosecution for Murder and Theft of Property!  I would want to leave as fast as I could too, if I were a Murdering Thief!  So she gets a bunch of hooligan friends to go to Oz for a quick escape, but that bum ruler of Oz demanded they rob the broomstick from the poor "Wicked Witch Of The West!" and kill her as payment to help them escape.  That bum picked the right girl for the job, since she has no problems stealing objects from people she murders anyway!

    Our story continues when the Evil Girl travels to the poor Wicked Witch of the West Castle, to carry out her plan of Murder, and Robbery!  She deliberately trespassed on the Witches property even though there was a clear posted sign that warned those Hooligans “Witches Castle 1 mile away, I’d turn back if I were you!”  but Dorothy and her Blood Thirsty Gang deliberately, and with Malice,  Trespassed on the poor Witches castle, with the intent to commit 3 crimes: Trespassing, Murder, and Robbery.  After they Murdered the poor Wicked Witch of the West, they were going to steal her broomstick from her dead hands!  Need I say more?

    Thankfully The Wicked Witch found out about their Evil plan before they arrived, and sent her helpers to gently bring the trespassing Dorothy back to her castle.  The amazing thing about the Wicked Witch generosity and kindness, was that she was planning to forgive Dorothy from her Evil Crimes.  As long as she agreed to return the shoes she stole from her Dead Sisters Body, but the Evil Dorothy played a trick on the poor Witch, and tried to electrocute her when she was retrieving her sister’s slippers.  Now that is Attempted Murder my friends!  "Oh my I didn't know my slippers was going to do that to you, just as I didn't know the house was going to fall on your dead sister's body!!!"  I remember Dorothy's Evil Hideous Laugh as she taunted our poor Witch on that dreadful day!

    Since her Evil Electrocution plan failed, Dorothy used water to melt our poor wicked Witch right to the ground!  Did you see any tears shed right after that Horrible Murder?  NO!  She forcefully took the broomstick from what was left of her melted dead hand and bragged to the Wizard Of Oz how horribly they butchered her!  The facts are clear my friend, Dorothy was a Serial Killer!  She committed 2 murders, 2 robberies,  from 2 different dead bodies she killed, and bragged about it to anyone she met!

  I cry every time I see how she gotten away with such horrible crimes, so now that you know the real story of the Witches demise, spread this word around, and demand justice be served, to such an evil little girl and her Hooligan friends! 

    P.S. If you see any falling houses around, with dead people underneath, and missing shoes from their dead bodies, it is a clear sign that the evil girl is back! :)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1473460