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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1473509
Fictional First Person Story about a boy named Ruro. Chapter two part two.
The little Demon King had left soon and granddad had went to sleep. My parents were out of town for this week so the only one who was awake was me and my brother. My brother was older than me and granddad thought he was to be the next priest of Terato. My older brother, Aizawa, was mad at me, and I was mad at him. We used to get along each other fine, but it is different when it comes to our family tradition matters. Aizawa is a little obssessed with this, and I don't care, actually, I would probably say I would be better off without our family tradition matters.
Aizawa was mad at me because he wasn't chosen by Soul Brigade. And I was mad at him for Soul Brigade choosing me! If only he didn't look like an idiot! He and I were good brothers but never were alike, he was a bookworm, I was a wild one ever since I was a child, I needed an action to live in. Well, even though it seems that he is very weak, he was strong, whenever he and I fight, it would be a tie. I had nothing better to do so I went to take a bath, something I rarely do. I was wondering something, aren't demon kings supposed to be tough? I mean if Nagaro actually was the demon king who took another persons body that is small, shouldn't she still be tough? I mean... what about when she had tears because I called her small? I was wondering this for ten minutes and couldn't find anything so decided to forget it. I finished and walked out, I saw Aizawa standing outside as he was training for once. I sat down and watched him. Aizawa was training his punches and kicks that granddad taught him, we both knew that his skill didn't match granddads but still, he worked hard. He stopped training after a while then looked at me, "Want to spar?" He asked me, I haven't sparred him for so long, in excitement I stood up.
"Hell yeah," I said, jumped outside and stood in front of Aizawa, "No dirty tricks," I said.
Aizawa moved first as usual, his speed was amazing, regular persons eyes couldn't follow him, but I wasn't normal, I knew where he was coming when he swung his kick and I blocked his kick with my arm. I pushed him away then jumped and swung my left arm. I punched Aizawa on the face, he kicked me in the stomach. We both flew about a meter away and stood up immediately, "You've gotten better Aizawa!" I yelled, smiling.
Aizawa also smiled, "You too, I never thought you get to hit me so early, it was me who hits you first," He said, then his smile dissapeared and he spat on the ground, "Now for real," He said, he once again ran toward me with another kick.
I was surprised when his speed was faster than before, I nearly got hit by it and then I tried to kick him again, but he soon blocked my kick with his hand, then he twisted his wrist and my body flipped and when my body was in mid air, he kicked me once more. It was the old mans twisting phoenix! Did he teach Aizawa that?! I stood up slowly, "You know what? You've gotten too good," I said, I then smiled, "Old mans moves," I kept my smile, then ran toward my brother, screaming, with my fist, I swung it.
Aizawa simply ducked then he stepped toward me a little closer, then punched upward, once again I got hit, and Aizawa side kicked me on the chest. I was getting pissed off now, I stood up again, and anger took over me. Both of my arms were now covered in circling wind, I ran again, swinging my fist toward Aizawa.
Aizawa laughed a little, "You know it won't work," He said, going to do twisting phoenix again, he grabbed my fist, but this time, he failed. Suddenly, his sleeves were starting to get torn off by the wind, giving scratches all over his hands and arms, he let go of my fist, "What the hell was that?" He asked me.
I was surprised too, sure, this wind cycling thing had happened once in a while but they never did like this, but I knew that there are many questions that are to be answered soon or never, so I took beating my brother as in priority and swung my fist again.
This time, Aizawa didn't try to do twisting phoenix. He jumped and landed behind me, grabbing my shoulder, he knee kicked me to the back, then flipped me over, and smiled, "Still, I'm able to defeat you," He told me. I really hated that about him, always smiling whenever he's better at me, it was as if he was laughing at me, and I don't like being laughed at.
I started to hear the eerie voice again, shut up, I told the voice, just shut the hell up! I thought, and hoped that the voice will hear that. Maybe it did because the voice suddenly stopped, but just went worse, my left eye started to see something else, while my right eye was looking at Aizawa. It was a strange view, something that will make your head very dizzy. I soon felt the sword again in my hand. It was starting to annoy me a lot, when I say dismiss it should be just gone! Aizawa looked at the sword and then looked back at me, "Is that... the Soul Brigade?' He asked me, It seemed like he was interested in it... a lot.
"I-I think it is," I said in pain, I then swung my sword at Aizawa, "Wha-?!" I yelled, when I swung my sword at Aizawa, I didn't do it. Well I did but, it seemed as if my arms were moving on my own, swinging at Aizawa.
Aizawa simply ducked to dodge my sword and looked at me, "Pathetic, you are who the soul brigade chose? You can't even control Soul Brigade!" Aizawa looked very pissed off now, "Why did he choose you over me?!"
I seriously want to know that, why DID he choose me over my brother? It would've been way much easier.
Aizawa then once again jumped and landed before me, and my arms moved by itself to attack Aizawa. Aizawa kicked the sword fast as it got knocked off of my hand, but my fist hit Aizawas face, making another wind strike on Aizawa, scratches on his face. At the same time, Aizawa punched my face, we were both hurt and fell down on the ground, once again it was a tie, but I felt like as if I just lost.
My brother soon told me to go to bed so I can go to school tomorrow, hell, if he wanted me to go to school, why'd he have to mess with my face? I had a bandage around my nose because there were some damage to it and Aizawa had band-aids all around his arms and face. We then went to sleep.
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