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Rated: E · Monologue · Comedy · #1473512
A logomanical sketch-comedy monologue for the stage.
*originally intended to be performed with corresponding images projected behind the speaker*

1.) Procure one sizeable blunt instrument.  With pronounced intensity, repeatedly introduce said manually-conducted bludgeonly medium against impertinent electronic calculatory entity.

NOTE: The following hypothetical course of action may, in fact, be undertaken without any prerequisite disfigurement of the impertinent electronic calculatory entity.  However, while the forthcoming hypothetical succession may indeed be readily interchangeable chronologically with the assertive remonstrations above, the probability of potentially incriminating pedestrian casualties compounds exponentially in proportion to the numerical extent of any structural bifurcation exacted upon the disrespectfully belligerent gadgetry-in-question.  Consequently, a nocturnal implementation of the following hypothetical course of action is advisable.

2.) Determine an architectural constitution possessed of exceptional vertical distinction.  The exploitation of stairs, elevator, or any other analogous form of upward motivation will no doubt significantly escalate logistical efficiency.  Any endeavors in exterior ascension are precarious at best, and shall henceforth be firmly discouraged.  Once corporeally acquainted with the uppermost altitudinal division, verily having thus encountered the antiproximate culmination of such an atmospheric edificiality, judiciously maneuver said silicon den of digital discontent across nearest berm of the aforementioned building beneath.

3.) Release.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1473512-Postmodern-PC-Repair