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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Family · #1473557
Fictional First Person story about a boy named Ruro Chapter two part three.
It was late midnight when I woke up, my body was in pain. I looked around my room, it was very dark. I sat down and looked outside. I didn't expect to see anyone but there were groups of people outside, they were wearing a black cape with silver necklaces. I didn't like this, they were just too strange. People don't come to our temple at mid night, and I'm sure not too many people likes to wear black cape during summer, so who are they?
I went outside and hid behind a wall to see what they were doing. Soon, they stopped talking and looked at our temple. Few of them laughed. They lifted their hands, all of them, their hands were starting to get covered up by fire. I soon realized that they were going to destroy the temple. What are they? Why are they aiming for our temple?! Without thinking, I resummoned my sword, grabbing it firmly, and swung it toward the people.
Two of them looked my way, they swung their hand toward me and the fire shot towards me. I swung my right arm to create another cycling wind, but soon realized that it only made it worse, the fire had increased further more, and It almost hit me.
The two was laughing louder now, they took their hood off as I saw their face, it was like a zombie like faces and I grabbed my sword, trying to hit them. The two dissapeared and appeared in front of me, they were smiling, "Slow," The two said at the same time, then they thrusted their hands and went through my chest.
I thought I was going to die. I closed my eyes for a second then opened them again. I was somewhere else it was where I met the guy... Soul Brigade? I looked around and spotted Soul Brigade, "What do you want?" I asked him.
"Like your brother said, you really are pathetic," He said, "You can't even use my power correctly, you are a waste," He sighed, "Why did they have to choose the new wielder for me," He shook his head, "Alright kiddo, it would be a shame for me to lose a wielder in two days so... I will give you two options,"
"Two options?" I asked, "What are they?" I somehow knew that he had a way to let me survive.
"Really simple, one, I take over your body, or two, you refuse and die," He said smiling.
"Take my body over...? Is that even possible?" I asked him with a doubt.
"Of course, it is very simple for spiritual weapons to take over their wielders minds, it's just that they need their cooperation,"
"What do you mean you need my cooperation?" I asked him, I was confused.
"I can take over your body without your cooperation but only for a second, because if you have a disagreement of me taking over your body, I would be simply rejected from the body," He said, "So which one do you choose?"
I smiled a little, "What do you think? I need to live, it's too early to die, I choose the first one," I chose without hesitation.
Soul Brigade laughed, "Maybe you ain't so bad!" He laughed, then landed his hand on my head, "You are going to be concious but... you will not be able to move your body, I am," He said, then a weird force pushed me backwards and he dissapeared.
It seemed that my view when Soul Brigade takes over my body is same as his, because I could clearly see my hands and such but I wasn't able to move them. The zombie like beings looked at me, the two jumped at me, but without knowing it, Soul Brigade easily killed the zombies. He was laughing like a maniac now.
After burning the first part of our temple, the people in cloaks looked at us, "Well well, Soul Brigade, haven't seen you for a while," One of them said, "Well, don't you look as happy as ever," The guy who was speaking slowly took off his hood, this guys face seemed somewhat normal. He had golden long hair, and a bandanna that covered his top half of the face, "Zachriel Greenswell," He said, now I understood that he was a foreigner, but his Japanese is really good.
Soul Brigade smiled, "Zachriel, I remember that name, a year ago, you were the one who betrayed the demon king to regain destruction among humans and demons wern't you?" He said.
Wait... breaking peace with humans and demons... wasn't that something granddad and Nagaro said? I was wondering when I was interrupted with sudden laughter.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Zachriel laughed, "That was me! That demon king was really pathetic! He tried to put peace between us, when it' s relationship of predator and prey!" He was yelling, "Well, what are you going to do? This is OUR dimmension, our domain, our territory now, you cannot overcome others dimmension now can you?" He asked his wide smile never gone.
"That isn't my problem," Soul Brigade said, "What you should be worried about is that this still IS a dimmension, forget WHOs dimmension, just that it IS a dimmension," Soul Brigade tried to explain, but he was horrible at it.
"What do you mean Brigade?" Zachriel asked, Soul Brigade slowly pointed at something. The people in black cape looked at where Soul Brigade was pointing at, only soon did I see a figure. A small figure, with a pony tail.

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