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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1473576
Fictional First Person story about a boy named Ruro. Chapter Three Part One.
         I looked at Nagaro surprised, “Nagaro? What is she doing here?” I asked, but I don’t think anyone could’ve heard me.
         Nagaro didn’t look too much happy to me, she didn’t have her usual ponytail but a straight hair, it seemed like she came here in a hurry, “Well, well, well, look who we found!” She said, appearing in middle of the black coat men, she took out five of them in seconds, now three left, “Now three left,” She said.
         Zachriel looked at Nagaro, keeping his smile, “You aren’t that bright are you?” He asked, “Daniel, Raphael,” He said, it seemed to be the name of the two standing, “Kill her,” He told the two.
         The black coat man who’s name is Daniel was another Caucasian man with green hair and red eyes. He had a silver necklace with a blue dragon symbol on it. The other man in black coat named Raphael, was an African with a Mohawk. He also had a silver necklace with a dragon but the dragon was red. The two minion of Zachriel, stood in front of Nagaro, they seemed to be a lot bigger when they stand next to Nagaro.
         That wasn’t going to happen was it? Enemies standing next to each other, that’s not going to happen, because a second later, a big fight just begun. Raphael and Daniel grabbed their dragon on the necklace as their hands shined. Slowly moving their hands away, both of them suddenly summoned spears, blue and a red one. Daniel made a first move, swinging his spears as he struck downward, the wind stroke downward. Then came Raphael, he spiked his spears toward Nagaro as fire spewing from the tip, Nagaro looked at the two, she quietly whispered a word to herself, she ducked, stepped forward, then punched forward, wait a minute! That punch stance is what my brother made! Before Nagaro punched Daniel, wind rose upward like a fist, then before she landed a punch on him, the wind did, flying Daniel up five meters. And when Daniel fell, Nagaros fist had struck Daniel.
         Raphael swung his spear again, trying to hit Nagaro with his fire slash, he kept on making fire slashes. Nagaro jumped and jumped again until she landed before Raphael. She was about to hit Raphael’s neck but she stopped as Daniel appeared behind her, swinging his spear again.
         Nagaro tried to block Daniels attack, and when she did, Raphael swung his spear toward Nagaro, both of them smiling. Nagaro lifted her hand and whispered something, then water rose from the ground, making a shield, and putting off the fire.
         Zachriel was watching the three fight, “The little girl is good,” He said, “I never expected her to be this strong,”
         Soul Brigade appeared in front of Zachriel, “You didn’t forget about me did you?” He asked Zachriel.
         “Oh no, no, you’re not forgotten my friend,” He said, making another evil smile.
         Soul Brigade suddenly fell down on the ground on his knees, Zachriel’s smile grew bigger, “Didn’t I tell you? This is my dimension, and it’s not just my dimension, it’s my territory, and that’s my ability,” He said, then kicked Soul Brigade.
         Even though I didn’t feel the pain, I still saw what he was doing to Soul Brigade and to my face… he was kicking me! How dare he! If I just get out of here-
         I blinked once and found myself back in my body. Zachriel went for another kick in my face, and even though I knew I couldn’t move I tried to, and blocked it. I was able to move. Zachriel looked at me surprised, Zachriel moved back, “No! Soul Brigade! You cheap bastard! How could you turn back into soul mode and give the human back his mode?” He yelled, and soon did I realize that his abilities didn’t work on humans.
         I smiled a little, “I guess you are powerless then,” I said, “Soul Brigade,” I whispered, grabbing my sword, I lifted my sword at Zachriel, “Now how much time did you kick my face again?”
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1473576-Black-Soul-Chapter-Three-Part-One