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Rated: 13+ · Other · Fantasy · #1473663
Lili, just a young girl wandering the universe. She loved planets.
Lili came into our universe from someplace else. At first, she was cruel, but she hadn’t known it. She’d wandered around snatching anything and everything that came within reach.

Planets like Earth were merely tasty candies. Jupiter sized worlds made nice volley balls. Or rather large hamburgers.

On the scale of humans, Lili was a potential cosmic disaster half a million miles tall.

One day, months after coming to our universe, a race managed to make contact with the intruder who had the appearance of a young human female. The Dysonians were billions of years old and lived inside a sphere a hundred million miles across. The Dysonians gave her the power to hear radio waves and understand everything she heard.

It took a long time, but Lili learned everything they knew. Then she decided to go exploring. Lili knew she was twelve when she got here. She was probably thirteen now.
Time passed differently on an Earthly scale. When Lili arrived, humans were still savages. Lili talked to the Dysonians for all of recorded history and reached the Milky Way as humans reached the next star. When Lili got to our little section of the galaxy humans were on a hundred planets.

Lili hated it when people fought, so she was really mad when she saw two planets firing at each other. She yelled at them to stop. Then they both turned on her! One fired at Lili’s leg, and it actually hurt. Lili swung her hand as hard as she could and slapped it. The planet went flying and crashed into the nearby star. “Two points!” Lili celebrated.

While she was distracted the other planet, quite a bit smaller, fired at her chest. Lili spun her head around, she’d felt the heat near her heart. Her top smoked a little, but enough that Lili smelled it. She clapped her hands together with it between them, and it crumbled to pieces. Lili licked all the crumbs off her hands. It was quite delicious. That was when Lili decided she wouldn’t let any of the tiny creatures fight “I am Lili! All of you belong to ME! I am your Goddess!!” she declared “I’ll just eat anyone that’s at war!!!” The message tore across the cosmos.

“So they refuse to surrender!” The Tyrant of Earth commented “Very well, General, send in our ships!”

Lili heard it. She stormed off in the direction of the message and sent one of her own. “You little twit! I’m warning you! You better not or you’ll regret it!!”

“Hahaha!” the Tyrant laughed. A child had appeared on his monitor. No little girl could threaten him. “Be silent child. This is none of your business.”

Lili was just outside the Solar System when she sent her final message. It was very short “Give up or die!” she demanded.

“This is no longer funny.” The Tyrant said, coldly. “I will locate you. Then torture you. Then your parents. They will die. And then you will.”

Lili zeroed in on the offensive planet. She planned to crush it completely.

“Please don’t hurt us!” came a pleading transmission. “We’ll put our former ruler in a ship! Send him to you! We’re sorry!!”

Lili heard the message just as her hand seized the planet. It was prettier than most and it felt very soft. It was probably juicy. Her stomach grumbled. Using her fingers, Lili rolled the planet from her palm and onto her thumb. Then she pinched it in place.

“Just ten minutes!” the spokesman begged.

Lili didn’t care any more. All the little swirling patterns and dark blue juiciness made her mouth water. “I’ll just take one lick.” She promised herself. Lili’s tongue came out and she took the one lick. It was both sweet and tart. It was good. It was very good. It was delicious.

“MERCY!!!” Earth yelled.

Lili tilted her head to the side and watched liquid drip from her forefinger. She no longer heard the screams. She tightened her thumb and forefinger and squeezed out another drop of liquid. This one rolled down Lili’s thumb, continued to her wrist and traveled about half way down her arm before stopping. Her breath caught in her chest. Lili liked it.

On Earth there were mile high tsunamis and off the scale quakes.

“Its not like anyone would stop me.” Lili said to herself. “And it tastes soooo gooood. One more lick and I’ll put it back” She was really tempted to just pop it into her mouth.

No more messages could be beamed into space from the devastated planet. Where there was power, there were no radios. Where there were radios, there was no power.

After two licks of the tasty marble Lili calmed down enough to listen for another message. She waited for a couple of minutes. While she was waiting Lili toyed with the planet. She rolled it around, using her finger to push it around on her thumb. “Last chance!” she warned.

“The Tyrant’s dead!” one small radio announced. But it was too weak.

Finally, Lili shrugged. “Too, late.” she said. One last time, she Lili looked over her treat. Then she lowered it to her mouth, which was if anything, watering more than before. Her belly rumbled and she wrapped her free arm around her middle. This time she wouldn’t be satisfied with a mere lick. Nothing less than having it in her mouth and then sliding down her throat would satisfy Lili’s desire.

Lili opened her mouth, and her tongue came out. But, it wasn’t for a lick. This time Lili would flatten her tongue, and put the Earth on it. Then she would pull it back and the candy-sized planet would disappear between her lips.

Then…………..…It would be……….

The End
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