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A boy gets transported to a world where everything is toy sized, including the people.
Dal was walking home from a soccer game. Sadly, his team lost. He felt bad, his head was drooping and he wasn't watching where he ws going. He suddenly noticed a strange blue light in the sidewalk. Dal's foot landed on the blue glow before he could stop himself. He felt himself fall and everything went black for a moment.

Eric woke up early, but his parents had already left. As usual. The sun was already up, he looked at his clock---06:48---it flashed. He rolled over and tried to sleep. He looked back again ---07:05---this time. "Arrgh! I'm bored!" he complained. Eric hit his intercomm and called for the nanny.

It beeped at him "Eric this is Mrs. Greene" the message said "I went to the store. I'll be back by 9:00. Breakfast is in the mic. Set it for two minutes."

Eric put his favorite pair of red shorts, his robe and made his way to the kitchen. He turned on the mic and poured a glass of milk. After he ate, Eric picked up the milk and headed for the front door. His parents were rich, so he could walk around outside and barely see another house. He was just looking around when he spotted something moving. From the distance it looked like a walking tree. But that was impossible. Curious, he walked a bit, trying to get a better look.

Dal stood up, cursing himself for not watching where he was going. "Now where's my ball?" he wondered. Dal looked around and quickly realized he wasn't where he was before. Things looked strange. Dal explored a little and discovered a street sign. He thought it was odd that it only came up to his waist. 'BANGOR 10 MILES' it read.

He walked a little bit on the strange tiny road before coming across another sign. This one was smaller and harder to read, so he bent the stick it was attached to. This one said 'GARAGE SALE ---TURN RIGHT HERE
---THEN GO 2 MILES--- That was definitely closer, and Dal was feeling really lost. He followed the sign, hoping someone would tell him how to get home. Dal only walked for a minute or two when he spotted a house all by itself. He decided to knock for help there. He got just two steps when he tripped over something. His sock was caught on what looked like a tiny fence. This day was getting really weird. He ran by some trees that only reached his waist.

Dal knew he was close to the house, but it didn't look any bigger "It must be a model" he decided, stepping over a tiny gate that reached his knees. He saw a toy car so he sat down and picked it up. There wasn't a window, so he reaching in and played with the steering wheel. He was surprised when the tires turned. "Cool!" he exclaimed "Its almost like real! I gotta see that house."

With that, Dal stood up again. He had practically forgotten he was lost. Dal saw what looked like a person standing near the little house and started to run toward it.

Eric saw the giant form approach, then it began running. He froze for a moment, then he ran for his house. He looked over his shoulder and saw a giant black boy chasing him. He tripped and fell.

Eric looked up and saw a hand approaching, it blocked out the sun. He scrambled to his feet and started running again. He heard what sounded like a giggle, but he couldn't imagine anything funny. Eric reached the door and turned to close it. In that second that he stopped the hand reached him, grabbing his lose belt and Eric felt a tug. He pulled off his robe and ran for the stairs.

Dal was so surprised when what he thought was a doll actually started running, he sped up determined to catch it. He got close enough to realize it was a real little boy about his own age, maybe 10 or 11. The little person fell and Dal knelt down to grab him. But his fist closed around empty air.

Dal couldn't help but giggle as he watched the boy scramble away. As the little boy reached the door, Dal tried again. His fingers got caught in the robe, so he yanked on it. The little boy swayed and almost fell into Dal's grip but at the last moment he twisted away, leaving his tiny robe laying on Dal's fingers. "H-hey" Dal said, amused and curious.

He looked in the window of the little house and saw the little boy running up the stairs. "Come on out" Dal said in a begging tone "I just wanna talk to you" Dal saw him stop about half way up and turn around. He smiled at the blond-haired boy. He saw him shake his head and start running again. Dal decided that he was being teased and became very determined to catch him.

Eric heard the huge black boy ask him to come out. He turned to see most of the front window filled with the giant face. The hand was still in the door. He was terrified to see his robe dangling from the huge black fingers. The way they wiggled made him imagine how they almost caught him. Eric couldn't help but cringe. He turned and ran for his parents' room.

Eric slammed the door, grabbed the phone and dialed 911. "HELP!" he screamed

"What's the emergency?" the operator answered.

"T-there's a-a- g-g-giant chasing me!" Eric yelled. "CALL THE ARMY!!!"

"We're tracing this call" came an annoyed voice "Little boys could go to jail for making false emergencies"

"I'M SERIOUS!!" Eric screamed again. That's when he first felt footsteps then saw something stop at the window. The bottom part was white and the top part was blue. The phone was close to the window. Eric looked down and saw legs. When he looked back up, the blue was rushing past and before he knew it he was looking at the giant's face.

"Hi!" the giant said

It terrified Eric. He dropped the phone and ran, again.

Dal walked around the house. He wrapped his hand around one of the columns and just played with it for a minute, trying to guess where the little boy ran to. He heard a door slam and his head snapped around. He got up and started toward the noise. He ran his hand along the roof as he walked, enjoying the feel of it.

For a moment, Dal wasn't sure which way to go, then he heard screaming. Dal stopped in front of the largest set of windows and looked down. He saw the little boy through it. He was right next to the window and Dal was sure the window was big enough to get his hand through to grab him.

Dal got to his knees, he grinned widely when he saw the tiny boy looking right at him. "Hi!" Dal said in a friendly tone.

One of his hands crept up the side of the house. Dal pushed on the window, but it didn't open at first. He watched the little boy drop the phone, climb over the bed and grab the door.

Dal jumped up and pushed. The door-sized window broke and his whole arm invaded the bedroom. But once again he missed.

Eric got out of his parents' room just as he heard glass shatter. A hand followed him into the hall and pushed him. Eric fell over and landed flat on his back.

The hand was right above him, Eric froze in fear. Terrified that it would just grab him. It reached to one side, then the other. The smallest finger, which was still the size of his arm, nearly found Eric twice. First, nearly hitting his foot, then as the hand swung around, it almost touched Eric's chest. Then, the hand lunged forward. It ended up grabbing the handrail. When the hand opened big pieces of the rail crashed into the living room.

Eric took the chance and rolled away, ending up in the bathroom. There were no big windows in here. Just a small one in the wall to let the sun shine in and the skylight in the roof. Eric caught his breath, then felt a desperate need to pee. He stood at the toilet and started "Ohhh!!! That feels good!" he sighed.

Eric was just finishing when the walls creaked. There was a loud ripping noise above Eric. Dust and small rocks fell on him. Then he heard the giant's laugh again. The monster was looking down on him. Eric picked up a rock and threw it at the huge face. It didn't reach. The giant laughed, but Eric felt fairly safe.

Dal couldn't see the little boy when he was in the hallway. But he knew he hadn't gotten far. Dal reached one way, then the other 'Darn! Nothing' he thought. Then he stretched as far as he could and grabbed the first thing he felt. Dal realized it was just the banister. Dal never realized that all he needed to do was put his hand down

He pulled back and stood up. Once again Dal couldn't help playing with the, to him, toy house. And that is how he started thinking of the little boy. Dal was flicking at the roof, popping shingles off it, trying to decide where the boy was when he heard the sound of a steady stream of pee hitting water. Dal headed straight for the sound, he grinned when he saw the skylight "I've gotcha now, toy boy" he said.

Dal climbed on the house, and pulled himself up. Then he grabbed the skylight and ripped it from the roof. It left a hole that he could look down. He pulled himself forward. The little rock couldn't possibly hurt Dal, it didn't even reach him. Dal laughed "Hi again, little boy" he said, looking though the hole in the roof "Hehehe, you might want to pull your shorts up" and Dal laughed as he watched him struggle with them.

Dal grabbed a handful of the roof and ripped it apart. But even as he reached down he saw Eric make another escape. It wasn't even close this time.

Eric was so embarrassed when the giant told him that his shorts were still down that he almost fell pulling them up. He looked up again and saw fingers inside the roof. 'No way he can get me here' Eric thought. But the giant pulled the roof apart as easily as Eric could open a plastic lid.

Eric figured he could try to get outside and hide in the forest. If he got out of the house then maybe the giant wouldn't be able to find him and eventually leave. He ran down the stairs, out the back door, pulled open the patio door and started running. Unfortunately, he ran right into the giant's leg. Eric managed to get back into the house before he got caught.

Eric stopped in the kitchen to think 'Maybe he'll leave if I hide in the basement' he decided "One quick peak" Eric said, as he nervously peaked out the kitchen window.

"Iiiiii seee youuuuu" the giant said.

Eric squeaked, backed away from the window and ran out of the kitchen. He was running through the kitchen when the oversized windows burst open, followed by a hand. Eric saw it and tried to avoid it. His legs and arms spun wildly, but his momentum carried him, helplessly. Eric crashed face first into the open palm. Eric tried to push away, but the giant's fingers closed around him. He squirmed and twisted, but all he managed to do was turn in the hand.

Eric felt the fingers open slightly, but the giant was just adjusting his grip. "AAAAAAHH!!!" Eric screamed as the giant lifted him Out The Window.

Dal saw 'toy boy' escape from the bathroom. He walked, slowly and quietly, around the house listening for any clue as to where he might be. Dal felt something bump his leg, but he was so surprised that he completely missed his chance. The door slammed shut before his hand got near it.

Dal could see him in the kitchen, right through the patio screens. When he ducked out of sight Dal just waited, he knew what was coming "Iiiiii seee youuuuu" he said, knowing it would scare the daylights out of him. Dal watched for a moment to see where he was running. Then, knowing that he had to run by another big window, Dal covered the distance in three quick steps and sat down.

Dal could see his toy coming, his hand twitched but he waited until he was sure of a fast grab. He leaned forward and pushed. The window flew open and he saw his new plaything run right into his waiting hand. Dal couldn't be happier. "Cool, a little tiny boy I can keep," said the giant Black boy, reaching in the window of the house....He said it to make sure the little boy knew who was in charge. Dal, felt him struggle more after he said it, but that was fine. He liked how the little boy felt in his hand. He lifted his hand, bringing the boy along.

Dal's hand brought the boy Out The Window. His excitement rose as he brought his toy closer."You're my new toy" Dal said. He laughed at the expression on the boy's tiny face and the way the little arms and legs waved around.


For a moment Dal just stared at the little boy. Until this moment, he hadn’t quite believed it. But, actually holding him made it real. “How did you get so small?” he asked.

“PUT ME DOWN YOU GIANT!” Eric yelled back, but that only made the giant smile. He struggled and squirmed, but it didn’t help. Soon Eric was breathing heavy. His arms sagged and they rested on the giant’s thumb. His tired legs just hung there

The little boy’s voice squeaked a bit, but Dal could hear him fine. “What’s your name?” he asked

“Please let me go” Eric begged. He slipped a bit and actually tightened his arms around the giant thumb. The giant didn’t seem to notice because the fingers didn’t move.

Dal shrugged when the little boy didn’t answer “If you don’t tell me your name, I’ll just call you toy boy” he said. Dal laughed at his joke.

“ERIC! ERIC!” he replied. No one would want to be called that. Eric saw the other hand approaching. The giant obviously wanted to touch him. Eric cringed and wriggled, but a finger approached his head. Just before it touched him, the giant suddenly sneezed. The hand sprung open and Eric landed on the ground. He ran for the only escape route open.

Dal recovered from his sneeze and realized his hand was empty. But, looking down, he spotted Eric immediately. Dal smiled at the escape attempt “Not this time” he said. Then he straightened his leg and Eric fell over his knee. He laughed when Eric punched his leg in frustration.

Eric pushed himself off the giant leg hoping to escape. He had barely gained his balance when a finger swept in and knocked him over. He landed, but not on the ground. Again, a giant hand wrapped around him. He felt that queasy feeling of being lifted again and once again the giant was studying him “S-s-s-o, who a-a-are you?” Eric asked, hoping the giant wasn’t angry at him. Eric yelped when he felt something grab his foot. The hand turned and Eric was laying in it.

“Hi Eric, I’m Dal” he said. He laughed at the tiny boy’s attempts to free his leg. “Where am I?” Dal asked.

Eric had a bit of hope at that “Put me down and I’ll tell you.” He offered. Eric felt himself being lowered. Soon the hand was on the ground and it opened. He tried to sit up.

“Ah-ah-ah” Dal said. Using one finger he pushed Eric back into his hand and pinned him there. “I want you to roll off my hand, all the way” he said. Dal lifted his finger and Eric tried to jump up again “No, no” Dal said again, playfully “Roll, slowly, all the way” Dal enjoyed the feeling so much that twice he curled his fingers and pushed Eric back, forcing him to do it again. By the third time Dal was laughing so hard that Eric managed to roll off.

Eric stood up, exhausted. He looked up to see the giant staring at him. The wide grin didn’t comfort Eric much. He turned around, looking for a way to escape. But Dal was sitting Indian style. He turned back to face the giant. A hand was moving toward him “No, please” Eric begged. He backed up with his hands up. The hand continued and Eric finally couldn’t back up anymore. “Umm…you’re in Maine” Eric said. The hand settled in the ground in front of him.

“Never heard of it” Dal replied “Do you know where Jibtown is?” Eric shook his head. Dal decided to think about it while he played with Eric some more. So he leaned forward and his hand inched closer to the little boy.

“Wait! Wait!!” Eric yelled, not wanting to be picked up again. “Maybe we can figure it out” he said “Which way did you come from?” Dal got up on his knees and looked around, then he pointed in the direction of Bangor. Eric almost ran, but the giant looked back too quickly. “Ok” Eric said, trying to look calm “Now it makes sense that if you go that way again, you’ll find your way home” Eric saw the huge black boy nod thoughtfully ‘If I can just get him to go and leave me here’ he hoped. “So…ahh…look Dal” he said “I’ll umm…just wait…here…that is...for my nanny to come back…er…good luck” Eric tried very hard not to move but he couldn’t help moving backward when a giant hand touched the ground near him.

Dal looked at the road again then as he tried to push himself up he saw Eric back away “Going somewhere, toy boy?” Dal asked. He laughed as Eric turned to run. He let him run, then he stood up and in just a few steps he was standing over him again. Dal sat and watched as Eric tried to climb over his leg, and when he almost succeeded Dal grabbed him by the ankle and lifted him, hanging upside down. “Give it up” Dal said “You’re my toy”

“NO!” Eric yelled “Let me go please” He was scared looking down at the ground. He looked up and noticed that the giant was dangling him by his ankle. “I’m not a toy!” he yelled

Dal smiled, that gave him a new idea “Yes you are” he said “And I want to hear you say it”

“No way!” Eric yelled. In response he saw a finger come at him. It poked him several times. Eric was sure he would fall, then it stopped “Never!!!” he yelled again “SOMEONE HELP ME!” The giant hand started moving and it seemed the whole world was spinning “Ok, ok stop” Eric pleaded “Alright fine, yes”

Dal grinned at his victory, but then he shook his head “Sorry little Eric, not good enough. I want you to say the whole thing.” But Eric turned defiant again and started shaking his head. “Ok then” Dal sighed “I guess I’ll have to convince you” he said. He lifted Eric as high as his arm would stretch then looked up, opened his mouth and started to lower him.

“AGGGHH!!” Eric screamed “Please NO!!” He didn’t think he’d ever seen teeth that white before. Just when he saw Dal lick his lips Eric yelled “STOPPP!!” The motion stopped and Dal reached up with his other hand to hold Eric around his waist again. The giant looked at him and waited. When Eric didn’t say anything the tongue came out again. “OK” Eric said “I’m your toy” he couldn’t help adding “Eww” Unfortunately Dal heard it.

Dal sighed, inwardly he laughed, hearing Eric say it gave him a huge sense of power. But this game was so much fun. “You didn’t convince me” he said “This time when you say it use both our names. That’ll make it official”

“Uh-uh” Eric said, shaking his head. Then the tongue came out again and the huge mouth got a lot closer “ALRIGHT!” Eric yelled. He sighed when the motion stopped. “Ok here goes” he groaned. “Eric is Dal’s toy”

Dal smiled, this was almost as much fun as the first chase. He giggled a bit then added a joke “I’d offer to shake hands with you, but you’re already in my hand” He tightened his hand just a bit, then he started touching Eric’s leg. Dal was amazed at how soft the skin felt. Then, he got a wonderful surprise when his finger slid up Eric’s side. The little boy squirmed against Dal’s finger and giggled. “Neeto” Dal said, and he continued to run his finger along Eric’s side. He stopped when it seemed Eric couldn’t take any more. “You deserve a rest” Dal said. He laid his hand on his leg and gently slid Eric onto it, face down. He could feel the heavy breathing against his thigh, so he softly stroked Eric’s back with his index finger. That was when Dal noticed how dark his skin was compared to his toy’s.

Eric was finally recovered after being tortured by the giant finger. At least he could breathe normally. “Look Dal” he said, sliding off the giant’s leg “This was fun and everything, but my nanny should be here any minute. You should really leave” He had used the same line last week on another kid. But, not Dal, the giant just picked him up again. This time Eric had to put up with giant fingers petting his head.

Dal thought about what he just heard “Hey Eric” he asked “Does she drive a cool toy car?”

“Ah…no” Eric replied, “She’s…umm…your size. And…err…she’ll be mad!”

Dal was too smart to fall for that “We’ll just wait and see” he said “I think I’ll soon have another toy. We’ll just stay behind the house. Then, he picked up Eric and walked back. He sat against the back of the house to wait.
Eric felt terrible, now. His idea to get the giant to leave had only led someone else into danger. He didn’t have much time to think about it, though. After the giant sat down, his newest game was to toss Eric from hand to hand. Eric heard the giant laughing, but he was afraid of being dropped.

“I heard something” Dal said, closing his left hand around Eric. He peeked around the side of the house to see an approaching car. “My size, huh?” he asked “We’ll just wait until she gets here. And then…hehehe” Dal felt the struggling of the doll-sized boy in his hand and looked down. “We’ll play more later” he said. Dal opened his hand, pinned Eric’s arms to his side and wrapped his fingers tightly around the little body.

Eric tried to resist, but his arms were no match for Dal’s huge fingers. They were trapped against the giant palm then the hand closed around him again. This time, he could barely move. His legs were still free but he was just kicking air. His attempts to move were completely useless. He felt the giant’s soft flesh give a little, but that was it.

Dal hardly noticed Eric’s struggles as he watched the approach of the car. Finally, it came to a stop. He waited until the woman got out of the car. She went to the back and opened the trunk. Dal tried to sneak up on the unsuspecting little woman, but he stepped on part of the collapsed roof.

“Run Mrs. Greene!” Eric yelled with all his might. From his position in Dal’s hand, Eric saw his nanny drop a gallon of milk splattering it all over the ground. He watched her throw open the car door and jump in. The car started moving and the giant started running. Each huge step rattled Eric. He could only hope she would get away.

Dal ran after the little car. Having already caught a little boy, he was very interested in also catching the woman. Plus, the toy car was really cool looking. The first car he saw on Eric’s property was interesting. But, now that he knew they weren’t just toys he just had to have one. The little car spun around, skidded and shot away. Dal, though, quickly caught up to it. He bent down over it and pressed his hand on the roof, stopping the little car cold. He sat beside it and admired it. He reached under it and lifted it to his face, trying to look at it from every angle. The struggles of his toy distracted him for a moment. He set the car down and turned his attention to Eric. “Having fun, toy boy?” he asked.

“Lemme go! Please!” Eric begged. All he got for his efforts, though, was an amused chuckle and another round of finger torture. His squirming and twisting only encouraged the giant to tickle him more. Dal tickled his thighs, probed his sides and poked his underarms. Suddenly, the fingers stopped their probing and the giant looked away. Eric heard the car engine race, and the tires screech. Eric’s eyes followed the noise and he gave a victory yell as he watched the car speed away. His happiness was short lived, though as the hand closed around him again.

Dal took a few running steps, then gave up chasing the car “Oh well” he said smiling at Eric “at least I still have one toy” He started walking. In the distance, he spotted another house “Hey little Eric, who lives there?” he asked.

“No” Eric sighed. He just didn’t have any fight left in him.

“Well, let’s go find out” Dal replied as he started off. While he was walking, he decided to have some more fun “You know, its your fault I lost that car” Dal said, menacingly. He flipped Eric over in his hand and flicked his backside. He giggled when the tiny boy yelped. “Have you ever had a wedgie?” he asked.

Eric struggled as hard as he could. He pushed at the giant hand and screamed “NOOO!!” Then he felt his pants stretch and he was lifted off the hand. He hung there, in front of the giant’s face. He put his hands down his pants and tried to pull at his underwear. He heard the giant laugh at his efforts. Everything spun suddenly and Eric noticed a strange red glow coming from the ground and everything went dark.

“YAAAHHHH!” Dal yelled as his foot came down on ---nothing and he fell.


Both boys woke up at about the same time. Eric woke up a little sooner. He was still in the giant’s hand, but since he was asleep, the fingers were loose around him and Eric managed to slip out from between them. Free, for the first time, Eric turned to run. He took ten steps and stopped. He had run straight to the edge of a cliff. He backed up a little and looked down. He leaned back dizzily.

Dal yawned and stretched, then opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was both his hands were empty. He looked around and spotted Eric looking at something. When the little boy backed up, Dal just set his hand right behind him and waited. Then when Eric leaned back, Dal just grabbed him. That was when Dal looked around. He was in a room that was his size. He was also in a bed his size. There was a chair in the room and a large mirror on the wall. “Well, I guess I’m back home, little boy” he said, addressing Eric “I can’t wait to show you to my friends”

“No! No! No!” Eric yelled. He, too, realized that things had changed. Everything was now huge to him. Dal must be right. One giant was too much for Eric. He didn’t want to think about a whole group of them.

Dal stood up, steadied himself, he was a little dizzy. Then went to the door. He tried to open it, but it was locked. “Hey, open up” he said, rapping on the door. He waited but there was no response, so he knocked harder and rattled the doorknob. “Please open up!” Dal yelled after a couple of minutes, then he banged as hard as he could on the unmoving door. Unthinkingly, he scratched his head with the same hand Eric was in. Realizing what he’d done, he laughed at the sensation “We’ll have to try that one again, toy boy” he said.

“STOP!” a voice boomed, startling both boys. “Why are you doing that?” it asked

Dal turned, first one way then the other “Open the door!” the black boy yelled back.

“Answer the question!” the voice demanded, and the walls rattled slightly. “What are you doing to that little boy?”

Dal stood up, at the same time closing his hand firmly around Eric “None of your business!” he replied “He’s mine! I found him!”

“Please!” Eric begged “I don’t wanna be a toy!”

“PUT HIM DOWN!” the voice boomed even louder than the first time.

Dal wrapped his other hand around Eric “Let me out!” he demanded.

In response, the whole room shook and Dal fell over onto the bed “You have been tested” the voice said.

“What does that mean?” Dal asked, still keeping his hands firmly around Eric.

The walls rattled again “Put the little person on the floor” was the reply.

The black boy shook his head “NO!” he yelled “I FOUND HIM FIRST!!” Dal was thrown on the floor by more shaking. Very reluctantly, Dal opened his hands.

“Thank you!” Eric called out as he moved away from the giant hands. He was too afraid to move away too fast.

The voice addressed Eric for the first time “Was he mean to you?” it asked.

“A –a little” Eric replied “H-h-he t-tr-treated me like a toy”

After a brief silence, the voice said “We have been watching you, Dal. We look for people like you. Eric, if you look to your left, there is a small doorway with a red glow. It will take you home.”

“Thank you!” Eric said, gratefully. He ran for the opening. The giant blocked his path, but another shaking of the walls and Dal moved his hand. Eric was at the door when he heard the voice again.


“Wait a moment, tiny one” the voice said “We thought you might enjoy watching this. Go ahead, Mandy!”

There was a giggle then a loud snap and a squeak coming from above. Both boys looked up to see the roof open. The face of a girl filled the hole.

“Oh, he’s so cute!” she said “Is he really all mine, daddy?”

“Of course he is, sweetie!” was the reply. Things were quiet, then the voice continued “Well go on darling, happy birthday”

It was all the encouragement the girl needed. She giggled again, then her hand entered from above.


Eric watched in total amazement as ‘giant’ Dal backed away from the approaching hand. He tripped over the chair and fell. Before Dal could stand, a thumb and finger closed on his shirt and lifted him out of the room. Through the hole, Eric could see another hand. It wrapped around Dal, then it disappeared. Eric heard a last faded giggle.

“Are you going to leave, tiny one?” the booming voice asked “Or would you like to stay?”

Eric didn’t need to think about it. He jumped into the red glow. Laughter followed him for a moment, then it was gone.

The End

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