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Barbi's a mega-giantess. But learns that size is relative when she becomes Vicki's toy.
Chapter 1

Victoria’s daddy was one of the richest businessmen on Tleraxia, their home planet. He was president of the company that built the most advanced spaceships. Vicki wasn’t a spoiled girl, though. She went to a regular school and had regular friends, but she took two extra classes. She also had a tutor for part of the weekend and during summer holidays. Vicki finished grade six in second place over all.

“I finished second, Daddy” she said when she got home, not quite certain of his reaction.

Marcus, a huge man, she hardly reached his chest, laid a gentle hand on her head and said “Victoria, you have done very well and made me very proud”

“R-re-real-y?” replied Vicki, still not looking up.

Marcus caressed her cheek and gently squeezed her arm “Yes, really, darling” he replied. Then, he lifted his daughter up until they were eye-to-eye and kissed her nose.

“Daddy!” exclaimed Vicki as her feet left the ground. It was their game. They both knew how much she loved the rush of going higher and higher. She just let her feet dangle freely and giggled.

Marcus’s hands encircled her waist, almost touching both front and back as he called to mind when she was a mere four years old.

“Up! Daddy! Up!” she had demanded stretching her arms widely.

Marcus gave a booming laugh and scooped her into the air “So, Victoria, why do you enjoy that so much?” he asked

“Make me feel like Barbi do!” baby Vicki had replied, giggling.

“Huh?” was Marcus’ confused reply

After more giggling Vicki explained “Ya know Daddy, like when I pick her up! Can I have a real one? Pleeeesee”

“We’ll see”

The Tleraxians were the biggest race they knew of. Very few even came close. The tallest non-Tleraxian Marcus had ever met wasn’t even as tall as Victoria. Most were much smaller and were often mistaken for toys by Tleraxian children. Sizes varied, but some races were small enough that they would easily fit into a child’s hand.
Long ago, the Tleraxians were met with terror. They recognized that, despite the size differences, if the smaller races all ganged up they would be destroyed. Agreements were made and war was avoided. Over thousands of years, all the worlds profited from tourism. Tleraxians visited special areas set aside for them. All equipped with buildings to peak into and other things like cars to amuse the Tleraxians. These areas were also populated with employees who were willing to be touched by people much larger than themselves. Children were very welcome to pick up any one they liked. Workers were taught ways to make it interesting. Sometimes they ran away, lots of kids liked to catch them during a chase. Other children would light up when a native would bump into them seemingly by accident and allow themselves to be caught. All Tleraxian area buildings were made to have walls that opened or roofs that popped up. Children loved that. Frequently, a napping Tleraxian would wake up to find that someone had climbed into their hand, or if it was one of the larger races a girl on a bench might find a native sitting in her lap like a baby. Or, a boy laying on the grass would awaken with someone laying across his chest like a teddybear. But Tleraxian parents were responsible for making sure their son or daughter didn’t make off with a native.

Tleraxian welcomed hundreds of ships a day. There were thousands visitors at any one time. The authorities gave each little visitor a way to contact them in case of trouble. He or she would be transported to safety. Some visitors wanted to pick a Tleraxian to stay with. There was always a crowd of children at the spaceport. The more adventurous tourist could choose a location. Schools were very popular. The most daring would ask for a random spot. Little people could stay for a few days, or permanently if they chose.

“What are you thinking about, Daddy?” asked Vicki

Marcus chuckled, he was still effortlessly holding her off the ground “I think you deserve a reward for this achievement” he announced “How about a little person”

“Ohhh! Yesyesyesyesyes!!!” the recent graduate enthused, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Marcus pretended to choke “Alright, alright” he wheezed “Lord, what a grip you got, little lady”

“Sorry” replied Vicki, blushing. “So can we go to the spaceport, then?”

“Actually, I was thinking we could take the ship and visit one of those little races.” Marcus offered “Would you like that?”

Victoria was absolutely thrilled with the idea. “Yippeee!!!” she yelped with joy.

“I’ll take that as a yes” Marcus teased “Have you ever thought of where?”

Knowing she was being teased, Vicki pretended to think about, saying “Oh, I don’t know…”

“Maybe where they’re about the size of your Barbi dolls” her father suggested.

Vicki shrugged “Ehh…maybe”

“Ever since you could talk you’ve always wanted to know what your dolls thought when you play with them” Marcus pointed out with a playful grin “Of course, I could always just call your tutors…if you---”

Vicki reacted predictably “BULL…” she yelled. Then, in a timid tone she added “err…feathers”

“Nice save, Victoria” Marcus said, not entirely hiding his amusement. He deliberately let go and she dropped to the floor.

The girl squealed as she fell and gave him a cross look

“Oh don’t give me that” Marcus chuckled. He playfully poked her shoulder and added “The sooner you get ready, the sooner we leave” He watched her scamper off to her room, and then contacted his company’s orbiting shipyard “Hi Al” he casually greeted the woman in charge “Thought I’d take my daughter on a …shall we say, little trip. Have someone rev up the prototype for me”

Every Tleraxian knew exactly what was meant when they said little trip that way. Alexandra grinned at the viewscreen. “Yes, sir. I’ll check it over myself” They both knew the order was already being carried out. She suddenly looked very nostalgic.
“What’s the look for, Al?” he asked

Sighing, the woman replied “Not much, just remembering my first little trip. Ever hear if Talgos VII?” Marcus shook his head “I was ten. They average about two feet…I don’t remember his name…But anyway…Talgosians have soft blue fur all over…and a tail. He looked so cute cruising in his little convertible. I just slid my foot in front and stopped him. He made this big surprised look and I just had to pick him up. I carried him around with me for all three days of our trip.”

“Victoria might like that story” replied Marcus “Meanwhile, Al, put me through to the transporter. The way she ran for her bedroom she’ll be out in no time”


When Barbi Met Vicki chap2

Far from Tleraxia, in fact, so far away the Tleraxians had no idea the galaxy existed, even with their most advanced technology. A world orbited in a star system with 9 planets, or was it 8. That world has 7 continents, or was it 6. Growing up on that world was a girl named Barbi.

Barbi had a tough life. She was kidnapped at 3, for ransom. Her parents paid the money, but the kidnappers abandoned her in the house. She was found days later. Her name was Barbara, but in her weakened condition she said Barbi. The police were unable to identify her as the kidnapped child, so she went to an orphanage.

The man who ran it was mean to all his charges and used them for personal gain. He rented them out to anyone who asked for $20 a day. He didn’t know, or care, what kind of work they did. The only rule he had was no beatings serious enough to need a doctor.

One day, when she was 10, Barbi’s luck changed for the better. A dignified old man with a camera strolled by the orphanage and took pictures of the kids. When he came back, a few days later, Barbi happened to be pulling weeds near the fence. “Hello there” he said kindly “What’s your name?”

Barbi drew back suspiciously and replied “What’s yours?”

“Ahh, yes, smart as a whip, you are” the man praised “Right, my name is Alastair” Barbi giggled “Yes, you Americans all find my name amusing” he observed, then he asked “Does that get me yours?”

“Sure” she shrugged “I’m Barbi”

Alastair chuckled “Seems I’m not the only one with a funny name” he teased.

“I guess” she replied “So, wha’d’ya want?” Barbi didn’t have much formal education but she was very streetwise.

Alastair found her bluntness wonderful “I was by a few days ago. Tell me, do you always work like this, here?”

“No” she replied “Lots of time, people give Mr. Huffnagle money. Then we work for them”

Alastair frowned at the injustice “Would you like to come with me, today, Barbi?” he asked

“Well, you don’t seem too bad” she replied after eyeing him up “Mr. Huffnagle usually lines some of us up. Don’t ask for me by name, or show too much interest me.”

He blinked at her, that was the third time in their short talk. “I can handle a simple negotiation, young lady” he scolded. Then he followed up with a wink. Barbi giggled. Less than an hour later they were getting into his car. Barbi was surprised that he only paid $45 to keep her for a week.

“You want me to clean?” she asked sounding disgruntled

“I’m messy, is that what you’re saying?” asked Alastair.

Barbi shrugged and replied “Well…err..yeah”

“To be honest, I agree” Alastair said jovially “And I certainly won’t refuse the help. But, first, you are going to have a proper meal. While its cooking, you can start with a sandwich”

Barbi devoured it hungrily, then noticing that he was staring at her she asked “What, something on my face?”

“No, I was studying you. I knew I was right, you will make a beautiful model.” He answered.

“No way!” she replied

Alastair laughed “You’re the first girl I’ve ever met who didn’t think so! Trust me, its my job. Come with me” He led her to the next room which was a fully equipped photographer’s studio.

“WOW!” exclaimed the awestruck Barbi “I don’t look anything like them” she added, pointing to a wall full of pictures.

“No” he admitted “At least, not now. But you can, if you want. You need to fatten up some. I’m no doctor, but you look half starved. After that we’ll get you exercising. I can almost promise you’ll be in magazines, maybe a few catalogues in time for Christmas. You could be rich before you’re 15.” Barbi frowned, not at all the reaction he was expecting.

She explained “I could hide a little money, but sooner or later Huffnagle will find it”

“No problem” Alastair replied “I’ll set up a bank account for you and I’ll put all your pay there”

Barbi nodded enthusiastically, stuck out her hand and said “DEAL!”

Three years to the day later, Alastair and a small group of other models were celebrating Barbi’s 13th birthday. Well, probably not really, but they’d just decided it would be. “I’ve got a surprise for you” he said, handing her a small package.

“My bankbook?” she asked, confused. It had been missing for a couple of weeks.

Alastair replied “Look at the last deposit”

“$2,307.76” she read, still not understanding.

“And the balance” he prodded.

Barbi’s eyes lit up, she jumped up and down, squealing with delight “I broke a hundred!! I broke a hundred!! I broke a hundred!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!”

“You’re welcome, sweetie” Alastair answered.

That day, Barbi didn’t watch any TV or read any news. So, she didn’t know about the strange occurrence in space. There had been a huge burst of light somewhere out past Pluto. It appeared to be an explosion, but it was quickly determined not to be. Based on the amount of light, if it had been all life on Earth could’ve been wiped out. But no shock wave came, scientists couldn’t explain it.
What could these two girls have to do with each other? One was the daughter of a fantastically wealthy man, on a little trip with her father. The other, a hard luck story who couldn’t remember a happy day before age 10. One was from a world so primitive that they didn’t even know life even existed on other planets. Whereas, the other girl was from a world where interstellar travel was easy and had friendly relations with hundreds of races. Finally, they lived almost literally on opposite sides of the universe.


When Barbi Met Vicki chap3

At the very same time Barbi was going to bed the night before her birthday, Victoria and Marcus transported up to his orbiting shipyard. They were met by Alexandra and led to a door marked R&D. That door led to a long corridor with dozens of doors on both sides. At the far end was a door that was painted red. On the door was a large neon lit sign with the words AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY Victoria froze as the door opened.

“What is it, Vicki?” the administrator asked.

Pointing to the sign, the young girl replied “I’m not authorized personnel, Al”

“Of course you are, baby” Marcus answered “You’re with the boss, after all”

Satisfied with that Victoria followed the adults. Inside was a small control room. The wall opposite the door had rows of equipment with screens being monitored by several technicians. Above the screens was a huge window that showed a relatively small ship. The girl wasn’t impressed “Looks rather old to me” she commented

“Nothing like a few holograms to trick the competition” her father observed “Why don’t you help me with the pre-flight check”

Victoria shrugged, uninterested “Nah” She liked astronomy. But she only really knew as much about ships as she did because of who her daddy was. Right now, she didn’t care much at all. She was only interested in getting to a world with little people she could play with. She pulled a Barbi doll out of her suitcase.

“All right then” Marcus answered. His daughter was obviously too distracted to be any help.

“I’ll stay with her, sir” Alexandra offered

Giving a little wink, he said “Thanks, Al”

Alexandra spent the next hour or so telling the boss’s daughter about her trips to various worlds. When Marcus appeared, Vicki was laughing merrily. She stopped when a technician appeared beside him and took his arm to help him walk. He was clearly in pain.

“What happened, Daddy?” she asked

Marcus made a half-laugh half-groan sound and answered “Nothing serious, angel. Careless with a toolbox. Dropped it. Think my foot’s broke”

“I can wait til another time” Vicki offered grabbing her father’s hand

“Nonsense” Marcus replied “the station hospital can fix me up in ten minutes” The fact was that he was just as eager for the trip as his daughter. In part, because he wanted his company’s latest creation its first real trip before it went into production. The other reason came from the travel agent he worked with. That was none of Victoria’s business, though.

“Everything is set, sir. Landing co-ordinates, guestroom assignment and park maps will be sent to you within the hour” the agent summed up.

Marcus nodded “Sounds good, thank you” he said and leaned forward to close the connection.

“I moment, if I may” the agent requested “Sir there are a number of enhancements available to make Victoria’s trip more enjoyable”

Marcus restrained himself from rolling his eyes “Such as?” he asked in an unwelcoming tone.

“Well, sir, the people of this world are completely Tleraxoid in appearance” the agent said.

Marcus frowned impatiently and said “I know that! It was the first thing I asked for!”

“Yes, sir, I realize that” the agent continued, undeterred “I merely wish to point out that means it’s very likely some of the little natives will actually look like us?

“Seems possible, so?” Marcus asked, slightly less testy.

The agent eagerly jumped into his pitch “Well does Victoria have a favorite celebrity? She might be interested in being able to pick up a miniature version of them. Or…perhaps…if you could provide a few pictures of her friends at school. The park might be able to arrange for an employee or two that resemble classmates to be…er…on hand, you might say.” He chuckled slightly at his own cleverness.

“Cute” Marcus replied, dryly. But, he couldn’t refrain from letting out a small laugh.

The agent grinned “Thanks, sir.” He said, with a slight bow.

“I presume there is a fee for this little service?” inquired Marcus.

The agent’s laugh was a bit loud “You’re quite witty yourself, sir”

“Never mind that” Marcus fired back, all business.

Sobering at once, the agent replied “Yessir”

“I’ll send you some pictures. But, before you charge anything extra, I expect to see shots of who you found” said Marcus.

The agent hesitated then said “There is a 50 gecu fee to cover the cost of the search”
GECU stands for Galactic Exchange and Currency Unit (Tleraxian money) There is no exchange rate between it and the Dollar, or any Earth currency. This is because a paper bill lying flat would still be taller than most houses and be a bit less than a mile long. Although, a 50 gecu coin probably has as much gold as is stored in Fort Knox.
“Not unreasonable” Marcus replied. That was when he remembered Alexandra’s story “I wonder, though, I heard a story that I think my daughter might like to have happen. Can something be set up?”

The agent smiled “Those are called scenario packages” he explained

“Huh?” asked a confused Marcus.

“You see, sir, every park on every planet has cameras. For security, obviously, but they’ve been recording the goings on for…well…always. All those images and …well…they know what kids enjoy the most” he explained.

Marcus nodded “Makes sense”

“So” the agent continued “Why don’t you tell me this story and I’ll see what we have”

Marcus relayed as much detail of Alexandra’s story as he remembered.

Scratching his chin, the agent said “Hmmm…not quite a match anywhere. That must’ve been a completely random encounter. Sounds like it was quite successful. Wait…here’s something! It’s called the Lonely Giant”

“OK” Marcus said “So, what happens?”

“Well, basically, your daughter’s movements would be monitored for a half hour or so. During that time she would only get brief glimpses of little people. Or she would see ones already being held by other kids. And then when she’s looking a bit disappointed, they send one of their employees right across her path.” The agent explained.

Marcus broke into a grin, picturing Victoria’s reaction “I can’t even pretend not to like it, you got me. He admitted.

“Sir has most excellent taste” the agent replied “Your daughter is a most fortunate young lady”

Marcus merely nodded at the shameless compliment “I’d like you to arrange that little scenario to star one of those mini look a likes”

“A fine idea, sir!” the agent replied excitedly, his commission kept going up “I hope you understand, sir, that might be a bit complicated to arrange and will be extra”

Marcus looked him square in the eye, guessed what he might ask for, then doubled it and added a bit more “Would 500 gecus cover it?” he asked

“It m-m-might” the agent squeaked as he fell into a coughing fit” He was caught and knew it.

Marcus thought ‘Bullseye’ but asked “Are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you, sorry about that. I…err…have a bit of a cold” the agent replied “Just two more questions, then, about your daughter”

“Alright” Marcus replied, curiously.

“Might Victoria want them to struggle or to just go quietly?” the agent asked.

“Good question, that” Marcus replied “Hmm ...let’s see …. Actually, a bit of both, I think. She’d probably enjoy a bit of squirming at first”

The agent nodded, absently, making a note. Then asked “Got it. Now, is there something she might say or do when she first---?”

“You don’t even have to finish that!” Marcus laughed “I can guarantee that as soon as my Victoria has a doll-sized person in her eager little hands, the first thing she’ll do is stand up as fast as she can. Then, she’ll want to know what it felt like. And then---”

“Forgive me, sir” the agent interrupted “It’s nice to have a starting point. But, a smart child like your daughter would figure out that he or she was coached. It would ruin the magic, and that would be terrible, especially for a first time visitor”

Marcus was surprised at being interrupted, but he realized the agent was probably right “I guess that’s all, then, thanks” He said.

“Actually, sir, if I may ask what will you be doing while your daughter has fun?”

Marcus shrugged “I imagine I’ll discretely make sure she follows the rules, besides I’ll be able to get a lot of work done away from the office” he answered.

“Not at all necessary, sir” the agent replied “Park security is perfectly capable”

Marcus laughed scornfully “Oh please! What could a 12” security guard possibly do?”

“All security is Tleraxian” the agent explained

“Alright, what do you recommend?” asked Marcus

“Well, sir, it is well know you’re not married” the agent said “So, I wonder if you would be interested in visiting the Adults Only Section”

Marcus looked shocked “You can’t be serious!!” he exclaimed.

“Very much so” the agent replied, laughing “They’re not as widely advertised, of course. But every planet has one in easy walking distance of each of its parks”

Marcus spluttered “How…I mean…at that size…err…..” his voice trailed off.

“How about I just include the ad” the agent offered “Aren’t you even a bit curious?”

Marcus shrugged and said “Why not?” The next day, he signed up.
His foot completely healed, Marcus returned to the ship “How are you, daddy? His daughter asked.

“Can’t keep the old man down” Marcus chuckled “Now, had Al been keeping you entertained?”

Vicki nodded and said “Oh yeah! She told me lots of good stories”

“Good thing, too” Marcus replied gruffly “I might’ve had to cut her pay”

Vicki stared up at her father “Oh no! Please don’t!’’

“He wouldn’t dare” Alexandra put it “But thanks, Vicki”

Marcus winked at them and announced “Well, we’re off! See you in three weeks”

As Vicki ran aboard, Alexandra advised “Now, Marcus, be careful with the new engine…”

“Stop being a worry-wart, Al” he shot back “Honestly you’d think I never flew our new baby before”

On the ship, Vicki was looking around in awe. She was peeking into the control room. Vicki’s suitcase was tossed aside on the floor, but she was running her fingers through her Barbi doll’s hair. “How is it so big in here Daddy” she wondered.

“Finally got your interest, do I” he chuckled “I’ll explain during the flight. It still takes a day to get out of the system so we have time. Now, while I’m finishing the launch checklist I want you to store your things in your cabin”

Vicki was even more surprised as she went to the back of the relatively small ship. There was a transporter that could handle two at once, and two cleverly built cabins at the rear. “Its amazing, Daddy!” she gushed when she returned to the cockpit.

“We’re ready for takeoff” Marcus said “So strap in, Victoria”

Obeying, she replied “Yes, Daddy”
Across the universe, just as father and daughter were streaking past Tleraxia’s third moon; it was late at night for Barbi. The adults had vanished leaving, leaving the girls alone. They talked about boys, clothes, boys, their next jobs ---oh, and boys. Then a tossed pillow led to a full scale pillow war.

The best gift she’d received was a new doll. Barbi was very fond of them. Especially since she never had one at the orphanage. This doll was about six inches tall and dressed in a cute black outfit, with high heeled black shoes. Barbi pinched the skirt between her fingers and rubbed it. The material felt like silk. She yawned widely, feeling very sleepy. So she gently set the doll on her dresser, undressed herself and took a quick hot shower. Barbi was barely awake as she put on pajamas and sound asleep as her head fell to the bed.


When Barbi Met Vicki chap4

Marcus was going over his checklist for the new engine when about 20 picture files came through from the travel agent. The message was addressed to his daughter with Marcus being copied on it. Five minutes later, another one came, this time only for Marcus.

“Note 4,9,17. Awaiting your call” it said cryptically.

Vicki wouldn’t know what it meant even if she saw it. Marcus knew it meant that those pictures were of little people who resembled someone his daughter knew. “How’s the project going, Victoria?” he called out

“I’d rather be doing Astronomy!” she fired back

“That’s why you should do Chemistry first” he said

“Arrggghh!!” she snapped “Whatever!!”

Marcus chuckled to himself “Anyway, take a break and check your messages” he told her

Silence followed, then “Dad, I’m confused” she said as she wandered into the cockpit “This is Julia (handing him one picture), this boy is Dal (another one) and except for the hair color she looks just like my math teacher.”

“Well, we still have time, so let’s call my agent, ok?” Marcus suggested while pretending to study the pictures.

When the agent answered the call, the first thing he said was “Hello, sir, how is your trip so far?”

“We just start---” Vicki began, but she was cut off by her father giving her knee a sharp squeeze.

“---Sorry about that” Marcus continued “We’re starting our approach to the Delvanian system”

Impressed, the agent said “Remarkable, only four days”

“My personal ship” Marcus covered

“I see” the agents replied “Well, what can I do for you?”

Pointing to Vicki, Marcus said “This is my daughter, Victoria, she has some questions about the pictures you sent.”

“Hello, Victoria, did you like the pictures?” the agent asked.

Hesitating, the girl replied “Well…yeah…sorta. Its just that everyone there is supposed to be a foot tall, right?”

“Of course, Victoria” he replied “Except for security, naturally. After all, you’d more like play with a guard than listen to him. Right?”

“Yeah” Vicki answered, giggling “But, then can you tell me what one of my teachers and two of my classmates are doing there?” She told him which ones.

The agent pretended to study the pictures, then explained “I think I understand” he said “These aren’t your friends from school. Look at their eyes, we have whites in our eyes. Delvanians have blue in theirs”

“You mean they’re actually little people?!?” she asked, excitedly

The agent nodded “Yes they are”

“Can I meet them, sir?” the girl asked eagerly “Plllleeeeaaaaseeee”

Marcus hid a grin as he watched his daughter’s leg vibrate in her seat.

“You’ll need your father’s OK for that” the agent replied “Because there’s an extra charge when the parks look for one specific employee. If he agrees then all you need to do is send a message, with the picture, of who you want to meet”

“Can I pllleeeeaaaseee, Daddy?!?” she begged “PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease”

Marcus patted her head affectionately and replied “I don’t see why not”

“Is there anything else I can help with?” the agent asked.

Vicki replied “No, sir. Thank you very much” After the agent vanished Vicki asked her father “Why did you squeeze my knee before?”

“Let me give you a little quiz” Marcus replied “How long does it take to travel a thousand light years?”

A simple math problem, Vicki thought for a moment and answered “About five days.”

“Good enough” Marcus replied “But this ship has a new engine. You and I will get to Delva in less than an hour. We’ll be landing there late tomorrow. Not next week. So go get everything put away, then come back and strap in.”

Ten minutes later, Vicki was in her seat “All set” she reported

“A little eager, are you?” Marcus joked “OK, one more system….and that should do it…ready?”

Vicki nodded and her father punched in a code. The ship vanished from space. It shook uncontrollably for about a minute and then everything stopped. Very slowly, emergency lights came on.”

“What happened, Daddy?” a panicked Vicki asked.

Marcus shrugged “I don’t know, sweetheart” he admitted “That wasn’t normal. Just stay calm.”

Vicki nodded numbly.

“Good girl” Marcus said as he checked everything “Well we can get by for quite a while. But its going to take a lot of power to recharge the main engine”

Vicki was looking out the window “There’s a star nearby” she suggested.

Marcus nodded “Alright Victoria, solar power it is” he said “But, we’ll need to get closer, or it’ll take too long”

“We’re going to miss out on our trip, aren’t we?” Vicki asked sadly.

Marcus hugged her and said “Yes, probably. Tell you what, though. You can be a big help and get your Astronomy done at the same time. Find out everything you can about this system. And second, I need to know exactly where we are so I can get us home”

“I’d be glad to help” said Vicki, brightly. A day later, a confused Vicki went to her father and reported “This is really weird. Everything is smaller than it should be. The star is about the size of Tleraxia. And what looks like giant planets are only as big as Third Moon.”

“I’ll look at it” Marcus said “Anything else?”

Vicki shook her head “Uh-huh, we’re also getting signals from the third planet. The computer is trying to decode it”

“OK, have you found out how far from home we are?” Marcus asked, expecting a small distance and a short trip.

Vicki brought out a map and said “Our galaxy is here”

“Computer, confirm!” Marcus shouted

The emotionless voice replied “Confirmed.”

“How far, Victoria?” he asked.

Swallowing nervously she replied “About a hundred billion light years”

The computer started giving the exact distance. Marcus told it to shut up.
On Earth, Barbi was online trying to read up on the strange flash of light that still had no explanation. She found herself reading stories where she was always looking up words. Worse, she didn’t understand the definition, either. She finally gave up. She brought up her webpage and uploaded a bunch of new modeling pictures. Barbi didn’t know that a computer not on Earth was storing every piece of data on the internet. She also didn’t know there was a girl who told the computer to sort through the data to find anyone with a name similar to hers. That wouldn’t have worried her too much. Barbi was a rising star.

If the ship that carried Vicki and her father could be seen by Earth sensors, it would have thrown the planet into a panic. The Tleraxian ship was the size of California.


When Barbi Met Vicki chap5

Half way between the tiny blue-green world and its moon, the worst of the crisis was over. They just needed to soak up enough sunlight to restart the engine. “We’ve got two days before we have enough power” Marcus said as he put trays of food down “What do you plan on doing?”

“Can I transport someone up?” Vicki asked.

Marcus shook his head “I don’t think so, Victoria. You pointed out the size difference yourself. I don’t think we’d even be able to see them.”

“Oh” Vicki replied, disappointed “Can I least talk to a couple of them through the computer?”

“On two conditions” her father replied “You can’t say that you’re from another planet and you certainly can’t say anything about us being in orbit or the size difference.”

Vicki was surprised to learn that Earthers, at least that’s what she thought they called themselves, talked so much about different sized people. Most sites she found made her blush and look away. But, finally, one was perfect for her. It had thousands of pictures. One caught her eye and she was stuck on it. The picture was of a blond girl in a black outfit holding a doll wearing the same thing. Even though Vicki knew it was a doll she couldn’t help imagining holding a little person just like that. She had to know more, so she posted a message.


Hi, does anyone know who the girl is in Barbi holding Barbie, Thanks---- 40Mile-Vicki

Feeling tired, Vicki drifted off to sleep. She woke up to find a reply.


That’s me! Hey, you’re tall ***Looking WAAAYYY up**** Wanna chat? Go here {}{}{}{} –signed brbygrll

--*Yawn* Hello—

Vicki liked that her screen name appeared in her message.

--Glad you liked my pic—

--How’d you find a doll outfit that matched yours?—

--Other way round, actually—


--Got her for b’day. Then I found it in my size—

--Was it expensive?—

--Dunno **shrug** I’m a model. We always get stuff free—

--Nice job *smile* wish I could get clothes free—

--Thanks, I just turned 13 a few days ago. How old are you?—

-- Twelve and a quarter. So what’s your favorite fantasy?—

--I’d rather be the little person. But I wouldn’t want the giant too big. I’d wanna talk to them.—

--I like little people best. About a foot tall.—

--Then why would you wanna be forty miles tall?—

Vicki thought about what her father said before replying.

--Just thought it’d be a cool name. Anyway, you could be a mile tall and still be my Barbi doll.—

--Hehe! That sounds like fun! I really like you! I’m from Santa Barbara. How about you?—

Vicki delayed again.

--About a thousand miles away. My dad’s testing a new ship. We had some engine problems.—

--That sounds cool…eh…not the problems. But, that your dad’s company lets you go along like that.—

--Yeah, well, he owns the company.—

--Oh…hey you have this picture of me. Can I get one of you?—

--I have to ask, but I’m sure its OK. You know how parents are.—

--No I don’t!!—


--Its not your fault. You didn’t know. BFFs?—

--I don’t know what that means.—

--Sorry I thought everybody did. It means best friends forever.—

--I like that. Definitely!—

--I gotta session coming up. Will you still be here?—

--Sure, I can do some homework until you come back.—


As Barbi went to work, Vicki went to work on Marcus “Please Daddy” she begged “Just a couple of pictures. Barbi’s my friend.”

“No Victoria!” he replied impatiently.

Vicki stamped her feet “But they look just like us!!”

“I said no and I meant it! Now go to your cabin, young lady!!” he ordered.

Vicki slammed her cabin door and immediately started crying. After a couple of minutes, she got angry. “It can’t do any harm” she muttered. Vicki sent the pictures to Barbi anyway. Then she started her Chemistry assignment, occasionally looking at the Giant Teen site. By accident, she searched the word Growth in Tleraxian Chemistry and was shocked by what she read. “Computer, did this really happen?” she asked.

“Affirmative” was the flat reply “A growth/shrink serum was developed, but found to be unsafe”

“Why” Vicki asked, fascinated.

The computer answered “Size change too extreme…Test subjects grew to miles in height or shrank to microscopic size”

“What would happen if it was used by an Earth Person?” asked Vicki

The computer whizzed for a few seconds and replied “One to three Earth miles equals four to twelve Tleraxian inches”

“Can you make it?” she asked.

The flat voice replied “Affirmative”

“Do it” she ordered “And while you’re doing that, can you locate the girl I was talking to before.”

In less than a minute, Barbi appeared wearing a pair of hip-hugging jeans and a spaghetti strap top. Vicki watched her spin around, bend and twist in time with the constantly flashing lights. Barbi was red in the face and breathing heavily when she stopped. Vicki saw her pick up a bottle with green stuff in it and take a long drink. Another model took her place. Vicki’s computer beeped with a message.


--Hey, there, on a short break. How’s the project?—

--Awesome! Think I’ll be able to do something really different! Who’da thought Chemistry could be fun?? –-

--Great! Gotta shower and change for the next set, c’ya—

--Wait! Did you mean it when you said you wanted to be a little person?—

--More than anything! Gotta go, ok—

--Sure, see you soon—


As Barbi shut down her computer she thought ‘Gee she’s even more into it than I am.’

Barbi showered and put on her new favorite outfit. She looked herself up and down in the full length mirror. Feeling a little silly, she pulled her stomach in as much as she could and tried to wrap her hands around her waist. Barbi scolded herself “Silly kid! It’ll never happen”

Meanwhile a certain Chemistry project was nearly completed “I can’t even see it, computer” Vicki complained

“Subject size indicates dosage is correct” the machine replied “Mass anal---”

“Never mind! Never mind!” Vicki said, wildly shaking her head “I believe you! Is it ready?!”

“Confirmed” came the mechanical reply

Vicki ordered “Send it”

“Transport complete” the computer said

About half a second later, Barbi’s protein shake glowed for a moment. No one in the studio noticed. When lunch was called, everyone dashed out, excepted for Barbi she wanted to talk to her interesting new friend. She turned on her computer and drank about half her shake. Then waiting for the chatroom to start she finished it and reclined in her chair.

As she was waiting for Vicki to reply Barbi felt weird. She tried to sit up, but she fell out of the chair. She tried to grab it, but blurry vision confused her ‘Where did a kiddie chair come from?’ she wondered. She forced her eyes to focus and was even more confused. Everything was half-sized, or so Barbi thought.

Barbi tried to stand, only to get dizzy. This time, before her vision cleared her feet hit what could only be a wall, but that was impossible. It was on the opposite side of the studio. She clenched her hands into fists and rubbed her knuckles in her eyes. This time, the chair she’d been sitting in fit in the palm of her hand. Barbi picked up her computer, the screen was entirely too small. She didn’t even bother trying to type.

It happened again, after this time, she felt something poking her in the behind. Barbi reached beneath her. Feeling around until she found it. She winced slightly as she pulled it out. It looked like a needle and thread. “These are clothes” she realized “This is a clothesline! I must be a thousand feet tall!!”

“Now that’s quite enough!” Barbi complained as she felt dizzy again. At this point her size was just silly. Her fingers were taller than most of the trees, for that matter her hand was bigger than the whole park. And her legs…well…she’d walked that far and it had to be a mile from her feet to her hips. "I wonder how this happened, I'M HUGE" Barbi said while she happily reclined on the city. After a couple of minutes, she shrugged “Ah well, for now I can do anything I want.”


When Barbi Met Vicki chap6

In her cabin, Vicki eagerly watched every moment of Barbi’s growth. She couldn’t wait to talk to her about it.

“Subject at maximum size” the computer reported.

Vicki grinned happily and rubbed her hands together “Alright, transport her right onto my hand” Vicki ordered.

“Confirmed, do not move” the computer replied.

Holding her hand in front of her face, Vicki waited. First, a faint glow appeared. The glow formed into a little figure, slightly larger than Vicki’s hand. The glow faded and little Barbi was sitting in her hand, in the same position she had been on Earth; Arms back, supporting her upper body, one leg stretched out, and the other with the knee raised.

“Perfect” Vicki sighed “Hi, Barbi, nice to meet’cha in person.”

“Huh---er---wha” Barbi stammered. It had been a strange afternoon for her. Oh…it started ok, but from the moment she finished her drink…well, she didn’t know how to describe it. In a couple of minutes she’d gone from five feet tall to ten feet. One Hundred. One Thousand!! Ten Thousand Feet?!?!? And now, she was --- she guessed --- six inches tall… well…maybe seven inches if you count her heels. She scrambled away as best she could, but her shoes just slid along the slick surface of the huge hand.

Worse, when she finally managed to make some progress, one of Barbi’s hands slipped out from under her and she was flat on her back, unable to move. Panicked, she thought her left arm was completely gone. She looked around and discovered that it had slipped through a space between two fingers.

“Calm down, Barbi” Vicki said softly. At first, she enjoyed the feel of her tiny friend squirming around on her hand. Then she realized Barbi was scared. Vicki gently laid her other hand on top to prevent Barbi from falling.

Barbie turned to the source of the voice. It knew her name!! This strange place had another surprise as she turned, though, she saw a second hand descending. An image of being splattered between the two hands filled her mind. But it only laid on top of her. If she couldn’t escape from one hand…well, no matter how gentle the second hand was…she realized she was completely helpless now. Barbi gave up trying to move. “Who are you and how do you know my name?” she shouted.

"I sent you the drink" Victoria explained "I was watching you and I just had to take you home with me. But, you were just too tiny before." Victoria thought it was great that her new doll was really named Barbi.

“But who are you?” Barbi demanded again. She wriggled futilely.

Vicki gave her a slightly curious look “Didn’t you see the pictures I sent you?” she asked “I’m 40-Mile Vicki”

“That’s impossible! This…this is impossible!!” Barbi exclaimed

Vicki giggled and started twirling some of Barbi’s hair between her fingers “Your hair is so soft” she said “And its not impossible. Its true.”

“Fine. Prove it” Barbi demanded, forgetting she was terrified.

Vicki walked to the window, She let Barbi slide out from between her hands and onto the small shelf “If you look that way” she pointed, Vicki let her finger brush Barbi’s arm as she did “You can see your moon”

“My God!” Barbi gasped as she pressed herself against the window.

After a minute, Vicki pinched her thumb and forefinger on Barbi’s waist and picked her up. The little Earther’s feet kicked empty air, causing Vicki to giggle. “And on this side is your planet” she finished.

“I coulda walked that far, y’know” Barbi said crossly.

Vicki shrugged and replied “Sorry, couldn’t help myself” She didn’t sound very sorry.

“I’ll bet” said Barbi with her arms folded across her chest. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence before Barbi started giggling “I couldn’t help myself, either.”

Vicki gaped at her, wide eyed “You were teasing me!” she accused.

“Yep” Barbi replied, outright laughing “The look on your face is pretty funny!”

Vicki laughed, too. Then, with a devilish look, she said “Y’know, I’ll hafta get you back, right?”

“Huh?” Barbi questioned. Then she saw a hand approaching, the index finger was flexing and pointing “Err …Vicki … Ahh…what’re you doing?” she asked anxiously.

“Ohh..noothing” Vicki replied in an innocent tone.

Barbi kept looking from the giant face, to the approaching finger and back. She couldn’t help backing away. Her attention was so focused forward that it was a total shock when she was poked in the rear-end “EEEP!!” she squeaked as she spun around. Then she was scooped up from behind as she tumbled into Vicki’s palm. The giant girl tickled her senseless.

“Have fun?” asked Vicki in the same innocent tone “I did.”

Barbi’s laughing subsided and she scowled up at Vicki. She rolled off the giant hand and stood up. Unfortunately Vicki had moved to her bed. Barbi’s high heeled shoes weren’t meant for walking on the soft surface, she fell over. “It was kinda fun” she admitted “Next time warn me, though, I think I twisted my ankle”

“Oh, sorry” Vicki replied, this time meaning it completely “Are you alright?”

Barbi took off her shoes and massaged her leg “No big deal” she said dismissively.

Vicki picked one up, letting it dangle between her thumb and forefinger “No offense, but why do you wear these things?” she asked curiously “They don’t look safe”

“They take a bit of practice, but I like’em now” Barbi answered.

The conversation was interrupted by Marcus knocking on the door.

“I’ll be right out, Daddy” Vicki called out. “Barbi, stay behind the pillow”

Barbi peeked up when the door opened again “I saw your Dad, Vicki, he’s really handso---” she said, but stopped at the sad look on Vicki’s face “What is it?”

“We’re going home” Vicki replied. She knelt beside the bed, her arms flopped down surrounding Barbi.

“You should be happy, then” Barbi commented

Vicki shrugged and said “Well I am, mostly, but it means I’ll probably never see you again.”

“I could … er … go with you” Barbi offered. It was out of her mouth before she even realized it.

Vicki just gazed at her, blankly “Do you mean it?” she whispered “Do you really want to?”

“Uhh…err…” Barbi stuttered ‘I must be crazy’ she thought ‘ an hour ago I was worried about being splattered’ but the more she thought, the more she realized “Yes! I want to go!” she declared.

Vicki hesitated “Ahh…us getting here was an accident. We might never come back”

“That’s ok” Barbi replied “I like you and I’d like to see all those worlds with all those different sized people.”

Vicki almost agreed “Ahh…brrrr…ohh”

“URRR!!! What would it take to convince you?” Barbi groaned, she threw her hands up in frustration. Then feeling mischievous, she said “Vicki, put your hand down beside me.”

Vicki’s eyebrows furrowed with curiosity “O…K” she said. As it touched the mattress, she asked “What’re you doing?”

“Convincing you, of course” Barbi replied. She grinned up at the giant girl, walked behind the hand. Barbie laid her hand on Vicki’s fingertip and walked toward her wrist, using her hand like a railing “You like holding me, don’t you, Vicki?” she asked.

Vicki’s breath caught “Ulp…yeh” she replied.

“I like being held” Barbi continued “I told you it was my fantasy.” Having reached Vicki’s wrist, she turned back the other way. She stopped again at the fingertips, she moved the middle finger slightly “Hmm…this is neat you giants have fingerprints, too.” Barbi turned and started walking again, this time along the palm.

Vicki’s jaw just dropped. All she could do is stare at the little Earther. “Umm…yeah…we got fingerprints” Vicki barely managed to reply.

“I like you” Barbi said as she continued her slow walk “And I’d like to visit all those worlds with different sized people. And---” Barbi’s next words were interrupted. She had been looking up to Vicki and not really watching where she was walking. She was in the joint where Vicki’s thumb and forefinger met. She looked back up at Vicki and, with a tiny chuckle said “Ahh … oops … wasn’t watching where I was going. Anyway, I’d also like to know what its like to pick someone up, too.”

Looking down, Vicki closed her fingers around Barbi and lifted her until she was at eye level “After that, don’t think I’m gonna let you go” she said.

“Oooh I’m sooo scared” Barbi replied.

Vicki giggled “I’m glad I found you, Barbi. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I was a little girl”

“You, little!?” Barbi joked. Both girls laughed. “One thing, though, I’d like to say goodbye to my friends. And especially Alastair, if it wasn’t for him I’d still be in that orphanage.”

Vicki readily agreed “Sure, although, you shouldn’t say anything about going to another planet.”

“Breaking the rules, are we?” Barbi asked, shrewdly.

Vicki blushed and replied “Well, kinda”

As Vicki’s father piloted the ship away from Earth Barbi talked to her friends. At last, they were far enough away. Marcus repeated, exactly, his programming and the ship returned to the Tleraxian galaxy.

Besides saying goodbye to her friends, Barbi logged into TeenGiants a last time. She posted a couple of pictures. The members praised them as excellent collages.

How would they react if they ever knew the truth?
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