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by Conor
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Strange, causes lots of questions
 What am I?

The creature awoke after a great rest. Or at least it may have seemed for it, as time was of no relevance for this creature. The creature existed everywhere, and at the same time would never be perceived. It was all perceptive, though. Some of the olden would think of it as omniscient. And although I digress, I don’t believe in ‘knowing’.

This creature existed as the fabric of all – the infinite in all shapes and forms. It also never experienced death. Some say that it invented time, but it rarely reveals its secrets. It is a confused, lonely and great creature.

It doesn’t reveal if it has control over anything, but many claim that it can control all. Some of its supposed creation believes that it has, sometimes even whole-heartedly. It does, however, reveal that it cannot believe anything

Many of its, now to save space, creation has become enchanted perceiving its mysteriousness. It is itself part of that perception. It can perceive itself infinitely.

They have even discovered how to reach its immeasurably small self. They have also discovered, however, how to manipulate the rest of creation. They have understood the nature of its existence though will never understand or observe it. They discovered how to bring its inexistence in contact with existence, which I would consider its equal. I believe that it gave itself to existence, and they decide the nature of reality together.
The pursuit of the end of infinity will constantly plague man. They have only discovered the way to use it, but it’s impossible to comprehend.
It is resting again.
The creature has witnessed all existence of sentient beings. One of those call themselves human. They have become masters of existence. They evolved over a normal pace of time, considering their environment. Acceleration of culture in both a technological and metaphysical sense evolved in bursts, but rarely stopped or fell back. Many who sought the creature became holy men, and later lunatics.

As humans were getting infinitely close to the nature of the creature, their other pleasures evolved too. Sometimes this would cause destruction, but there was usually a steady pace towards what they considered desirable creation.

The lunatics treated the needless destruction and its usual factors with anger and sadness.

Many humans, unlike most species, could achieve or at least understand and simulate the creature, as they could imagine a point.

After the current of replication and enjoyment of being came to be the dominant chosen purpose for existence, humans began entertaining themselves with the mystical experience of the creature in purity. It became a choice entertainment for all. With this came increased progress through better relations. People felt united under one banner, and that was of peace.

After an enormous amount of lifetimes, lives which became unending – if the human so chose, all they would do is stay in that state. Some resisted, but few returned from the possibly ceaseless state. Most of those that returned went back, sometimes in a matter of seconds. Eventually, everyone chose to permanently be in that state, and die one by one as they got bored… if they got bored. They were minded by their other creations… these creations seek the same fate as their masters.

 End

The first to experience the creature in its purity discovered many secrets, and was forever changed. He began to understand himself and through those that surrounded him. He learned how to influence others to great degrees, and became respected, praised and adored. He influenced his followers to follow a path of life that he considered to be good. Some of his followers experienced the creature, others did not. The experience changed people, but some people reacted with insane dogma towards the revelations that followed the experience, all of which are relative.

This relativity leads to divisions between each person’s paths; later, rifts between the cultures that developed out of different revelations. The creature was forgotten as generations began to focus more on the traditions that were developed by those that experienced the creature. Enlightenment was no longer a defined experience, and the experience of the creature was even left out in some cases.

Millennia passed and man became lost in the in its development. They called it cultural evolution later on. Development of civilization evolved to a point where the creature was portrayed as something that it was not and became known as God. God was worshipped, and the original creature became known as something mundane, even though its experience was divine. Few people experienced the creature.

Life was lost, the enlightened felt great emotions towards how civilizations were developing. No matter how pure the portrayal of benevolent revelations, ‘hidden meanings’ were discovered and revelations were lost.

Man oppressed man.

The creature is awake and asleep in every individual, and it is the basis that ties mankind and the others together.

The creature awakes and is alive. Enlightenment began to spring out of the strangest of places, and from every path. The ones that remained skeptical of their revelations, and through that anti-dogmatic usually sought out a pure path.

Let us hope that this great odyssey of civilization opens its eyes to the enlightened. The experience waits to be found. The end can come if civilization seeks it.
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