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onam helps us get our roots and helps us get an insight about the great king mahabali
The Legend Behind "ONAM"

Tbe reason why i chose to write about THE LEGEND BEHIND ONAM is because i myself hail from KERALA and since we celebrated the festival a few days ago.The nostalgia still lingers on.According to the legends King Mahabali,an asura (demon ) ruled kerala.His subjects were very happy with his reign because he was a honest just and bighearted ruler.His fame began to increase as time passed by until one day it reached the ears of the gods in the heaven,who immediately feared that if people were so happy with his rule they would one day stop worshipping gods.The devas feared such consequence and went to the feets of lord Vishu (the creator ) and pleaded to him to curtail the powers of King Mahabali.

Lord Vishu the problem solver immediately took the avataram (form ) of a dwarf called Vamana went to meet the king Mahabali,while he was performing an yagna (a holy prayer ) for the welfare of his country and subjects.VAMANA went up to him and begged for alms.mahabali being a kind hearted king promised to give Vamana for what ever he wished for.Guru shuklaacharya (the guru of demons ) warned him from doing so as he undersood it was lord vishnu himself in the form of Vamana and smelled something fishy.But lord Mahabali felt so overwhelmed that a god came at his doorsteps to ask for a favour that he ignored the warning of his guru.

Mahabali agreed to give the lord anything he would ask for.The lord immediatetly asked for three paces of land.Mahabali thought "how much land could a dwarf take"?so he agreed to it.Instantly Vamana grew up into a big giant.Since King Mahabali was a man of his words he could not do anything.The LORD measured up the whole sky in his first step,the whole patala ( underground ) in the second step.The king fearing that the lords third step would destroy the earth showed his head.As the lord kept his third feet on Mahabalis head,the king was pushed to patala.But before being pushed to the underground Mahabali asked the lord for a favour.He asked the lord to permit him to visit his country and subjects atleast once in a year.The lord blessed him with his wish."ONAM" is that day of the year when it is believed that our king Mahabali comes to visit us to see if his people are happy and prosperous.

Even today when it is time for onam the people of Kerala leave all their worries and troubles aside to welcome their King.They do so by preparing tasty delicasies,payasam(Dessert) and various floral arrangements and putting on new clothes.This festival goes on for ten days.it is a festival that brings together morals,cultures,values,tradition ,families and of course HEARTS together.
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