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Everything turned out the way I wanted it to... Except for one thing.
                                            I'm Still Dreaming

    Do you know what its like when no one listens to you? When people turn you down? When people say to get your head out of the clouds? I was there. I was there for as long as I can remember. For my entire life, I was the guy in the corner, watching things happen, thinking through my thoughts. I was the daydreamer, the one making up ideas in his head... I just got out. Because my ideas, are no longer in my head.

    Now... They're everywhere. On the streets, in people's houses, at the shops, in the sky, in our vehicles... Some of them are, our vehicles. All this started when I put my head higher than the clouds and into space. I took my mere ideas, and made them become a reality. And I've changed the world because of it... Yet my name isn't up in lights. The companies I gave the ideas to, to have them created, got all the credit. So, until I create them by my own hand...

                                                                                  I'm still dreaming~
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