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Travails of trying to argue with a fool. The fool speaks here.

Do not try to teach me when
I just don’t want to learn.
I don’t hesitate to say
I’m incorrigible.

Why should I bother to learn?
I know all that I need.
I think my knowledge is great,
You think it’s horrible.

Know that I’m immune to change.
I cannot be moulded.
I shall never stoop to learn.
No, it’s impossible.

I’m happy in my cocoon,
I find fault in others.
Why should they protest at all?
It’s reprehensible.

I have no knowledge myself
I have no need for it,
I have expertise enough
To dupe the gullible.

I won’t ever admit that
What I say could be wrong.
My beliefs are sacrosanct;
To me, they’re sensible.

I am a hard nut to crack.
You can’t unfathom me.
Arguing with me won’t yield
A result tangible.

• Never argue with fools. They will lower you to their level and then beat you with experience.
• Written as per 7-6-7-6 syllabic scheme. Rhyme: abcd; efgd; hijd…..

M C Gupta
17 September 2008
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