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Modern technology cures an addiction for Daily Flash Fiction
Treatment had started about three hours ago and Jerry was starting to forget.

He sat strapped to the chair like a cartoon character, captured by the enemy. On his head was the Colander, an electronic device similar to an MRI in purpose, more like a spaghetti strainer in appearance, hence the name.

The room lights darkened followed shortly by the appearance of a holograph about four feet in front of the chair. On it sat at least a dozen cigarettes, each smoldering in its own ashtray, each a treasure offering tension easing satisfaction.

The Colander went active, lights blinking on and off in rapid succession. In the control room next door, a technician observed the reaction and monitored the Automated Synaptic Reduction Program.

Jerry could almost feel the texture of the cigarette paper as he imagined one resting between his fingers. Artificial odor was pumped into the room, stimulating the olfactory functions of his brain. Memories sprang to life as he saw himself taking a long drag on his favorite brand, pulling the smoke deep into his lungs where the blood cells waited anxiously to carry the nicotine throughout his body including the pleasure center of his brain.

The holograph disappeared. Jerry squinted into the sudden brightness of the room as the lights came on again.

A lab-coated man walked in and began to loosen the straps on the chair.

“What’s going on?” Jerry asked, “Am I done?”

“Yes, Mr. Gordon, you are now a non-smoker. How do you feel?”

“Great! I don’t want a cigarette!”

“We eliminated those synapses used by your brain that are associated with smoking.”

“Will there be any side affects?”

“A few perhaps.”

Out in the hall, Jerry’s wife jumped up to greet him as he came out.

“Who are you?” said the new non-smoker.

Word count 300

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