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An easy task becomes difficult
        There some things that you never consider. Like how do you shave
        your bottom? There they were: two girls, shaving each others bottoms.
        The bathroom shower was left on hot, turning the room into a turkish
        spah. I needed use of the tiolet. They refused to leave, but continued
        there mutal shaving.
        Nature called and I sat. With each blast from my bottom, they laughed.
        As I rose and wiped and bowed, they surounded me. I was being shaved.
        My hairy body was scraped clean with plastic razors. I was rubbed with
        moisturizer. As our smooth bodies cupped and our arms embraced.
        I wanted to suckle, but the moisturizer tasted soapy.
        Strange, the way lives intersect. How sensual a clean shaven bottom is.
        Seated on the toilet, one girl sat on the other, rubbing her bottom against
        the others mound. I had to penatrate them at that moment. I pushed my
        flipping wagger into the first girls mound. She arched her back as the
        girl behind her ran her hands and arms along the breast and belly of
        her partner.
        Now, they stood straddling the tiolet. I pushed harder to force myself
        into their embrace. A voice called for lights out. I was pass my
        curfew. I didn't want to be written up. What if my parents found out?
        I had to finish with both girls. When I turned back towards them one
        was using the toilet and the other showering. The moment had passed.
        I breathed slowly.
        I stood infront of the girl seated on the tiolet. She was peeing.
        Without a word, she swallowed my cock. I loved her for this unspoken
        gesture. Who can say what is love? Is it simply the longing to have
        what is freely given? I came all over her face. She smiled; a student
        of psychology covered in my chism. I was enraptured.
        Colledge is place of learning. It is also an initiation into sexual independents.
        Whoever has traveled through life's intercourse will be wise in deed.
        I wondered at the years of savings my father had invested in my higher
        learning and marveled at the second girl as she licked my chism off
        her dear friends face. What would Horace say? "Show yourself undaunted
        before a blowing gail."
        I am proud to be a colledge graduate.

        Semper Amores!
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