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woman who hunts demons find out more about herself when she falls in love with a demon

Kyndeyrn stood on the hilltop over looking the forest and the river. He could see his home in the distant next to the river and a silhouette of a woman standing near the river. He was ready to head home with his catch of the day. He was hunting a wild boar for his wife so that she can have something that was different than fish and vegetables. Not that he didn’t mind having fish and the vegetables that his wife Saya makes every night for them but he wanted something more than that for him and his Saya. She was with child and she needs other foods to eat besides the fish and vegetables. She was his only family and they were going to have a new addition to their family.

She made him feel like a man more than the demon he was. She was someone that was very special to him and she made him feel special as well. He loved Saya with all that he was and she returned her love to him knowing what he was. She never turned him away for being a demon instead she loved him for who he was. There was something about Saya that filled his heart with joy and he knew that there was something special about her even though he knew that she was hiding something from him.

When he found Saya, her father who was going to sell her to a nobleman for money was turning her away and throwing her out into the streets. Her father was beating her and calling her impure whore because of what the nobleman had told him. The nobleman who at first wanted Saya had found out after having his way with her mother that she was not of their blood and that she should be easy to bed before the wedding.  The nobleman found that her so-called mother was wrong when he tried to force himself upon Saya. Saya had sent him flying out of her room and then proceeded to attack him where he laid. The nobleman screamed for help and when her father came she was already gone and back into her room. That is when the nobleman told her father that she was impure and that another man that she had bedded had attacked him only to save him from the humiliation of Saya beating him to death. After hearing that her father had stormed into her room only to find that she as alone and dressing her own wounds. Her father didn’t care that she was the one that who was attacked nor did he believe her that she was still pure. Pulling her by her hair it was just like when his father died his mother turned him away and disowned him for his father’s death. His own demon kind turned him away since his father was no longer alive. He knew how Saya felt when she was being turned away for her family.  He went to help her when her father started beating her for dishonoring the family name. The one thing that really pissed him off was when Saya’s father called her a demon’s whore because of Kyndeyrn was helping her to escape her father’s wrath.

With all that he did for Saya he became a wanted man and hunted as a demon. He fell in love with Saya from that day when she told him thank you for his help. They had married and after they married he found that she was not impure as the nobleman said that she was.  Remembering the past all he could think about is how he wanted to get back to his beloved wife to show her the prize he got from his hunt of the boar.

On the way back to his home he noticed the cherry blossom trees in full bloom sun light gave the trees a glow that Saya had when she danced around in the moon light when there was a full moon. During the full moon she had a glow to her and a scent to her of cherry blossom trees. It reminded him of the oddness she had when he saw the mark on her thigh of combining moon, sun, 3 stars in a line, and a streak of lightening.  Then he realized that it is still winter and it was not time for the cherry blossom trees to bloom. It ran shivers up his spine to feel that there was something was truly wrong with his wife.

Kyndeyrn took off in a sprint back to his home when his younger brother stopped him in his track. Kyndeyrn cursed as he was near his home when his brother showed up.

“Azrael what do you want?” he ask his twin.

“I wanted to see my brother whom I have not seen for years since your banishment.” Azrael said as he watched Kyndeyrn trying to move around him.

“Azrael I don’t have time for this. What is it that you want and maybe we can talk about it later.” Kyndeyrn spoke he found an opening to where he could move away from his brother.

“You seem in a hurry to get back to your wife, brother.” Azrael whispered as Kyndeyrn past him finally. He stopped in his track and looked at his brother.

“How do you know about my wife?” demanding the answer from his brother.

“Everyone knows about your human wife. Saya Kobayashi is the woman that is called the demon lover and wife of the bastard demon.” Azrael alleged as he watched Kyndeyrn trying to pass him. “Rumor has it that she will not convert to being a demon there for it means death to her by the rules of our clan. She made it her death sentence by not converting.”

Kyndeyrn drop the boar and flashed himself close to his home where he watched his wife Saya move with a deadly grace that he never seen her do before. Saya had the moves of a ninja and samurai combined and weapons that he didn’t know that she even had. Kyndeyrn was ready to join the fight when he realized the demon that Saya was fighting was his best friend. As he watched her fight the demon named Ciardhan he could feel his heart tearing at the seams he knew too well how this battle was going to end. He had to stop this fight before he loses the one thing that he loved so dearly in his life.

Kyndeyrn rushed to attack Ciardhan not realizing that his actions distracted Saya and there she found herself at the mercy of Ciardhan. Kyndeyrn heard Ciardhan speak to Saya.

“Saya, you can make it stop just by turning into a demon.” Ciardhan said as he blasted a fire bolt right at Saya, which sent her flying back and hitting a tree.

“Kyndeyrn would love to have me as a demon. But he told me that he would never change me in any way.” Saya said as slowly getting back up to her feet. “My beloved would never want me to change the way I am so I choose my death.”

She sent what looked like a cherry blossom petals wrapping around Ciardhan neck that is when she was struck with fire bolt she was sent flying backwards towards the ground. Kyndeyrn rushed to Saya who was lying on the ground blood coming out from her mouth. He gently picked her up and held her in his arms as he could feel that her breath was shallow with every breath she took. There he seen all the cuts on her body that gave the indication that she was fighting for awhile.

“Stay with me my love. Don’t leave me Saya.” he spoke to her with fear in his voice, as she looked at him weakly.

“I will always be with you my love. But my time has come for me to be on the other side. You told me that you never wanted me to change whom I am so I choose to fight. I love you my Kyndeyrn.” As she spoke, Saya place her hand on his face one last time. Her hand slowly fell to the ground as her eyes closed and then her body went limp in his arms with her last words. “I love you my beloved.”

The shock overwhelmed him when he felt a surge of energy in her body. It was a faint spark of life that came from her womb and that is when the pain hit him so hard that she was with child. It was his child that was trying to struggle; trying to survive that was coming from her stomach. When he placed his hand on her stomach he felt the child move inside her. The child was still alive feeling helpless he didn’t know what he could do. The movement stopped and that moment he knew that child was gone. Rage ran through him on how Saya could just give up her life and the life of their child. The other was how could Ciardhan a friend of his since childhood attack his wife like that.

He got up from the ground were Saya lay and looked at Ciardhan. He hurled a fireball at Ciardhan who was shocked to see it was Kyndeyrn there.

“Why do you attack me dear friend?” Ciardhan asked as the fear ran through him. It had been years since he had seen his friend. This was not how he wanted to see his friend again.

“You are the one that killed my wife. How could you Ciar, we were friends once but that has changed.” Kyndeyrn said as the surge of energy ran through him. Electricity shot from his hands as lightening towards.

“I was sent by the Queen to kill her. My orders were to take care of a woman that was married to one of our kind. I didn’t know that she was your wife.” Ciardhan dodge Kyndeyrn attack. “How was I supposed to know that she was your wife?”

“Damn you, my scent is on her you fool. She also said my name in your battle with her. Has my mother turned you against me like all the others?” Kyndeyrn said as he sent an electrified fireball at Ciardhan. Ciardhan dodge the attack again Kyndeyrn seen the opportunity to flash to where Ciardhan moved.

Kyndeyrn flashed behind Ciardhan and grabbed him. Ciardhan barely had time to react to Kyndeyrn’s move it was a move that he could never predict when it came to training with him.

“Kyn, did you know who she really was.” Ciardhan asked Kyndeyrn.

“Yes she was my wife. What are you getting at Ciardhan?” He replied back to Ciardhan.

“Besides Saya being the wife you know. Do you know who she truly was?” Ciardhan turned around as Kyndeyrn let his guard down.

“Yes I know who she is. Her father beat her and turned her out because of what she was. She paid the price for her secret.” Kyndeyrn spoke as the pain swelled up in his heart at that moment he felt that a present of a goddess and a strange present that he didn’t recognize. He seen a flash of light from the corner of his eye and turned to look at his wife lifeless body thinking that Ciardhan had attacked his wife. Anger rose up again inside him it was a ploy that his old friend was trying to do.

“I didn’t know. That she went through that kind of pain in her life. But your wife was a Night Huntress. Your wife kills our kind and other demons.” Ciardhan said but to find that Kyndeyrn was attacking again.

“You will pay the price for her life. I don’t care if she is a Night Huntress or not. She never attacked me or harmed me. Plus she was with child. She was carrying my child, you asshole.” Kyndeyrn said as he grabbed Ciardhan neck to break it.

“I am sorry, Kyndeyrn I didn’t know.” Ciardhan said with sadness in his tone and dropped his guard. “Then kill me my friend. It should be my punishment for killing your wife.”

Kyndeyrn let go of his friend, as he was shocked but his friend’s words. As a demon it is killed or be killed and to put up a fight for the kill. Ciardhan stopped fighting and was willing to give his life. They had been friends for years but his wife’s death was what broke their friendship.

“You will pay the price with the death of your wife and child when you have them. I know that you don’t right now but when you do be prepared for their death.” Kyndeyrn said as he flashed over to where his wife was laying.

Ciardhan watched as Kyndeyrn held his wife in his arms and screamed. He stood there as Kyndeyrn picked up his wife and carried her to their home. Ciardhan felt pain in his heart for the friend that he lost and knew that there was nothing that he could do to gain that friend back.

Kyndeyrn lost everything on this day and swore that he would hunt down his brother and Ciardhan for killing the one thing that he loved his entire life which was his wife Saya Kobayashi.

“It looks like you made a new enemy, Ciardhan.” Azrael said as he appeared beside Ciardhan. “I will make sure that my brother keeps his word to you. Then you both can die at each other’s hands.” Azrael laughed as he faded away.

Ciardhan screamed at what he has done. Kyndeyrn was the right ruler to their clan and he went and killed his best friend’s wife. The queen’s jealousy towards her son has gone too far. What can he do to correct his mistake? He shut his eyes and heard Kyndeyrn’s last words to him. He screamed again then he felt a strange sensation run through him. He opened his eyes to find that he was standing in front of a beautiful palace that he had never seen before. The stars were so close that if he would reach out he could touch them. He wondered what this place was. This place made him feel like he was living in a dream. No one would ever believe him about this place. 

He started to walk up to the palace doors but found that some unknown force that threw him backwards was stopping him. He tried to walk forward again and once again he was being stopped. He felt around only to find that a wall barrier was blocking him. The doors slowly opened and a tall slender woman with fire red hair walked out. She wore white see through gown that sparkled like the stars in the night sky. Her beauty captured him she was a goddess with the way she looked.

“Demons cannot enter the Palace of Lemuria. So do not try.” The woman said as she wrapped something in her arms. “You want to fix what you think is a mistake is this correct demon?”

“Who are you my lady?” he asked standing there.

“Answer the question demon and I will tell you mine.” She replied back as what she had in her arms started crying. Ciardhan was shocked to find that it was a baby that she had wrapped in her arms. She quite the baby and stared at him waiting for the answer that she was looking for.

“Yes, my lady. I want to correct my mistake. How is it that you do not think it was mistake?”

“It was the destiny for the Night Huntress Saya to die by your hand.” She said cradling the baby in her arms. “She was to die by your hand demon, so that you can take this task that I am about to give you. This task is to take this child of Saya’s and protect her with your life.  Her name is Sayuri Wakahisa.  She holds the key for the future and so will her descendents. You will protect her and her children until the time comes. This is how you will fix what you thinking was a mistake.”

She handed him the baby along with two medallions. He took the baby and the medallions looking at the baby pain struck him as he thought of his friend that he lost. He took one of the medallions and put it around the baby’s neck. There he notices that the baby bares the mark of the Night Huntress on her collarbone. He was shocked to see that this baby who was demon, half human was to be a Night Huntress when she grows up.

“She is a Night Huntress.” He said still holding the baby. “She will kill me when she gets older.”

“That will be up to her. You are her guardian and you will have to make sure that she will understand that you are not like the rest of the demons that roams the earth. You will train her to fight and to survive on earth against the ones that will be set to kill her. The future will rest in within her and you as her guardian. You bring her no harm then she will not harm you. Then you will understand why Kyndeyrn loved Saya so much.” The woman said.  When she mentioned Kynderyn’s name the first thing that came to his mind was to give the baby to Kyndeyrn. This was Kyndeyrn’s child and he should have the right to have his child back.

“Kyndeyrn must not know that the child has survived.” She said this “His path is now set for the future and must not be changed. The medallions will protect you with your task at hand. Take care of the baby and give her a good life.”

“Yes my lady.” He said as he bowed down to the woman. “May I ask you my lady once again who are you.”

“I am Moria, Goddess of Destiny and Fate of Lemuria.” She said as she waved her hand. Ciardhan was back in his world and no longer in the goddess of Lemuria present. He looked at the baby in his arms and held her close. From this moment he would protect Sayuri since she was Kyndeyrn’s child. Kyndeyrn was like a brother to him so he would raise Sayuri as his niece instead of being a father to her.  The goddess of Lemuria was giving him a chance even though he was a demon. This was his chance to redeem himself for killing Saya. He put the other medallion around is next and head to find warm shelter for him and the baby.

Chapter One

******Present day******

Siara was looking at some books in regards to astral projection trying to make sense of all the texts that were in the old books. Her phone was vibrating in her pocket; she leaned back to pull her phone out of her pants pockets. Looking at her phone to see who was calling or texting but it was only her alarm on her phone that was going off.  Closing the books that she was looking at taking a deep sigh due to she was not finding the information that she was looking for in the first place. This was the closest place to have old antique books and was hoping that they would have the answers that she was looking for.

“Are you done dearie,” said the slender blonde woman who was standing behind the counter.

“Yes for the day I am done. Carrie, do you have any other older books that will deal with any kind of answers in regards to magic or astral physic?” Siara asked her.

“As I told you two weeks ago, I don’t think I really have that much in those subjects but you can still keep looking at the books. Why are you so interested in these kinds of things in the first place?”

“I am just curious that is all. I had some friends talking about it once. Well, I am going to head out anyways. Thanks, Carrie for everything.” Siara said as she was pulling her coat on as she was getting out of the chair that she was sitting in.  Grabbing her backpack that was on the floor and putting it over her left shoulder.

As she was looking over her shoulder back to Carrie who was putting books away, Siara said her goodbyes for the night. When she was outside, Siara pulled her coat tighter due to the chilly wind blowing. Pulling out her cigarettes and getting one out to light it she knew that she was going to have a long walk home.  She was almost ready to start walking as she grabbed her iPod out of her pants pockets. Scrolling through her playlist, she was trying to find a song that would fit the mood that she was in and getting ready for any kind of trouble that may come her way.  Finding Paradiso Girls “Who’s My B**ch” the song seemed fitting for the mood that she was in and knowing why she was really in the area in the first place. Thinking to herself that this is going to be fun walking home in this cold January weather.

Taking a deep breath due to the dread of a long walk home she started heading northeast on Central Park West heading to 72nd St Transverse. This was her favorite part was walking through Central Park around 5 in the evening. Hearing stories about how many women get attack in Central Park at night, she was hoping to look forward for a fight with the mood that she was in.

Looking around to see if anything is out of place as she walked the same route everyday for the past two months, her known assignment was spotted in Central Park. The attacks have been happening around Belvedere Castle and it seems to be women that are around her age or two years younger than she is. Since she lived close to the area it was fitting that she would be given the assignment in the first place. She knew that this wasn’t going to easy due to the trees that surround the area. When she turned right on 79th St Transverse Rd, she started getting the feeling that she was being followed. Pulling her coat tighter acting like she was just cold, she didn’t want to let who ever was following her since W 77th St. She didn’t know if it was human or demon that was following her and didn’t want to let them know that she was on to them.

As she drew near Belvedere Castle she then felt the pursuer drawing closer to her.  She was ready for a fight and she knew that it was going to be a fight. As her pursuer was right behind her she could hear him breathing as she started reaching behind her for her weapon her pursuer grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.  Once she was facing him she brought up her fist to punch him in the face only to find the demon had grabbed her arm and was hissing with pleasure. 

“I found the one that I am looking for. The Mistress will be pleased. Azrael will not be haunted by her anymore.”  The demon hissed as he brought Siara closer to him. The smell of dead flesh was nauseating to her demon was not like any that she had seen before. He was like a walking corpse but walking corpse doesn’t bleed as she seen blue blood dripping from his head.

“Sorry you got the wrong person.” She said as she brought her other hand out from behind her back with her Sais. As she stabbed him on the side he growled then threw her to the ground. With the wind knocked out of her she gasped as she put her hands right behind her head on the ground getting ready to jump right back up.  As she jumped up ready to attack she found that someone else was already attacking the demon that she was fighting with.  She was puzzled for the moment on who would be fighting the demon beside her; she then joined in the fight. When getting closed to the fight the demon then fell to the ground and she got to see who was helping her. By her surprise it was the last demon that she last expected to help her out.

The demon that she last expected to be helping her was Azrael. Siara took a deep breath, as she was getting ready for another fight. Looking at him with his blonde hair flowing in the wind, the only thing that she wanted to do was just get home and rest. Azrael walked up to her knowing that she was ready to fight him, but he knew that she would not be able to defeat him.  Siara was ready only to find that he was right there in front of her leaning over and whispering in her ear.

“I can’t let Mia’s older sister die so easily, now can I.” he said in her ear. To her surprise what did her younger have to do with this demon.

“What the hell do you mean? What have you done with my sister you asshole.” She said, as her voice was shaky with the thought of her sister being in danger.

“Mia doesn’t have nothing to do with me nor is she in any danger. But I will say this that she is mine, Sai. You have known that every since you were 16. Just like how you belong to my brother no matter how you fight it. You are his.” He said as he moved from her walking away from her. Siara felt her blood boiling at this point as ran towards Azrael.

“I will kill you, you bastard. Stay away from Mia and I belong to no one asshole.” She said as she lunged towards him with her Sais. Azrael blocked her attack as she tried to find an opening to get in a blow one way or another.

“What is the matter Sai? Don’t you have to call the Phage to clean up this mess?” he said as he grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. There was something about the way that he was holding her that brought back memories of what had happened to her during the summer.

“You stay away from me and my sister, Az. I will kill you the next time I see you.” She said as she pushed away from him. Once out of his grip she looked back at the demon that he fought was no longer on the ground where he was suppose to be. As she turned to look back Azrael he was already gone. Before she could prepare herself with the other demon that disappeared she found that he was already attacking her. The only thing that she could think about was if there was a way to attack him from behind as she was thinking that she found herself looking at the demon and herself. Pulling her Sais from her back of her pants she then plunged her Sais in the demons back then pulled the demon’s head back then twisted it to the left breaking his neck. She stood there as she was looking down at herself with the puzzled look on how she could do something like that. It was weird experiences as she reached down to help herself up then once she was up she was back to normal self. Looking around to see is anyone had seen any of the fight she took a deep breath and calmed her nerves down. She pulled her cell phone and contacted the Phage Association to let them know that she had got her target and that he was dead.  While she waited for someone to pick up, she started to think about what had all happened. Her head was starting to hurt and she just wanted to get home now. As the person on the other end of the phone answered, she didn’t even hear them on the other end and they were about to hang up.

“Wait, sorry was just finishing up my target. He is by Belvedere Castle. I am heading home I will fill in Mitchell later on tonight.” She said as she hung up the phone. It was already close to 7 when she looked at her phone. She had another 32 minutes to walk home and she was not she was not looking forward to the walk home now.  She got out of the clearing away from Belvedere Castle and making sure that she was not looking bad to be seen by the public. She was wondering why they made it look so good when Buffy always fought demons and vampires and never really looked a mess. She crossed the street to get to the bus stop once she was there she pulled out another cigarette and lit it while she was waiting for the bus. She pulled her iPod out once again to look for a song that would fit once again with the mood that she was in. Scrolling through her songs to see what sounded the good to her. She found a song then putting on her headphones to block out everyone that was around her. The bus pulled up as she was walking into the bus she looked around to she that the Phage was just showing up. She knew that she should have stayed to talk to them but she wasn’t in the mood.  Once she was on the bus she sat down not paying attention to who was on the bus. The next thing that she knew someone had walked up to where she was sitting trying to get her attention but all that she did was just leaned back and closed her eyes. 

She didn’t know how long she was out until the person who was trying to get her attention after she had got on the bus was poking her in the side.  She turned to look who had poked her and found that it was John who lived in the same building. She smiled at him then he got up and held his hand out to help her up because they were at their stop which was 80th and East End Ave. As they got off the bus she turned down her iPod to the point that she could hear him talk but still listen to her music.

“You must have had a long day.” John said as he started walking north on East End Ave.

“You can say that. So how are you John?” she said, as she was getting ready to pull out a cigarette from her pocket.

“Good and how about. Hey when did you start up smoking again?” He asked as he turned to look at her.

“I have been smoking for a while now. Don’t let the other know about it though they will kill me if they find out.” She smiled as she lit her cigarette.

“That I will have to think about. You know you have been a voiding me since the summer. Is there something that I did wrong? I thought that we were getting closer to being together.” He asked as he grabbed her arm to turn to look at him. She didn’t know how to explain to him that there are things that she can’t really talk about and that there are things about her that she didn’t want him to know. Especial when she was already having feeling for someone else that live clear across the country. 

“It has nothing to do with you John. I am sorry if it seems that I have been avoiding since then but there is things that is going on in my life that makes things complicated for any relationship.” She looked him in the eyes. She could see how much that he cared for her and she felt bad that she had avoided him but he was a very good friend to her and she didn’t want to destroy that friendship that they have going.

“Is it because I said that you reminded me of my ex-girlfriend that lives in Colorado?” He asked as he was staring in her eyes. She didn’t know how to feel when he mentioned Colorado and tears swelled up in her eyes because all that she could think about was the one that she fell for in Colorado. John could see the tears coming down on her face, which was the first time that he had ever seen her with tears. He knew that he had hit a nerve because she never cried when her boyfriend Curtis died. John had always seen her as a strong willed woman who could be callus and cold hearted at times. But to see her like this was different and it pulled at his heart. She had been distant for 5 months and now he knew why or he thought he did.

“I see.” He said as he let go of her arm. Then started walking past her she turned to look at him walking away from her. Then she noticed that he had stopped and turned to look at her. “I can’t let you walk him alone.”

She smiled at him and wiped her tears then started walking towards him. She took a drag of her cigarette only to find that it was out. She tossed the butt of the cigarette to the ground as she caught up to him.

“You have it wrong, it wasn’t about her. It was the song that I was listening to that made me tear up like that.” She said hoping that it would make him feel a little bit better.

“So it was a song that made the walls fall down then.” He smiled but he knew that it was more to it.  If it wasn’t about he comparing her to his ex-girlfriend the it must have been something that she wasn’t going to talk about.”

They got to their building and he could still see that there were things that were bothering her and he didn’t want her to be alone. Watching her put her key in the door he noticed that her hands were shaking. He was going to stay with her tonight just to make sure that she was going to be okay. He didn’t like how see was looking as they in better lighting. She had dark rings around her eyes like she hasn’t been sleeping for a while. Siara turned to him and smiled at him.

“Well this is my stop. I will see you later, John.” She said, as she was ready to walk into her apartment.

“I am not going to let you stay alone tonight, Sai.” He said as he walked into her apartment. She nodded and walked in. John followed her in and watched her as she was doing her normal routine. By the door there was a table that she put her keys on it and she took off her jacket and put on the coat rack by the door. Not saying a word to each other she knew that John was watching every move that she made. She took off her shoes and then walked into her room there on her nightstand. John watched her walk then decided to follow her in. That is when he noticed that there was something else was wrong with her. She was standing by her nightstand messing with a necklace that he never seen before. He could see the tears swell up in her eyes as she was rubbing her finger a long the necklace. He grabbed her hand and he could feel that she was shaking. He looked at the necklace that she was messing with and found that it was a sterling silver necklace that had a pair angel wings.  He turned Siara around to face him only to see in her eyes that she was in a distance place. He wanted to kiss her but he then felt that it wasn’t right to take advantage of her when she was in this state.

“Who gave you the necklace Sai?” he asked he knew that he would be hurt with her answer but there was more to what she was feeling and he knew it.

“Kyndeyrn, it was a gift that he gave me in October.”  She replied as her thought was of Kyndeyrn.

“Who is Kyndeyrn, Sai?” Asking her more questions

“He is in Colorado. I met him there when I was there in September.” She said as the tears were streaming down her face.

“Sai, you were here in September.” He said then realized that she must have been extremely tired in the first place, “How much sleep have you been getting.”

“I have been getting only an hour of sleep a day.” She said.

“Siara you need to get some sleep please.” He said as he walked her to the bed. He didn’t like seeing her like this. It was the first time that he had seen her so vulnerable. There was no way he was going to let her stay by herself.

Siara lay down on her bed thinking about things that has happened to her within the past year.  She knew that John was there with her but it was not who she wanted to be with. She knew had sometime to rest before her patrol around the city at 10pm. She was already having a hard time trying to sleep for the past few months. It only started getting worse when she ran into Azrael over a week ago. With all the questions that she was having especially with Azrael was stocking her sister Mia for several weeks. Her mind was running about 10 miles per hour. What could Azrael want with her sister even after the agreement that they had made with each other over 10 years ago? Now this asshole had broken the agreement that they had made about letting her sister live in peace. The comment that he made about her sister and her is what puzzled her. What could he have meant about Mia being the key and about Kyndeyrn will never see her as anything other than just a Night Huntress.

Pushing aside her thoughts about that event her mind began to wonder again to the other events that happened since Curtis death.  She loved Curtis very dearly and his death had sent her to a place that she thought she would never find herself to be in the first place. After his funeral she had found herself to be in multiple places at the same time. Knowing that she was in 2 places at the same time then being in 3 places at the same time. The thing that got to her is that she was remembering everything that has happened in all the places that she was at and still functioning in all places as well.

When this had happened, she found herself in Denver and New York at the same time. She was doing this for about 2 ½ months and knowing every thing that she was doing in both places. While she was in Denver she had meet a group of Night Huntresses. Everything that she was taught about by the Phage Association about the Night Huntresses was completely wrong. Here she found that not all demons were bad and that she can work with demons. This is what the Night Huntresses were doing is working with demons that they can trust. Kyndeyrn is one of the demons that she found that she could trust. Not that he was the only one that she had worked with, she remembered when she was16 years old working with Azrael to get her sister back.

The last thing she remembered is that she was in her bed and thinking about all the events that has happened.  Closing her eyes for a moment it was only 6pm in the evening and there was a lot on her mind at this point in time and she couldn’t think straight. Slow drifting off to sleep she found herself in standing in the middle of Central Park as a mist starts rolling in looking around to get her bearing straight. She was thinking that she was doing it again about being in 2 places at the same time.  But this was different, she found herself turning around and around listening to the sounds of footsteps coming closer to her. When they stopped she found herself facing a woman standing in front of her. The woman was dressed in a kimono and her black hair was flowing all around her.

“Who are you?” She asked the woman who was standing in front of her.

“It matters not who I am, I am you and you are me. We are one as we should be.” The woman replied back to Siara.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“As we dream, we dream of the past, the present, and what the future we want to be. Learn from what you see and for life is not as it should be.”

“Who are you?” Siara questioned the woman again.

“As I said, I am you and you are me. We are one as we should be. But if you must know my name is the same as yours.” The woman said as she started to fade within the mist. “See the past as it was, see the present as it is, future is what we make it to be. Learn from what you see and you’ll know the truth better than you ever knew.”

As the mist began to fade, Siara found herself in a different place than she was before. She was not in Central Park anymore but somewhere else. Not knowing where she was, she started walking around trying to find something that was familiar to her. All of a sudden she heard someone fighting in the distant, to her it sounded like her father was fighting someone, she then turned to follow the sounds of the people fighting. As she ran through the forest to see if it was her father that she was hearing, when she came into a clearing where there was a hut or home by the river. She stopped right in her tracks only to find that it was her father and Kyndeyrn fighting.  She rushed towards them and tries to stop Kyndeyrn from fighting her father but only to find that she went right through them. She felt herself fall backwards and she looked to see what caused her to fall backwards only to find the find the woman who had came to her in Central Park just a few minutes ago.

Looking at what was going on and trying to make sense of things, she then screamed as she closed her eyes.  This couldn’t be happening she said to herself as she moved away from the dead woman. She had to be dreaming and this is a crazy dream due to lack of sleep. Yet every thing seemed to be so real that she could feel and touch the woman that she had just tripped over. But why couldn’t she stop Kyndeyrn and her father from fighting. Some was not right with this picture and she didn’t know what to do she closed her eyes again praying for this stop.

When she opened up her eyes, she found that she was in Denver. In the alleyway that she found herself to be in when she was there. She looked around and started to walk until she found a bright light flash for a brief moment and there she had seen herself lying in the alleyway.  As she watched herself slowly move, she ran towards herself to help herself up only to be stopped by some unknown force. Trying to find a way to get to her body, she found that she was being blocked at every turn she had to get to her body. She stood there as she watched vampires walking into the alleyway towards her body. She felt helpless and that she couldn’t do anything to even help herself in this situation.  She watched as the vampires slowly lifted her up and began to hold her up only to struggle to fight them off. She felt like she was a ghost that is not able to do anything. There were 6 vampires that were in the alleyway she watched herself fight off 2 of them. Then she noticed a dark figure slowly walking to the vampires. Within the little light that was in the alleyway she found that it was Kyndeyrn. Wearing his shades in the dark and his long black trench coat sent chills down her spine. She didn’t remember seeing him coming to help her when all this was happening to her. He fought off the rest of the vampires that had attacked her. Taking a sigh of relief that someone had come to her rescue she felt some comfort that it was Kyndeyrn. The one thing she questioned herself is why didn’t she remember or even try to fight back hard. 6 vampires is a piece of cake to fight and yet why didn’t she try to fight harder to protect herself. Then she realized that this happened right after Curtis’s funeral. She wasn’t in the state of mind to even fight back with anyone let alone demons and vampires. As

As she is standing there the scene starts changing and she found herself at the Vinyl the day that she started to be in the battle as well being in the Vinyl and New York. This was her memory when Kyndeyrn was so pissed off at one of the Huntress boyfriends that she had to stop Kyndeyrn before he started to attack.  Siara had tried hard to talk him down but it didn’t work. So she did the only thing that she could think of at the time to stop him from going after the guy that he wanted to kill. She watched herself kiss Kyndeyrn and it was not any just any kiss. She was shocked in herself for her actions because that was something that she wouldn’t do but at that moment in time to her seemed like it was the right thing to do. That is when she realized that she felt something for Kyndeyrn and realized that she started feeling herself pulling back to her true self back to New York.  She had to be dreaming of what had happened to her and remembering the way it felt when she had kissed Kyndeyrn.

She closed her eyes for a brief moment only to find that the Vinyl had changed. The decorations were different. Things didn’t seem to be familiar to her. As she was looking around she found Kyndeyrn drinking and talking with Clovis, which is the nephew of the owner for the club. This wasn’t part of her memory and she knew it. She walked towards them only to feel like she was there but not really there. Siara listened to their conversation as she heard her name.

“You are talking about Siara and how she reminds you so much of your Saya.” Cloves said as he turned to look at Kyndeyrn.

“Siara? So you still remember who she is. Why didn’t you say anything to me about it.” Kyndeyrn asked as shock took over him.

“Of course I do. She saved my band from getting canned from the club. She has an amazing voice that sound like heavens music.” Clovis said. “Beside you never asked me about it but you asked everyone else. I figured sooner or later you would ask me about it but you never did. Plus I wanted to see how much of a fool you could make of yourself.”

“You are such an ass. I hope that Adena would never figure out how much you love her.” Kyndeyrn remarked back at Clovis comment. “So how is it that you remember her and no one else does?”

“Well that I can’t answer. That is something that Siara is going to have to answer herself. I know that when I talked to her the other day is that she is doing good and hopes that she can come back to Denver.” Clovis said as attention was drawn to the door of the club as 5 women walked in. 

“Well I thought I just made her up. But for now lets keep that between you and me.” Kyndeyrn said as Clovis started walking away to meet the women that came in.

Siara felt her heart sink as she listened to their conversation. She felt bad that with her abilities to erase some of their memories about her being there. She was only trying to see if it would work since she was in 2 places at the same time. She found the answer to that and felt bad that Kyndeyrn remembered her when no one else did. She made him look like a fool and that he was going crazy. 

“Kyndeyrn, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to put you through this.” She whispered in his ear only hoping that he could hear her.  He started to turn to look at her for a moment she thought that he could see her but he was looking right through her.

“Kyndeyrn, I am here. Please listen to me.” She pleaded with him but he wouldn’t answer her. She could feel him and touch him but yet he was not responding at all. Kyndeyrn was watching a young slender woman that was walking towards him. Siara remembered her as Jessica Summers, one the Night Huntresses. 

Something was not right as she looked around. She could touch everything around her and touch people. But when she tried to talk to them, they were not hearing her. Things are not what they seemed to be as she went to one of the tables turned it over. The club got silent for a moment and everyone was looking at her but yet they could not see her as she yelled at them.  She was getting to the point of frustration as she grabbed the chair everyone was watching as the chair moved across the floor and up in the air. She was getting ready to through the chair as she started hearing a strange sound in the distant.

The sound was some kind of buzzing sound she turned to look to see where the sound was coming from. All of a sudden Siara shot up from her bed to find that her phone was going off.  She looked around to find that John was laying right next to her. She smiled because still acted like the perfect gentleman and not taken advantage of her with the state that she was in earlier in the night. She slowly grabs her phone on her dresser and looked at the time it was Midnight. She had over slept this whole time and dreaming. Every thing felt so real to her in her dream. Shaking her head she answered her phone.

“Hello.” She said. “Yea, Yea I over slept Mitch. I will be on my way.” 

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