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A prose about a Cherokee couple in love.
A young Cherokee woman-
stares into the fire.
With her brave warrior husband to be-
by her side.

They pledge their love
and promise to be faithful-
to the earth, wolf and eagle spirits.
Gazing into each other's eyes.

A buffalo can be seen running in-
the hills and is the symbol of good-
things to come.
Like food and clothing for the winter.

Two white wolves, a mother and baby-
sit by the fire and cuddle next to the-
young Cherokee woman-
as she pets them and shows them affection.

An eagle flies by-
Squawking that the couple will-
have children and the Cherokee-
people will thrive and be true to the land.

Gentle Dove and Spirit Eagle-
hold hands and pledge their love-
for one another-
as the white wolves witness their union.

Life for the Cherokee couple won't-
always be easy.
Their love and loyalty-
will help them to endure the bad things.

Hopes for the future,
A life time of love and-
children will flourish
and keep the Cherokee traditions flowing.

For now, the Cherokee couple express their-
love by the fire.
The night is theirs
and tomorrow they will be husband and wife.
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