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Oh, to breathe.
The Mountain Comes to You

By - Robert Goldsborough

         Everyone, at least once, in his or her life experiences a certain shortness of breath.  The choking, loss of air that reminds one of standing at too high of an altitude.  The atmosphere becomes thin and you start to feel lightheaded.  A growing sense of fear begins to creep in under the base of the skull.  Fear that if this persists the body will grow faint and plunge into the darkness that waits.  That dark oblivion that no one is really sure of.  We all know that it waits.  It is inevitable.  With every breath our own bodies feel that pull.  The knowledge as old as thought that baits even our conscious breathing.  The thought and understanding that finally we all will fall very short of breath.

         Yet, is it really a fear of death that we sense or merely the lack of knowing?  Man has no choice in the final revelation about this fear.  The last breath will fly on its appointed course, wherever or whatever that might be.  All that is truly known is that everyone will one day loose their breath to that atmosphere we are allowed to inhale once before we exhale all.


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