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watching a man waiting for his team
Hot bright Saturday
thousands of people on campus in red.
Standing by the sidewalk, a man
stoop shouldered, slack jawed
Lots of space around him
eyes wary.
The fear in his eyes as each new person arrives
will he be forced from his place?
Most ignore him. It's painful to see his slow shuffle
and flat expression.
Except for his eyes.

Life is cruel for one who is slow
to speak, to move, to think.
Others rush past him
never speaking, most never seeing
pretend he's not there.
Others can be cruel.
you dummy can't you be still,
move faster, stay in the dark.
So his eyes are wary.

The crowd on the sidewalk grows.
It is closer to time.
Kids and adults crowd next to the edge
dashing out to look for the buses
carrying the champions.
Still he holds his ground.
Waiting for hours in the hot sun.
never speaking
Eyes darting, wary still.

Then the cheerleaders appear
The fight song begins
The buses are here!
Down the sidewalk between the lines of fans
comes Coach
surrounded by state-troopers and staff.
Then the players.
Mountain-sized young men
intent on the battle ahead.
And he is there!
close enough to touch them if he dared
Finally, his wary eyes smile.
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