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by Aerion
Rated: ASR · Draft · Fantasy · #1478319
this is the first draft of a story about a girl who meets fate in a semi-parrallel world
7th grade witch

I walked down the midway with cotton candy in one hand and my boyfriend’s hand in the other. His name was Michael and my name is Maria. We had gone to the carnival together that morning and we had been here all day. Now the sun was setting and the rides were lighting up. It was all so pretty. “Hey, Maria! Look over here!” Michael’s voice jerked me out of my thoughts. He was pointing toward a large stand that had a sign that read ‘Fantasy Exploration’ in bright, glowing letters.
“What is it?” I asked plainly. “I don’t know but it looks like something you might like.” Michael answered. “You do know that would be offensive to someone? But only to someone who didn’t love you so much.” I said back. Ok, I know that was really sappy but it was true. I did love him and I knew he loved me
By now, we had reached the booth now. There was an old lady standing behind a counter. “Can I help you?” she asked. “Yes, what is this stand all about?” Michael asked her. “Well, first I have to know,” she said, “do you like fantasy stories?”
“Well, I do” I answered. “Ok, then come over here.” She said to me then indicated to a stool sitting in one corner. I followed her direction and sat down. “Ok, are you ready?” she asked me. I glanced up to see Michael’s worried face. “Karen are you sure about this?”
“Yes, I’m sure” I told him. “Alright, I’m ready” I said to the lady. “Ok, repeat after me.” She said next. "First, you must say this spell." And then she started chanting a very odd spell. She started by saying, "Take me to the world I speak to test my strength and tell me who I might be."
Maria said this and very soon all she saw was darkness.


Before we continue, I'm going to give you all some info about the characters. First of all…how old they are. Maria is sixteen and Michael is seventeen. Maria likes dancing and animals while Michael likes soccer and video games. Both of them like reading. Maria likes fantasy and Michael likes reading science fiction. This is all you might need to know about them at this time.

Suddenly all Maria saw was a field overlooking a castle. A small city surrounded that castle. And then several angry-looking men surrounded Maria with very sharp looking spears. "What the hell!?" Maria said confusedly and she was now somewhat annoyed. "What are you doing here?" one of the solders asked. "How should I know that?" Maria said plainly. She was trying really hard to control her temper.
The leading solder was trying to calm down too. "Let's try this," he said, "what is your name?" He said calmly. "My name is Maria," she answered, "now, here's my question for you." She paused a moment then said, "Where am I?"
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1478319-7th-grade-witch