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this is just the begining of a rough draft

“You won’t do this to anyone again!” Metalic cried as she tried to break free from the wirthing bonds that held her. Goldmine just laghed. “And why not? There’s no one to stop me. The only thing that could come close is a small group of mere children!” He laghed again and said quietly in Metalic’s ear, “And with you being one of thoes children, I was right and now there are only three more to deal with.” Goldmine grinned and began preparing the machine.
“In case you’re not clear, this is what will happen, I will zap you with this laser and soon you will become my very own tranforming minion!!!” That was when Metalic realized that Goldmine had forgotten something on his laser. She watched carefully as Goldmine prepared his laser.
It was obvious to Metalic that Goldmine was compleatly insane. There was nothing for Metalic to do exept wait. And as she was waiting, Metalic looked around the small space ship deck. There was only one other person there. He had been introduced as Silvertone.
And he must have been another prisoner because he was bound up in the same writhing vines as Metalic. That was when she figured out what was wrong with the trans laser. What it was was on one side of the control panel, there needed to be a small computer chip with the first voice commands. This would allow Goldmine to take control.
Silvertone must not have realized the error. He looked rather frightened at the thought of what could happen. 'Well' Metalic thought with a glance at Silvertone, 'I might as well try to tell him that nothing too bad could happen. Although, there’s not much hope here anyway, why bother? Eh, might as well at least find a way to tell him that we can have some hope.’ Silvertone still looked a bit forlorn. But that was to be expected. They were on an alien spaceship, a few thousand feet above ground, of course no one would be smiling. Except for Goldmine that is. He looked like a six year old child on Christmas morning.
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