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Life decisions.
Vickie, a housewife in her fifties, put her sex life on the Internet. In her youth, this Naval Commander’s daughter was first sexually active at “14 or 15” in Rota, Spain. She went on to be a bright-eyed blonde cheerleader and Prom Queen there. After high school, she and her Navy boy friend lived together for four years in the United States. At age 18, she aborted his child in San Francisco. She was in search of love, unconditional love. After all, abortion was legal and involved only ‘a blob of tissue.’ In Dec. 1972, on her 21st birthday, she aborted his second child in Washington, DC. She named their lost children Stephen and Lily Grace.

Shortly afterwards, the couple broke up as she dated Mike, a wealthy businessman. Nine months later they married and had twins in 1974. They had two more kids during the next four years. In 1992, Vickie noticed a graphic chart of weekly pregnancy development at her church. She slowly became active in post-abortion stress disorder sessions and published her post-abortion testimonial in 1998.

Michelle, a blonde twenty-year-old student, was displaced from Galveston Beach College and home by hurricane Ike in September of 2008. She finishes the semester by commuting from Beaumont, Texas on Thursdays, stays with Debbie and friends overnight, and then finishes Friday classes before returning to Beaumont. She read Vickie’s testimonial and also had an abortion, at age 17, in Memphis, Tennessee.

The story begins in Debbie’s apartment on a Thursday night. The other two girls are staying with friends. Michelle thinks to herself.

Talk about awkward. Debbie, one of three GB students I stay with Thursday nights, was uneasy because her period was late. She doesn’t know of my abortion and I tried to help by giving her Vickie’s testimonial on my laptop PC while I studied across the room.

Debbie read it and said, “Suppose a girl wants to marry a rich guy, but his girl friend is in the way. If she kills the girl friend, it’s called murder and she loses her life.”

“Suppose a girl wants to marry a rich guy, but her poor boy friend’s unplanned baby is it the way. If she kills their baby, its called abortion and she’s free to marry a rich guy.”

I was shocked!!

Debbie said, “Read between the lines. Clearly, Mike had more money than the four-year Navy boy friend she lived with. She states she conceived six kids. But she only broke up with the poor father and killed her poor kids - Stephen and Lily Grace.’

“She uses the word ‘love’ six times, but only about herself. Abortion kills kids and the ability to love others. Covering decades and in thousands of words, never once does she say she loves her kids or their fathers. With financially security, some church work, and an empty nest she gives her testimonial.”

“Only abortionists abort. Her ‘first time’ was 14 or 15? She a blonde?” Debbie quipped.

I need to stay over till December, so I stuttered, “I don’t know. It was on the Internet.”

I said a long prayer for Debbie and left for the library early in the morning, followed by a long day of classes. After classes, I started back to Beaumont in Ed’s car. Ed is my four-year boyfriend.

Michelle noticed the gas was low and thought Ed should have been filled the gas tank before she left Beaumont. She also realized she hadn’t told Ed that she loved him in a very long time. During the drive back she began to wonder why she hadn’t told him.

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