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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1478505
A girl is running from her past, but instead she runs headlong into it.

I run swiftly through the woods, my heart racing. the wind whipping my hair across my face. I feel my foot catch on a root which pulls me down to the cold Earth. I reach out with my arms to break my fall. I cry out in pain as a sickening crunch echos through the still forest. I push the pain aside fighting the tears that threaten to blur my vision.
"Get her," bounces off the trees.
Hearing the command i force myself to my feet and keep moving. I move slowly as spots threaten to finish the job that my tears had started. The spots take over as I feel myself fall into oblivion. The last thing I remember is the wind caressing my skin.
I open my eyes slowly fighting back the wave of dizziness. My arm feels... different... fatter. I look down and notice that my makeshift cast is made out of gauze. I stand up, swaying slight, but am pleased that I remain conscious. I lift my arm and wince before I begin to unwrap the gauze, but before I can peel a layer, strong hands cover my own.
"let go," I say, pulling away and angling my back towards him.
"Be careful," he says quietly.
"I'm fine," I say matching his quiet tone. I turn around and look up at his face for the first time, and am shocked.
His eyes are electric blue their depths endless. His skin is pale and absolutely flawless.His lips are perfect, and totally kissable. Once I'm over my initial shock i look down at my fat arm and once again attempt to undo the bandage.
" What are you doing," he asks alarm ringing through his voice.
" Trust me," I respond through clenched teeth.
Once i finishing taking off the gauze i clench my jaw, and grab my arm, before i snap the bones back into place. After my bones have been reset i look up and meet his electric eyes, before i explain," I'm not... completely human, and neither are you."
He looks taken aback, but after a few seconds have passed he steps closer placing his hand on the side of my neck. His hand is cold, and i feel chills racing up my spine. I fight them off as he leans in brushing his nose against the hollow of my throat. My heart quickens before he pulls away admitting, " I don't understand, you breathe, and react like a human, yet you smell mostly like us. How?"
"My mother was a human, she died when i was six, and my father... his blood poisons my veins," i explain through clenched teeth.
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