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I wrote this about a class that I am taking in school. This was for my school newspaper.
American History AP
By Monika Brown

When you finish your freshman year, you become a sophomore, which most believe is not that much of a difference. You continue with your daily life, knowing that you are not in the lowest grade any longer. However, this does not affect the way you act, think, or view the world in general that much. Despite this, many sophomores, who elected to begin taking American History Advanced Placement (AP), are required this year, gradually, to become college students. As Mr. Brissette, the sophomore American History AP teacher often says, students in the class are no longer sophomores in high school, but rather sophomores in college.
Over the summer, those who were offered, and chose to take the class, were required to come to the school to receive a packet of summer homework, which covered the first four chapters in Bailey’s The American Pageant. Some found the book, which is used in many colleges, to be very dry. Others did not mind, and some even enjoyed reading it. After each chapter, students were required to answer numerous questions, and create flashcards, which would assist in studying for quizzes that would we be given often, if not every day.
In May of their junior year, students will take an exam, which tests their knowledge of the material learned throughout the past two school years. It is one of the most difficult AP tests in the country, and it is expected that students study rigorously until they feel they are ready. Although there are many online notes and resources, reading the book, along with studying certain other resources, is the only way to succeed. There is another book that should be read as well, Fast Track to a Five, which helps to inform students about the test, and assist them in getting the highest score possible, a five. Depending on what score is received on the exam, and what college you plan to go to, you can receive up to about six college credits if you pass the exam. It is often pointed out that AP courses are very effective in preparing students for college, compared to other courses that are much simpler.
Fortunately, although the course seems very intimidating at first, it is very easy to adjust to, and also fun. American history itself becomes much more interesting than before, and students look forward to going to the class. Many field trips to historical landmarks are taken throughout the two years. American History AP seems to create a better understanding and appreciation for the past.

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