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For a contest. 2 prompts are: -Horror/romance -Vamps witches ghosts werewolves humans
          This small room was making me restless. From the door on the left to the the opposite wall was only a couple feet. My suitcases occupied the diagonal corner next to the two small windows that faced the alley. In the center of the room, my twin-sized mattress took up the majority of the floor space. Needless to say, I found pacing in this room less than satisfactory. I'm not an Amazon but I have long legs for my 5'6 and this room was cramped before my meager belongings were added.
          I made one more circuit around the room before I gave up and flopped down and curled up on the mattress. I pulled the thin gray blanket over my head in a vain attempt at calming myself. I managed to stay still for an impressive thirty seconds before I ripped the blanket off of my body. I rolled onto my back and stared at the dark ceiling while my foot tapped restlessly against the floor.
          "Jeez," I said as I pushed myself off of the mattress. I guess this was night number two that I wasn't going to get any sleep. I grabbed my red leather jacket off of my suitcase and looked at the clock that was hidden underneath. It was one in the morning. Not the best time to go walking around but I couldn't stay in this room another second and I was fairly certain that I could handle myself against anyone or anything that decided to mess with me. I snagged my shoes and was out the door walking quietly but quickly, past the other rooms on this floor. Only one door was open but I didn't stop to check out the occupant.
          I began to feel better as soon as I had left the building behind me. The moon was high and the night was clear. The air was a little chilly but I was warm enough in my jacket. I inhaled lungfuls of the crisp, fall air as I let go of my restlessness. As I calmed, I slowed down my pace. To be safe, I used a bit of Talent to sharpen my senses and make me more aware of my surroundings. I debated on opening a portion of my magical Territory to alert any other Talented people or creatures to my presence but decided that would run the risk of a confrontation and I wanted to be left alone. I walked aimlessly as my mind drifted toward my situation. As my mind turned over the problem of my current living arrangement, my legs carried me across the street toward a park a few blocks away.
          The park was about two city blocks in size with paths that lead to different areas of interests. There was an incline that began about fifteen feet in. I paused by the sign that said, 'Park Closes at 11' and removed my shoes. I wanted to feel the cool grass under my feet. Being in direct contact with the Earth always helped center me. I made my way up the incline and felt the best that I had since I'd left everything I had known two days ago. I smiled for what felt like the first time since I'd left home. With renewed spirits, I decided to put worrying about my situation on hold for now and focused on the feel of the night and the Earth.
          I walked one loop around the park getting a feel for the land. On my second round I stopped by one of the black, wrought-iron benches and set down my shoes. I walked faster, swinging my arms. Halfway through, I was jogging. The nighttime sounds of the park washed over me and energized me like a playlist. My jacket was tied around my waist the time I got back to my shoes. Instead of putting them on, I throw them down the incline and chased after them. I actually laughed out loud as I ran. I sprawled on the ground when I reached the bottom. I closed my eyes and listened to wind play through the park.          I don't know how long I was there before I felt him on the other side of the park. I jumped to my feet, sharpening my hearing. I untied my jacket near my shoes and crept toward him, listening as I went.
          "My master wants it done tomorrow night. He said that three more days is too long to wait." A woman's voice. She sounded my age, early twenties. She wasn't sound afraid, which was odd. I didn't catch any magical vibe from her and no normal human being knowingly approached his kind without fear.
          "Well, my dear, I'm afraid you'll have to convey my sincerest apologies to your master." His rich voice didn't sound sorry at all.
          "It is not your apologies we are looking for. You made it appear that this would be easy for you. If it's as simple as you claim, moving things along should pose no problem."
          He laughed. It was a very pleasant sound. I had to fight to keep an answering smile from my own lips.
          "Silly, mortal child, I could care less. Your master shall have what he desires at the appointed hour and not a moment before."
I was close enough that I could hear the woman take in an indignant breath. I paused behind a tree a few yards behind them. I would listen for a few minutes more and if nothing happened that I needed to involve myself in, I'd creep back to my things.

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