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by Hank
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A guy's humorous view of relationships such as romance or dating.
Instruction manuals are greatly needed in more ways you can ever imagine. In another instance, let’s go to romance. This is an area that I believe, is where most of us get into the most trouble. Don’t believe me? Then read on my friend, you are about to be enlighten.

         You have been dating the same girl for several months now, and you have decided to make this an everlasting relationship. You have decided to ask her to marry you.

         You have been saving money for the last few weeks, so that you can but her an engagement ring. You saved up a whole two hundred dollars for the ring. You then headed out to the nearest shopping store with a jewelry department. There you saw a ring for under the two hundred dollars that you had saved, and purchased it and then went and asked if they could wrap it. You then took the ring home, so that you can practice taking it out of your pocket as if you are then presenting to her.

         You then call your girlfriend, to see if she would like to go for dinner. You noticed that she pauses each time you asked her out, but she does say yes. After telling her that you’ll be over in about an hour to pick her up, she quickly hangs the phone up on you before you can say anything else.

         Now unlike the other dates in the past, you don’t ask her where she wants to go. Nor did you give her much time to let herself go thru the ritual, that most girls go thru before they go out on a date. But you still do the same things, like you always do. Shower, maybe shave, and put on some clean clothes.

         You arrived at where she lives, wondering if she is going to be ready on time or if you’ll have to wait awhile. To your surprise, she was actually ready to head out.

         As you drive off to go to the restaurant, you kept thinking of how you are going to ask her to marry you. Then you arrived at the place where you are about to propose. The “All You Can Eat” Buffet.

         As the two of you sat down to begin to eat, you decided to wait until the moment is right. Which is….

         The woman you are about to ask to marry you, was just putting in her mouth a huge bite of spaghetti with sauce dripping from her chin. That was the right moment to ask. So you pulled out the ring from your pocket and say.

         “Will you marry me and be my wife forever?”

         She then begins to choke, and the spaghetti and sauce begin to spray. Then before she could say anything, she notices that everyone in the restaurant is watching. Very softly she says yes, then gets up from the table and heads towards the bathroom.

After what seems an hour, she emerges from the bathroom with not one sign of spaghetti or sauce anywhere to be seen.

         As she sat back down at the table, you had to ask her again as you didn’t quite hear her answer earlier. She grabbed the ring box from you and said yes again. Then from the nearby tables, you and your bride to be heard a round of applause and wishes of good luck.

         The both of you then finished eating and you then took her home. As she entered into the car, you happened to noticed that there was still a little bit of spaghetti in her hair along with some sauce. You didn’t say anything to her, for you didn’t want to spoil the romantic evening that the two of you were sharing. So you just took her home and kissed her good night.

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