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'Incendia'I muttered,holding my hand over the pile of logs from earlier in the evening
I woke feeling like I'd been hit by a steam train, every inch of my body aching intensely.
'Eughhh.' I mumbled incoherently, a testament to my frozen jaw. All my muscles had gone stiff with cold. I swore under my breath. The stupid fire had gone out again.
'Incendia' I muttered through a still stiff mouth, holding my hand over the pile of logs from earlier in the evening. They burst into flames, the warmth hitting me instantly. Sitting up, I pulled my blanket around me tightly and swore again.
Six months living in this bleeding cave. And I still hadn't gotten anywhere close to finding a cure for the damned curse.
Perhaps it was time to head home. If I was doomed to live forever, I may as well go and do it with someone I knew. Tar was never going to die either.
But then I'd have to put up with her stupid morality and her new 'best friend.'
He...She even, had the gifts of the gods, Speed, Strength... for heavens sake, Tar could fly! And yet she was scared to show the stupid werewolf that she could shift her appearance. I shook my head in dispair. what was the wolf's name again? I'd need to remember before I got back... Tar would kill me if I forgot.

I stood up and stretched, the tenseness starting to ease, before starting to pack up the few possessions I had. There was a rustle behind me, from the cave mouth. Pulling the word I wanted from my head, I stopped and turned.
'Consisto' I raised my hand and the dark figure infront of my ground to a halt. Then it let out a short laugh and took another slow, exaggerated step towards me.
'Who are you?' My voice sounded shakey, betraying me and showing my fear. No one had ever resisted my magic before.
The figure ignored me, and continued on it's slow path.
'CONSISTO' I bellowed.
The dark figure came into the light of the fire and I could see it's hand raise from under the long hooded cloak that covered it's entire body
'Reflectere' It's voice rang out, at least an octave higher than mine. My body automatically went stiff.
Bastard. I should have thought of that.
The hand raised further, and gripped the top of the hood. Slowly, with purpose, the hood was lowered.
I gasped. 'Fel?'
Fel let out a high pitched laugh, that resonated through the cave, ringing in my ears. I winced at the sound. 'I thought you were with the order now? What are you doing slinking around people's caves like a common criminal?'
'Oh Purlease!' Fel rolled her eyes. With a wave of her arm, I felt my invisible binds come loose. I shook out the tension in my limbs, keeping my eyes fixed on the slight figure in front of me and Fel removed her cloak. She ran her fingers absent-mindedly through the fur on her neck and I shuddered at the constant reminder of our failed transformation spells. There was a good reason we'd been calling her Feline, or Fel for almost two hundred years now. The same reason I'd been nick named Bear.
'I'm no longer with the order, Bear.' She folded up her cloak and set it upon the floor before sitting on it, even this slight movement filled with the grace she had retained from her years as a panther. 'Will you stop gawking and sit down. There's alot we need to discuss, and we have to do it quickly.'
I shook my head, confused. 'I don't get it. Why'd you leave the Order, and why are you here? Shouldn't you be on the run or something? You don't just walk out of that place Fel. They'll kill us both if they find you here.'
'It's a risk I'm willing to take.' She stretched out and gazed into the fire. 'This is bigger than both of us, and much more important. We have to find Tarvoris and we have to find him before they do.'
'Tarvoris?' I sat. 'What do they want with Tar?'
'It's a long story. Apparently Tarvoris is harbouring a dangerous shapeshifter. And the Order want it.'

 Chapter 5 - Jak  (13+)
She smiled at me,flashing both rows of her shiny white teeth,fangs and all.My heart melted
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