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Lesson One for Comma Kazi Class

Time to use what we have learned this week!

Part l

Correct the following sentences, placing commas where needed and show what rule you used to correct it. Put "correct" by the sentences that do not need correcting.

1. While studying for exams, we decided to order pizza. – rule 2
2. They knocked on the door, but no one was home at the time. - rule 1
3. The well-dressed, hypocritical doctor, refused to justify his decision. – rule 3
4. Please use the washcloths that are on top of the shelf. - Correct
5. The irritating old man, kept singing as loud as he could. – rule 2
6. The dirty dishes, which were piled up in the sink, made the kitchen look messy. - rule 5
7. Before we came home, we stopped for ice cream. – rule 2
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