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Another story/prose of a Native American woman.
Rainbow Flower is a Cherokee woman. She is sixteen years of age. She makes beaded necklaces, soap and bows and arrows for her tribe She is happy with her life. She can shoot a bow and arrow. She loves to ride horses. She is in love with River Bear, a Cherokee warrior in her tribe. He loves her as well. She has asked her father White Cloud if she can marry River Bear. He tells her that River Bear has to prove that he is a brave warrior. The tests include: Who can shoot the straightest arrow and hit his target. How fast a warrior can skin a buffalo and how fast a warrior can ride a horse.

River Bear is considered the best warrior of his tribe but he has to prove himself. The chief has no children and he would like River Bear to take his place someday. Hopefully, River Bear will be the best of the tribe.

Rainbow Flower and River Bear meet in secret every night. They ride horses by the moonlight and share kisses. They look at the stars and talk over their plans. They want to marry and have four children. Rainbow Flower makes beaded necklaces for River Bear and he wears them proudly. Tomorrow is the big day. Eight warriors will do the tests for bravery. Rainbow Flowers hopes her man will win. They part with a good night kiss. They wish each other sweet dreams.

The Cherokee people are up early the next morning. The eight young warriors are ready for the test. River Bear shoots his arrow farther then the other seven warriors. He skins a buffalo in less then half the time and he rides his horse the fastest. White Cloud gives Rainbow Flower to River Bear. They are now able to marry. They do marry and live happily ever after but only after The Trail Of Tears.

A young Cherokee woman of sixteen-
makes beaded necklaces for her love-
River Bear.
She dreams of a life with him.

River Bear rides his horse the fastest,
Skins a buffalo in half the time.
Shoots his arrow farther then the rest.
He gets to marry Rainbow Flower whom he loves.

They marry.
They have two children.
One day, the white soldiers makes them leave.
The Trail Of Tears is formed.

River Bear is now a chief.
It matters not to the white man.
He is in back of the line-
Rainbow Flower and his children way ahead.

They haven't seen each other for days.
Rainbow Flower sheds tears
and roses grow in the path-
where all the women have shed tears.

Finally, the Cherokee people are left-
to live in Tennessee.
Rainbow Flower, River Bear and
his family are reunited.

River Bear and Rainbow Flower build a-
cabin in the woods.
They live off the land.
The wolves and eagles spirits help them start their new life.

The spirits smile on them.
Rainbow Flower grows roses and cooks meals.
She makes quilts and they raise their children
with love and they are all happy.

Rainbow Flower and River Bear have-
two more children.
Other Cherokee families live beside them.
Rainbow Flower teaches the other children.

They no longer live on a reservation.
River Bear works at a store in town.
They have learned to live like the white men.
You will never take the Cherokee blood from their veins.

This family has adjusted to a new life.
Roses grow all over from their trail of tears.
The Cherokee Nation lives on.
The wolf, wind and earth protect the Cherokee people always.

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