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2 massive armies collide. A small group of mages battle in the frontlines.
The night was on fire.
Flashes of magefire illuminated the already harsh glow of war torches as the two armies collided. The clash of steel could be heard from the back lines of both armies. Explosions from siege weapons and mages both tore through the ranks of both armies.
A small group of 4 mages dressed in black and purple robes stood in the middle of the fighting. they had stopped the opposing army's advance for the destruction they had already caused at this point was catastrophic.
As the army regrouped and attempted to surround the small group a circle of fire roared to life around them, preventing all from comming closer than a few yards. A few brave, or possibly foolish soldiers attempted to pass the circle of fire, only to be engulfed in magefire, or have their armor melted and be burned alive by the molten steel. Occassionally one would be turned inside out, or their eyes exploded before then being incinerated.
"A bit cruel and unusual today, Agni?"
The shortest mage turned and flashed a grin tinged with more than a little madness at his companion.
"Never too much, sir."
The battle raged on. When the sun was still below the eastern horizon but close enough to rising that the mountains had a surreal aura about them, it was still a standstill, but to counter the unstoppable force that was the 4 mages, the other side had sent its mages to the frontlines.
Explosions of magefire and magical lightning was thick around the forefront of the battle. The opposing army had sent its strongest 7 magic users to battle the 4.
The Tallest of the 4 stood in the front against the 7 constantly countering and deflecting the spells of the 7. Neither could get past the defenses of the other, but it was clear the 7 had the upper ground, if only slightly.
"Sir, we need to try something different", the tall one said between countering a fireball and deflecting two lightning bolts.
"Aewynn, hold a barrier around Agni and I, we're going to try something."
The purple eyes of the female dark elf widened in surprise, but after a moment she regained composure and nodded.
After the barrier was in place, the two men looked at each other, and after a moment of mental preparation, bolted towards the 7. With the cooperation and perfect timing that can only be achieved with a total mental link, the two men rapidly approached the 7 under the protection of the dark elf's barriers. When the 7 realized their spells weren't having an effect on the 2 they started to panic, wildly throwing balls of hastily conjured power at the 2 men as fast as they could.
Upon reaching the 7, the two men stood back to back, drew their short swords, and went upon their work, killing 3 of the 7 before they thought of putting up barriers for physical attacks. The 2 then dropped their weapons and started throwing their strongest spells at the remaining 4. But this had no effect as they had prepared for this.
After several minutes of a complete deadlock, the taller of the two men said, "Agni, return to Aewynn and Fenris, tell them to shield themselves, and not to worry about me."
The short man looked at his superior with a skeptic look on his face.
"Agni, that is an order."
After another second of thought, the man nodded and started back towards his two other companions.
Upon returning, The tallest of the 4, a male high elf shouted, "What is he doing?"
With a grin, Agni replied," I'm not sure, but I trust him."
The high elf sighed and muttered, "I'm not so sure I do."
After seeing that his friends had put up defenses for his comming onslaught, the man started to channel a spell of incredible power. His remaining enemies blanched upon feeling its power. A brilliant blue orb with chaotic spinning energies formed in his hands. And the magic closest to it was being pulled into and absorbed by the orb. After the hazy blue light that was the barrier of the remaining 4 had been assimilated by the orb, they started to panic. The man with the orb looked up from his work, and one of the remaining mages noticed in the moment before his death, that his opponent had incredibly piercing blue eyes.
With that he flung the orb at the 4, and instantly the scene was engulfed in the brightest light anyone on the field had seen. Many soldiers never saw again after watching the display of power. The explosion expanded rapidly, consuming everything in its path. The 3 companions left struggled to keep the barrier around them under the force of the explosion. By the end of it they had expended all of their energy and all the energy stored in all their gems and artifacts.
The three, Agni, Fenris, and Aewynn, fell to the ground, exhausted by the effort of surviving the blast, and as the dust began to clear, the sun broke over the horizon and started shining on the battlefield, and it was silent.
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