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Can we feel
the breath of separation
into category five
    war raged winds
surging from humanities
Can we not see
  that we are one world
      of one solid race
bleeding and breathing
yet the same
      as humans?
Our desires for more
have divided us
ink blotting black
      our thoughts
unable to rationalize
what we are doing to each other
or the whirlwind of chaos
    we leave for our little ones.
Do we not care
  what roads
    we may send
          our children down.
Picture the youth
we hold so dear
      happily embracing hands
with the rest of their
    trusting in us
              their mentors
loving unconditionally
    seeing no wrong
in our actions
          of ignorance
as we send them
        into a blood thirsty banquet
hosted by the four horsemen
in elegant weapons
of mass destruction
lit dimly
    in poverty stricken
                  candle light.
We have divided all things
      over time
races, religions, politics, territories, money
that in division
we crumble from with-in
    and still
our hearts and souls
with eyes wide open
allow us
      to carry on.......

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