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by Opel
Rated: 18+ · Prose · Crime/Gangster · #1480454
cowboys in Germany? HAH, I've always been curious. Anyways, I just felt like writing.
I'm looking to the West
To live another tall day
The East sent me packing
On a daunting freight train

I arrive on the eminent soil
of cryptic West Berlin
Been days without eating
I'm feeling rather thin

I think I'll see to a local bar
To quench my loathing thirst
I can do without gobbling food
my body must be cursed

I fling open the ponderous doors
Like the unknown bestial cowboy
I ain't Clint, The Duke, or Luke
I'm feeling rather coy

Drunk scary feral Germans
Their looking my ominous way
I am the center of meddling attention
I do not want to play

I sit down at the makeshift bar
And readily ask for a drink
They held their breaths to my face
So I got to stop and finally think

"Ask me a question! I despise those wicked stares!"
"Tell us who you are then, because you seem rather strange!"

I no longer wish to lie
so here it finally goes
I hope with this noble truth
I can painlessly achieve my goal:

I'm a rueful wanted man
From daunting East Berlin,
I hopped many unfamiliar trains
To forget my woeful ways,
It feels good to be out
But I'm falling back in,
I Didn't mean to kill her
It just wasn't my day,
So why do you stare?
I'm trembling in my chair!
I'm just another rueful man
from daunting East Berlin!
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